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Is Your Sales Training Putting Employees to Sleep?

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Organizations conduct sales training to keep the employees in sync with the latest sales ideas and concepts and even keep them abreast about the latest developments of the products and services. But we can all agree, remote sales training can be a tad bit boring.

Honestly think about it, how many times have you slept off or zoned out while watching a webinar or training seminar video?

Training does give sales teams a starting point on approaching customers and ensuring sales numbers by the end of each quarter and even building long-term relationships for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities but only if the training process is streamlined with the review process.

While most organizations conduct regular sales training and keep their customers abreast with the latest sales scenarios, the training outcome is still poor.

How do you keep the sales training exciting for your employees?

Make use of technology

More or less, now and in 2022, sales training will be conducted virtually and attended virtually as well, there is no way out, thanks to the adoption of a hybrid model of working(No complaints).

Unless you make the right use of technology for collaboration, training, teaching, and conducting activities, you are far behind your competitors.

A simple call recording software could also make a significant difference for employees who can’t attend the training or reside in different time zones.

Bring sales experts from outside the organization.

Would you agree if I told you that getting an expert from outside the organization has a psychological impact on the audience?

I’m sure you agree and understand the idea behind it.

External trainers sound more experienced and someone with exposure outside the company. If the expert has a few years of experience, that’ll make them more credible.

However, if someone from the organization is training sales folks, that person is usually taken for granted and treated casually.

On-demand training sessions

Many salespeople prefer to get trained in their own sweet time.

I wouldn’t say that’s the best way to conduct training, but at least salespeople swamped in multiple tasks can make use of this arrangement.

And anyway, keeping on-demand training videos as part of the sales playbook kit is a wise choice.

Make use of sales books and conduct discussions on them.

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You would be shocked to learn, but many sales leaders and newcomers prefer learning from books. They need to understand what these books are about and how they can take advantage of the learnings of these books in their daily operations.

Let’s say you conduct training on customer conversation. The entire team and the trainer can prepare the learnings and key takeaways for the training.

As a pre-requisite, ask your employees to read the book: high engagement plus more learning.

Invite keynote speakers in sales kick-off

Sales kick-offs are the most exciting events of the year.

You prepare and pump up your sales teams to work harder and motivate them to crush the sales quotas.

To make the event even more memorable, get a keynote speaker to the event(If budget permits.)

A person with 20+ years of industry experience who has sold aggressively and comes straight from the market is a good choice for your sales kick-off meeting.

Trust me, the response of sales reps’ and leaders’ would be more enthusiastic and positive.

Use storytelling

Do you know what makes an audience tick?

A good story. I mean think about who here didn't love Money Heist?

Was it because of Professors' gripping intellect or Tokio’s wildness?

It was because of the gripping storyline, that glued everyone to the screen and made them follow the show to know what happens next.

Or as Barney from How I met your mother would say “ I gotsssss to know!”

Everyone wanted to know what is going to happen next!

Like it or not, but that’s the case with all audiences wherever you go.

Storytelling grabs the attention of the viewers faster and keeps them glued until the end.

Learning a sales scenario with a story’s help will get better responses than one that speaks theory.

Be more interactive

Irrespective of how you conduct the meeting- virtual or offline- you need to keep the sales training interactive. And how do you do that?

Stick to the following recommendations that work well in the market.

  1. Conduct polls throughout the session.
  2. Make space for breakout rooms.
  3. Have longer Q&As(allow 15-20 minutes)
  4. Use emoticons to get feedback at the end(before completion)
  5. Make all activities competitive(salespeople love competitive stuff)
  6. Add more group works than an individual task.

Segment sessions

You can’t plan to stretch a session for too long. Nobody would listen to you.

Instead, plan the training program in segments of 10 or 20 minutes buckets.

Add breaks or activities or interactions after each segment.

Distribute fidget toys

At first, giving out a fidget toy to the participant sounds absurd and silly.

But it works!

Keeping people off their phones is a way more difficult task during training. Give them a spinning toy or fidget spinner to fidget, to keep their hands engaged, OR any other stress-relieving toys.

Alteast that way they are listening and engaged to the training.

Make use of popular characters from movies and series - make it relatable

If I ask you to look at a picture with Harvey Spector and explain a sales scenario or bring up a moment from the Squid Game and discuss good sales techniques, wouldn’t you listen with your eyes wide open and ears erect?

You would.

Because you relate to the characters and draw inspiration from their lives and personalities.

Trainers can improve their presentations by adding popular characters and personalities(even sportsperson) from TV to make the sales concepts more attractive.

Now that we have discussed all the different ways you can keep your audience engaged. How about you share your favorite trick with our audience here?

Don’t forget to spill your secrets!

Create a sales training plan for the audience, not for the comfort of the trainer.

Happy Selling!!

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