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Job Interview Tips for a Content Writing Position


Have you applied for an opportunity as a Content Writer? A content writer is the most demanded professional in a competitive job market. A content writer has enough opportunities to flourish in the career and gain credibility as a successful professional.

Content writers need to invest enough time to prepare and ace for the interview. The profession demands astute attention to detail, good research skills, a fine grasp of writing skills along with excellent grammar knowledge. The article discusses some of the interview tips ideals for content writing professionally.

  • Preparation
  • Understanding the Job Description
  • Know the Organization
  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • SEO Knowledge


Content writing job application requires necessary preparation much in advance. Contact the recruiter to know more about the job specification and prepare well for the interview. A candidate for has to prepare well while applying for a content writing job with adequate knowledge and good preparation.

Understand the Job Description

Content writer job description usually differs from other job descriptions and is unique to the profession. It is essential to understand the job description to know the exact requirements in an organization.

An exhaustive job description is usually enclosed with the job interview email invitation. Further, a job description can be found in the job portals as advertised or under the careers section of the company's website.

Know the Organization

It is highly essential to know more about the organization for the advertised job. A potential candidate may access the information made available through the company's website.

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Further, the company's website also provides an in-depth insight into products and services, company vision and mission, leadership team, awards and achievements, list of global offices along with details of headquarters, etc.

Resume and Cover Letter

As a content writer, it is recommended to have a neatly typed and error-free resume to present to the recruiters. Make sure to carry enough additional copies that may be required during the pre-screening stage and during the interview.

It is also recommended to carry a copy of a cover letter addressed to the recruitment team and clearly state your intentions towards the job applied. A cover letter presents a better perspective to the organization and may give you an edge over other profiles.

SEO Knowledge

It is important to brush up on your search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge prior to the scheduled interview. SEO helps a content writer grab the attention of recruiters with adequate knowledge beforehand.

If possible, you may also do basic SEO research for the organization that you have applied and present the results and summary in a creative manner.

Such a preparation convinces the employers regarding your ability to do SEO which is a pre-requisite for a content writer and will also help you towards inching closer to success during the interview.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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