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Is California's Great America Closing?

A Bay Area native sadden by the closure of California's Great America

Breaking News on California's Great America


California's Great America is Closing

Ceder Fair Entertainment, the owner and operator sold the land that the Bay Area Theme Park has sat on since 1976. This beloved landmark features over 40 rides and attractions. Also has been known to show up in a few movies. In the more recent years we have seen some changes that made us wonder what the future will hold for this well known theme park.

The CEO and president of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce. "With the price of land in Silicon Valley going up, up, up and there doesn't seem to be any stop, it's hard for a park that covers so much acreage like Great America to make the kind of revenue it needs to make this stay open."

  • In May of 1976. Great America opened its doors in Santa Clara Calif. as Marriott's Great America and has many owners over the years.
  • 2006 Cedar Fair Entertainment purchased Great America from Paramount's Great America. Then was known as California's Great America.
  • 2014 Levi Stadium opened and cause some stress for business around the area.
  • 2019 Cedar Fair Entertainment purchased the land that Great America has called home for 46 years from the City of Santa Clara.
  • 2020 When the COVID pandemic hit, Cedar Fair Entertainment seen a huge loss company-wide within their companies across the USA.
  • 2021 Cedar Fair Entertainment initiated to explore potential avenues to maximize the value of the companies existing assets.

As of June 2022 Cedar Fair Entertainment announced they sold the land that California's Great America sits on for $310 million USD to Prologis, a Bay Area Real Estate developer. Cedar Fair Entertainment has a deal to lease the property back to operate fully up to 11 years.

A spokesperson at Great America says park goers will not see any change in procedures at the park. In fact, the park is planning to "roll out a full lineup of immersive entertainment, seasonal festivals, and culinary events as planned and for years to come."


Notable things of California's Great America

The Bay Area's Theme Park has some notable and impressive rides and entertainment that they should be proud of.....

The legendary Carousel Columbia that sits at the entrance of California's Great America.....Standing more than 100 feet high (nearly ten stories tall), this double-decker carousel has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest carousel.

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California's Great America is the home to the Tidal Wave, later renamed...Greased Lightnin'. The Tidal Wave opened as the tallest roller coaster and took you from 0 - 55 mph in 5 seconds.

Another notable ride is the Gold Striker opened in 2013, which has been featured in in ...Amusement Today's annual Golden Ticket Awards publication for a top-ranked wooden roller coaster.

Great America opens a giant wooden roller coaster, The Grizzly. This classic “woodie” is one of the largest ever constructed in Northern California.

It unveiled the 200-foot Skytower (later renamed Star Tower)--still the tallest observation tower in Northern California in 1979.

The only stand-up roller coaster in Northern California, Vortex opens 1991 at Great America. This ride rushes standing passengers along 1,950 feet of looping, twisting track at speeds of up to 45 mph.

In 1996 the unveiling of Drop Zone Stunt Tower (known today as Drop Tower) at 224 feet, one of the tallest and most intense free-fall rides in the world.

California's Great America has some impressive entertainment as well. In 2004 Crocodile Dundee Boomerang Bay opened.

Halloween Haunts which debuted in 2008 featuring haunted houses, mazes, live shows, and scare actors roaming throughout the park. Most rides and attractions remained in operation during this time.

Winter Fest first started to light up in 2014. Guests can ice-skate in front of the iconic Carousel Columbia, take in the dazzling sights, sip on crafted hot chocolate and marvel at spectacular live shows.

Saying Good Bye to an ERA

For some of us Northern California residents it will be sad to see this part of history close down. Very rarely do you find someone that doesn't have a memory at Great America. Today, I feel we do not have enough family time or the time to make memories. In today's world I think people forget ..... that memories is all we will have, and how can we make more memories if things keep closing down and no plans to bring in something that is equal the fun.

Seeing the closure California's Great America......can only make one think....What is the future for Theme Parks?

After everything is said and done.....the summers, concerts, family fun, thrill rides for young and old.......will soon be ONLY MEMORIES.

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