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Is Freelancing on its Way to Ruling the World?

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A World Ruled by Freelance Workers?

One of the fastest-growing professions in the world is freelancing—people in this field work from home without set hours or benefits. Many expect it to be a substantial source of revenue in the coming years. Both part-time and full-time employees will make up the future workforce. There will be no change to the current structure of employment.

Statista predicts that by 2027, more than half of all Americans will be self-employed. To reiterate: What distinguishes it as a potential future tyrant?

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular for the reasons listed below.


As a freelancer, making money is simple. However, specialized knowledge and a resume showcasing one's accomplishments are essential. As a result, prospective clients will have an easier time deciding whether or not to work with you.

According to a Medium-offshoot, more than 80 percent of American workers are interested in working from home. They also said that 50% of the employment in the United States may be done at home. However, only 7 percent of firms can allow their employees to work from home. So they'll probably build trust in this method over time.

Exceptional Versatility

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular due to the rapid advancement of technology. Stabilizing employment was a primary goal of the post-industrial era. As a result, work-life harmony is a primary concern in the twenty-first century.

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According to a study by Statista, by 2020, 64.8 million people in the United States will be working as freelancers. If the current trend continues, the population will reach 86.5 million by 2027.

Changes in technology are occurring at a rapid pace.

Globalization has made it easy for people worldwide to exchange knowledge and expertise. Suppose you want a report prepared for you. You don't even have to leave your house to find someone who specializes in that industry. That's all there is to it. Outsourcing has become increasingly popular among businesses. This has resulted in a significant number of millennials turning to freelance. Nearly half of today's workforce, or millennials, have done some of their work from home at some point.

It's all about the Blockchain!

Networks can be decentralized thanks to blockchain, a sophisticated technology. People will find it much easier to get along this way. An individual work area is created. So, what role will the blockchain play in freelancing in the future?

Freelancers' ability to sign contracts is made more accessible by blockchain's burgeoning capabilities. Smart contracts embedded in the blockchain make it easier than ever to establish trust. Experts in the field of blockchain technology are in high demand. Smart contracts will be easier to set up with the assistance of more knowledgeable individuals.

Fraud can be avoided by using a blockchain payment system. People don't have to be concerned about their paychecks when they work. With smart contracts, no one can mess with an individual's professional background or resume. This will encourage more people to take the leap and work as a freelancer. Companies and organizations will also not hesitate to outsource.


Is there any chance that freelancing will ever take over the world? Employers can save money by using remote workers. Companies can now use remote skilled labor instead of the traditional approach. In light of the current job market's uncertainty, remote work will become increasingly popular. People can make as much money as their abilities enable them to. Freelancing will unquestionably be the norm in the future, as evidenced by the available data.

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