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You Thought Your $10/hr Job Was Bad? Lol!

I've been through the mud and have dealt with unfortunate people. So many people are going through the worse and I have heard their stories.


This photo was taken from Unsplash by Svyatoslav Romanov

You may not appreciate it, but you are quite lucky that you're able to buy food, pay bills and/or buy clothes for yourself. And, you have a loving family in your corner that loves you unconditionally. Amen! You may not be as comfortable as you'd like to be with your current situation making $10/ hour, but it can get worse. Just hold tight.

Tasha just left an abusive relationship, carrying her 2-year-old son (Joe) on the road. She has an old gas-guzzling car that is nearly on empty and she has just $20 to her name.

Tasha purchases gas for her car, and food for Joe and her which left them with only $8. She doesn’t have shelter, so she's thinking they'll sleep in the car tonight. She has no family to call for help.

Tasha has to start from scratch. After her boyfriend struck her in the face with his fist and left a bruise, she didn’t want to stick around his house any longer; her tender feelings were affected extremely by disappointment, shock, and fear. She loved her boyfriend to the core but she didn’t want her child to be around such an angry man that goes off just because his girlfriend came home late from her shift one night. She cries her eyes out while her child screams for ice cream. She’s smart. She is a good planner but her emotions and responsibility for her kid during this predicament are demanding.

The pain of being out in the street with just her 2-year-old and only $8 left in her purse is severe; her heart is pierced. Knowing that shelters are frequently filled, she’s doubtful about sleeping in a comfortable bed tonight. If only she can find a hotel; the dangers of sleeping in a car out in the harsh streets of Delaware is a heart-throbber. She is well aware of the countless victims of car thefts, and murders. In addition, many street-bound unfortunates have become victims of child theft. She’s terrified!

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On her first night in the street, she makes a bold decision. I guess her fear isn’t much of a restriction as expected for a newbie. This type of courage can be quite rare. She spots a truck stop and slowly but surely heads on over with naughty intentions. It was a point in time when she had a friend who had a friend who discussed truck stop lizards who would make over $200 a day from truckers. Tasha heads over to the truck stop with an unlit cigarette and asks for a light from a shy trucker. Once she gets a light and sends the fifth call from her boyfriend to voicemail, she asked the trucker how does he like driving tractors, what he does for fun, and if they can have some fun together tonight. He knew exactly what that meant and agreed to play with Tasha on the road. She made $80 from one driver and $40 from another. She was able to make enough money for two motel night stays.

She cried on the inside as these truckers indulged themselves at her expense. She hated the experiences but she had to do what it took to keep from sleeping out in her car with her child. These experiences made her realize that there are some really sick men out in this world who have a horrible obsessive desirable preference. She felt even more terrible about her experience because her child was in the truck while she serviced these men. Luckily, the kid was always asleep, but it is still discomforting for her.

Believe it or not, after getting a taste of a disgusting, yet pleasurable business, and letting it marinate in her spirit, she couldn’t stop doing it. She started to like it and was quite thrilling for her. However, she had a minor, but irritating problem with some of the men’s body odor that originated a feeling to vomit. But, felt that the amount of money she was making made up for the horrible stench. Surprisingly, she decided to make the lizard life a career.

Unfortunately, on her 12th meeting, she was beaten, raped, and left for dead in a hotel. Maids found her in a bed, bleeding from her backside, and mouth, with a swollen eye and bruised chin — terrifying sight to see. What made matters worse was that her two-year-old child was sleeping on the bathroom floor when police arrived. Just imagine what will happen to her child at this point - social services are sure to get involved.

You make $10 an hour. Ok, that may suck, but are you on the street doing God knows what without a family to call on? Are you selling your body to survive? Are you responsible for a child that you’re trying to take care of with illegal money? However, selling yourself on the street isn’t the lowest point. Homelessness with no skills or sexual appeal can be worse.

What about owing a mobster money? Even if you have money, if you owe dangerous people money it will be extremely difficult to be happy with all of the money you're making. Just imagine being afraid every day of dying a horrible death because you owe killers money. In addition, you have to still pay your bills, for food, for clothing, and among other things. Try to smile just a little, my friend.

Hopefully, a $10/hr job isn't your final destination, professionally. One job done well consistently can lead to a promotion, or a better company - your employer will have a positive record on you. If you're unable, at a particular time, to put yourself in a better position financially, be grateful for what you have. Do your job as if you love it even if you do not. Things can get worse than $10/hr.

Enjoying a $10 per hour job doesn't have to be so difficult. Be thankful you are not selling your body on the street, owe a mobster money, or have to drug deal and worry about police officers busting you. And in turn, possibly having to start from scratch again, with a criminal record attached - that stress level is off the charts. Is making $10 an hour really as bad as you thought?

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