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Direct Marketing

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


When I started studying this, I found that I have been doing it most of my life. I love getting attention. I love converting it and keeping attention. It was not until I was in my late 30’s when I started taking it seriously. I signed up, read, and watched different things online to feed me knowledge. I desired to go to school to do it the right way. Finances did not allow it to happen. I found free courses to help me. Months after, I registered for an online course at American Intercontinental University. I later desired direct interaction in Atlanta, GA. I drove to the Atlanta campus. My major was a bachelor’s in business administration. The next in line was marketing. A newly started marketing firm called me for an interview. Sadly, none of those opportunities worked out. Matters became worse when I lost my car. I got another and lost that too. Still, I continued to feed myself knowledge. I found marketing everywhere but, in it, a new generation dawned. By the end of the year 2020, another firm called me for my first job as a Direct marketer.

Direct Marketing is a show me tell me business. Always work on your pitch and be creative. I told my superior that I wanted leadership in two weeks. Since I wanted that, I changed the people I was around. I started watching and listening to positive things. Anything that fed my mind what it needed, I accepted all of it.

In this article, I will speak of the different qualifications for the job. Along with them, it is vital to prep your mind so that you succeed. Change the bad habits you grew up with good ones. Direct marketing is a tough business but, so are the music industry and entertainment world. Nothing comes easy.

Can Control


1. What you say

2. How you say it

3. How you act

4. How loud you speak

5. The words you use

6. The pace you move by

7. Your Attitude

8. Your perception.

Mentally Fit

These marketers' goals are to reach 95% of the community every day. The company that I work for started in 1986. Big names like Antonio Navarro and Michael English have played a role in the program is what it is today. In doing this, you must have a student mentality. In this, you must also have a competitive one. The thing about this company that I love is the fact that I do not need a degree. No, I am not comfortable not having one. I get to get a jumpstart on the career that I am chasing.

Enough about me, allow me to go deeper into the qualifications of the job.
Direct marketers must have an attitude that makes people want to be around them. Indirect marketers do not have to worry about that much. They do not because they work more behind the scenes. Behind the scenes to reach the masses. Examples of these types are on social medial, ads, and billboards. These marketers make the real estate without the mind. They program it to do what is needed.

Direct Marketing is not just a job for most. It is a lifestyle. That attitude and mentality I allowed my mind to develop. Remember reading me say that I had an interview as soon as I got to Atlanta, GA? Despite me not being offered the position, I realized that I was not ready mentally. Reprogramming did hurt but, since I wanted to be there, I did not care. Making this apart of your lifestyle makes things a lot easier before you get it.

Can't Control

1, When people say no

2. When people Walk Away

3. When people are on the Phone

4. When people s say "Not Interested"

5. When people that are tourists

6. When people ignore you.

7. When people say I am good.

8. When people say Not Today

The Mind of a Leader

Growing up, I craved positions of power. I often trained on the jobs that I worked. I did so without being hired to be one. It was just in me. The mind of a leader was already there. Leaders must be able to manage. Managing myself was there. I wanted to do more than just myself. I desired to manage a crew.

These marketers believe in themselves so much until they make it come true. Their marketing methods are not offensive. When they are doing the jobs, they take control. They do so in an aggressive but very polite manner. Quality is a factor in what they do every day. No matter if it is a sale or charitable organization, quality is what they promote. Leaders focus mainly on quality.

They practice and hit the customers' hotspots. Getting attention is not their only desire. Converting it and keeping it is, the human interaction is the most intense weapon for these guys. They approach with jokes, icebreakers, or anything to make the customers feel comfortable. Leadership is their lives.

8 Great Working Habits

1. World Class Attitude

2. Be Early

3. Be Prepared

4. 100 % Full Day Work Ethic

5. Maximize Territory

6. Safeguard Attitude

7. Know goals and why

8. Take Control

Develop Habits

When I wasn't offered a position at first I, spent time developing these habits. As I did it, the hurt of the old ones breaking was astronomical. To me, this is considered a lifestyle. I refused to wait until I am in the industry to do this. Astronomical but, they had to go. Now, I am thinking in a way I never thought I would. When you want a career, you cannot be afraid to make the changes that you need.

In direct marketing, you must have a world-class attitude. You have to have this because people are going to say no. That is just reality. As said before, in this industry, you get 97 no's pitching to 100 people. You have to develop the right attitude to withstand it.

In my opinion, that is the top habit a direct marketer must obtain. More resilience, being early, work ethic, maximizing territory, knowing goals, Knowing why you have those goals, and taking control. You must know what you could control and what you cannot.



In the direct marketing industry, we work smarter, not harder. A professional look defines the smarts very well. Do you see a charity organization in street clothes? or a CEO in them to get clients. The answer is no. They are always in professional attire when they are on the job.

Direct Marketers must present quality. If they are salesmen, they must see great opportunity. When the salesmen show good quality, they increase commissions, sales, and job security. Their work ethic displays the quality very well but, a hidden feature does it best. That feature is called an impression.

Presence is the key to direct marketing. Your first impression could be your last one. Make the best of it. I know that sometimes some do not have the professional attire starting. I know because I was one of those people. Once I was able to purchase it, I did. Along with that came more profit and the life I always dreamed I would have.

Law of Averages

You see direct marketers in stores and notice what? I could tell you what I notice. I notice that they are always in professional attire. They are well-groomed, polite, and are experts at managing customer service. Honestly, that is what stands out the most. They listen, discover, and position themselves to help the people. They adapt to their needs using a system called the Law Of Averages.

Direct marketers repeat this system every day. In doing so, they bring the action that is required. The Law includes five steps to a conversation. Those steps are an Introduction, short story, presentation, close, and consolidation. The consolidation could be best called a rehash.

With those steps, they use impulse factors. With those factors, they build greed. Greed explains the value of the product. With this comes the urgency, fear of loss, indifference, jones effect, and suggestive language. These guys and gals are always approaching potential customers with a smile, eye contact, and excitement. That is called the see factor. The Law of Averages makes them who they are.



As you read, I spent time preparing and had no clue that I was doing it. The first thing I had to develop was the mindset. Before I moved to Atlanta, I started to think differently. I started seeing the beauty in the things going on around me. Sadly, many around me did not understand it. That hurt me a lot. The next habit I had to develop was attitude. In life, many things discomfort you. You have to stand through it. See the beauty in the storms. I am aware that many reading this may not be religious but, we all know endurance. No wealthy iconic figure became who they are without suffering before it.

When I started to do this, I learned to possess sales quality. That helps me see opportunity. That helped me to increase in sales quality, commissions, and job security. I understood the point of presence. I bought new clothes to look presentable. Your first impression may be your only one. I took value in the 3 P's (people, presence, process).

In this industry, there are many objectives that your mind must help you be ready to handle. Remember what is called QTQP. That stands for Quality time with Quality people. Before I started working in the field, I made sure to put the right store in my app. The customer experience I managed very well. I listened, discovering, and positioning myself to adapt to the customer needs. A great customer experience brings brand loyalty. All of this happened because I allowed my mind to become mentally fit before it all. I was not offered a position at first because I was not mentally prepared. You must be mentally prepared to be a direct marketer.