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Is There a Scarier Prospect Than Speaking in Front of a Packed Audience?

A human being goes through a lot of fears in life and there are many. When talking about fears the usual ones that come to mind would be LIFE threatening incidents, such as Falling from a cliff or a building or Drowning in the sea or getting injured. But today I would rather discuss about the most underrated fear there is an all of us , speaking in front of an audience.

Be it Business presentations, Conference Talks or Product Launches, or anything which requires you to speak in front of an audience, it takes immense courage to stand and deliver a perfect SPEECH. In fact, the overriding thought of facing the crowd and not messing up your speech is a guaranteed fear everyone goes through.

Many have likened it to be a daunting moment, where the jitters and anxiety would make you believe there isn't a more horrible thing than talking in front of a CROWD. Not saying that everyone goes through such emotions as the ones who are well versed in Public speaking, would by now have caught hold of their fear and delivered speeches with Aplomb.

But when you were a beginner, the seasoned pro also had to go through a lot of difficult moments. One of them is looking people in the eye and delivering your content with Ease. A sign of a good speaker is when he has the ability to look you in the eye and confidently deliver his material. I would say that is the greatest parameter a public speaker is judged on.

The next thing that people notice in a speaker is his Body language and hand gestures. This also applies to normal talk or conversations at home, with people, or at meetings. A man or woman with her Shoulders erect and using hand gestures while talking is a confident talker and one who has a commanding presence in the room.

The flow of the speech is another trait of an accomplished speaker. A confident speaker will always know when to pause and change his tone and expressions based on the material. Here is a comprehensive guide that creates a good public speaker .

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