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Job Opportunities and living in Dubai

Job Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai as being an attractive city to live and work in is a world’s rapidly growing city. It provides a lot of job opportunities as being tax free with no deduction in wages of employers.

In order to avail the job opportunity in Dubai a person should hold work permit and residency visa. There is another chance for a person forecasting a holiday to Dubai with temporary visa and can also seek for job opportunity while staying there. Once this process of getting job is completed, the process of applying for visa is very easy.

Job environment in Dubai

Jobs environment in Dubai offers remarkable satisfying timing system for its employers. Work hours are usually counted in hours per week. There is no change in timings except in the Holy month of Ramadan which is generally applied for the Muslims only. Another relaxation is the off day on Friday which is also very important in religious point of view.

Process of applying for a job in Dubai

Applying for job in Dubai is not a complicated process. It offers employment to its neighbor countries like, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Africa etc.Applying for job basically constitute some steps which are as follows:

1: Apply for job online directly or through solid application.

2: Respond to job advertisements published in newspapers.

3: The other way of getting job in Dubai is, the people hired by recruiters.

4: Visit visa sponsored by company or relative.

jobs dubai

jobs dubai

Other Processes of getting Jobs in Dubai

Recruitment agencies while acting as a middleman play a vital role in making environment of job in Dubai. They also hire teachers, doctors, nurses and other employees according to the requirement of certain organization. The employees are facilitated in every way even the don’t need to pay any charges for their job and their relevant company bears all expenditure. It makes the job environment more charming.

Beside it local citizen can also avail the employment in the same manner even they are preferred to others.

 Every visitor can avail the local sponsorship in order to visit Dubai. Sponsor as being custodian also fulfill all the formalities of a person holding a visa. Sponsor can be a company or an individual. Some people are supported by a company to whom he wants to deal.

In job environment of Dubai, health care plays a vital role in providing a lot of job opportunities regarding different fields like doctors, specialists, surgeons, nurses, attendants, etc.Specially with the reception of International healthcare, there is demand of nurses which is increasing very fast. And now Dubai is looking forward to hire qualified nurses in order to meet the international health care demand.

Nurses can avail both general and specialized jobs in medical department. Highly qualified nurses are hired for departments like surgical department, radiology department and others. While general nurses are hired for out patients department in different hospitals. They can also be hired privately for private clinics and also by other practitioners such as cardiologists, gynecologists, dentists, physiotherapists. Nurses can also be hired to look after the ailing patients. They can also perform different private duties in different institutions. As many institutions like schools, multi-national companies or influential families also required nurses for their purpose. In schools they are hired to provide treatment to students in any emergency. Multinational companies also required nurses for their employees. In other cases nurses are also required by some families to take care of their elder patients.

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So far as job opportunity for nurses in Dubai is concern. It can be availed by electronic media or also by some references which is most easy way and less time consuming way to find a job. So nurses are hired in order to facilitate the foreigners who are in huge numbers in Dubai.

Job environment of Dubai which includes government systems, work standards, frequency in development, quality of life etc attracts the employees to Dubai. Some fields in which more job opportunities are available are as follows:

Oil Petroleum, education, engineering, hospitality, banking, auto mobile etc.

Dubai as being a successful place for employment has always tried to introduce change at every field of employment. And also look for new talent in guise of job opportunities.

Students are always attracted by the jobs relating to marketing and business fields as this provides them to discover more than other fields. These are the fields which require skilled and multitasked persons to work in. Besides this field Teaching is also a field which is moving rapidly through each country and also provides a lot of job vacancies.

All the jobs relating to all the professions Dubai looks for the candidates who are more capable and more skilled and more qualified who become satisfied by the job environment, meet their targets given to them and more appropriately they should understand the standard of market for any candidate. Most important aspect relating to job in any place is to learn the language of relevant place so the job destination can be reached.

So as to conclude Dubai offers many job opportunities according to the job applicant caliber and experience which are both permanent and contractual. And jobs can be availed through internet, newspapers, online job portals, job magazines, and other modes of communication.

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Dubai Job Market

Research has showed that online jobs in Dubai have experienced significant growth for the past years, and this industry is a good start for people, and provides them with steady employment. The industries in which growth is most likely to occur is jobs of hospitality which also includes travel related jobs, this is closely followed by jobs in the business sector for instance jobs in HR and administrative occupations. Even the retail industries look promising, and more and more people are being hired there.

The job market in Dubai also looks promising for the rise of ‘Arab spring’. These revolutionary protests and demand for better a better life in the Arab region, has pointed towards prosperity and most importantly, opportunity. Opportunity, which is also felt by foreign investors, and as the chaos settled, this has meant increase in investment for the country and eventually, increase in job opportunities for Dubai.

Survey in Dubai also shows that growth in robust numbers is evident in the labor-intensive sectors of the economy. These industries, also known as primary industries, are most promising in the Dubai economy in 2013, and job opportunities are plentiful. But there are sectors in Dubai, which have not made a recovery, and have not in fact been working well for a while now. Jobs in Dubai for finance and construction related jobs, are very limited and suffer from non-existent opportunities for people looking to find jobs. Analyst call this the impact of regional recession, something these two sectors have not been able to recover from.

Another interesting observation about the job market of Dubai is the profitability of private and public sectors. Experts suggest, in 2013, people looking to find jobs in Dubai should focus on the public sector. It will provide with most job opportunities.

On the other hand, recruitment experts have suggested that people also focus on jobs within telecom and technology in Dubai. These two industries have been solid in the past, and despite the recession, have proven to be as profitable as business related jobs, or hospitability area of jobs. Finally, the education industry does seem like the most unreliable and least profitable of the industries, but in fact, Dubai is looking forward to the prosperity of this industry. Job opportunities have been plenty in this area, and there possibility of further growth in the year 2013 for the people interested in this area. Whether it’s teaching or working in the administration. To conclude, 2013 is the year jobs in Dubai are once again to fight for.

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Living in Dubai

The currency used in United Arab Emirates is dirham (AED), against the US dollar the conversion rate is 1 dirham to 0.27 dollars. According to research and surveys, living in Dubai is an expensive endeavor. For convenience of people looking to relocate to Dubai, we have divided this article in to several aspects, beginning with food and fuel costs, which include transportation, than housing situation and rent costs. Finally, the article will focus on expenses according to different situations, for example for people with family, for people without family and for university students.