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Is Taking Surveys Worth the Hype?

Having worked as an at-home writer for two years, Katie shares tips on how to find the right balance between essential tasks and downtime.

Surveys: Are They Worth It?

Money. A factor which has, and probably always will, motivate humans more than almost anything else. Without money, it is impossible to do the things we want to do in our lives, visit new places and follow our ambitions. Money is essential.

For this reason, as a human race, we are desperate to get our hands on as much extra cash as we can manage. Whether that be students topping up their drinking fund or the elderly slowly saving up for their funeral, everyone needs a top-up every once in a while.

We have all seen our fair share of idyllic-looking "easy money" websites, promising a quick fortune for very little work. And one of the most popular endeavours in this category is survey sites. Over the last few years, short surveys for small amounts of cash have become one of the most popular ways to earn alongside school or work.

But are surveys all their cracked up to be?

Survey Websites: An Inaccurate Representation

One of the biggest disappointments when it comes to surveys is how little you end up earning. When you first click on them, lots of sites brag of some users earning up to $300 a month, a totally unrealistic number.

Although there may be the odd few who spend all day every day taking surveys, most people only have time to take one or two surveys in a day during their spare time. With a busy lifestyle, you're more likely to be earning $1 maximum per hour.

Lots of users also find that there aren't always surveys available to be taken. Even if you have an hour set aside ready to knuckle down and answer some questions, there may not be any questionnaires available, meaning you're unable to increase your balance.

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And alongside all these other negatives, many survey sites conveniently "forget" to alert their customers of the rules when it comes to paying out. Depending on the site, you will either receive your rewards through PayPal or in the form of various gift vouchers.

You may find that many survey providers have a threshold amount which must be earned before you're eligible to cash out your earnings. Whilst this is usually set at the $5-$10 mark, some sites expect you to have earned as much as $50 before allowing you to transfer the money into your own account!

Are Surveys All Bad?

Of course, every money-making venture has it's positives: if you can find a trustworthy site and put enough effort into it, you will reap the rewards. Although your earnings may not be as abundant as you might first have thought, surveys are definitely a viable side hustle.

Some of the questionnaires can be more interesting than others (definitely avoid any surveys titled "finance"!), but they all count towards your total earnings. The amount awarded is generally based on how long the survey takes to complete, and you may even receive some compensation if it kicks you out before finishing the questions.

The most important thing is to make sure you read through the website carefully before signing up. Take a look at reviews of the site from fellow survey-takers, seeing their opinions on what works and what doesn't.

Any Final Advice?

It's a good idea not to sign up to too many sites at once. You'll end up losing track of how many accounts you own, and it's far better to concentrate on one or two providers, accumulating surveys quickly to cash out as soon as possible. Now go on. Start earning your next pint!

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