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Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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Are you a brand or planning to build up into one? Then you want people to come back to avail your products and services again and again. To stay different and relevant in today’s world, it is important to have a strong social media presence. Though there are many social media available with millions of people actively monthly, Instagram has proved to be the best among all. Since using visual tactics are the best way to demonstrate ideas and businesses.

Instagram has hugely helped in boosting sales and growth of many companies. According to a survey, people are more likely to avail the services of a company, if it has strong social media presence. Posting images and videos and getting flowers may seem to be not a complex task, but it does require a lot of strategy and creativity. Marketing has never been simple and so does the branding on Instagram.

To be successful and bring yourself recognition in today’s marketplace, here are some inspiring Instagram accounts to help you build up your brand. Most of these brands are very well known.

1. AirBnB



Are you looking for a place to live or to stay on vacation at a distant place? Yes, then AirBnB has got your back. AirBnB’s Instagram account explains its services vividly through the distinctly ravishing places to live across the world.

Besides the images, they add up a touch of humanistic element that gives you options to meet interesting new people and stay at places that major hotels fail to provide.

2. Tesla


Tesla is one of the most renowned companies in the field of electric auto manufacturing. While their account is extremely product driven, the company visualizes its products in a far much better enthusiastic and engaging manner.

The iconic photographs and method of explain minute details about cars make you visit their page every time.

3. Adobe


Adobe is famously known for its creative studio and their Instagram account is nothing less. The best thing about their page is that the most of the content is user generated. Adobe features users’ work, which explains the methods of using their tools in uniquely different ways.

If you are a creative expert, photographer or an illustrator, then this is the right page for you to get inspired. With the help of users, the company proudly demonstrates how you can produce better work with their products.

4. Nike


Nike has several Instagram Accounts, but their official one is something to seek for. While there are several brands similar to Nike, what differentiates them from others is their creativity in displaying their products. If you have visited their Instagram account, you may have noticed how beautifully they explain the details of their products.

The company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to demonstrating their products so that no question remains unanswered. It is important to justify why your product is suitable for use and better than others, just like Nike makes sure that their products perform well and has great comfort, adaptability and longevity.

5. Reuters


Reuters is an intact source for global news. They provide news related to current events, trends and pop culture through professional photographs.

Till date, the company has never promoted its services, since their excellence in their posts are good enough to attract people and increase their engagement rate.

6. Vodka for Dog People

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There is nothing better than living your passion and helping others through it. Just like that, Vodka for Dog People is an Instagram account, where you can find lots of options to hire world class designers. This is not it. The account also highlights the options to adopt homeless dogs and cats.

This is quite unique and appealing the way they express humanity towards pet adoption and also promote the brands. You may not find lots of fancy products here, but the idea is huge and different, since many people do love vodka and pets.

7. Flowers for Dreams


Flowers for Dreams is a run by a local business owner, who runs a flower shop in Chicago. Besides their business, they also donate to neighboring charities for their every sale. Though, they do not have a huge business, the company has successfully established them locally with their beautiful images.

The posts on their Instagram accounts have huge engagement rate with nearly each post receiving more than thousand likes. Their strategy is well planned and is based on simple marketing. This account, definitely, worth a look.

8. Playdoh


Playdoh has been every child’s favourite and their Instagram account is nothing less. The social media marketers hired by the company make sure that each post shows as innovative as possible and entertains the viewers.

The company makes the best possible use of animation, along with crafted objects and different shapes. They especially deal with the needs of school kids and the national holidays with bright colors and positive approach.

9. Charity Water


Charity Water clearly explains their services and products not only via images but also with interesting captions. Start-up brands can get an idea from their account on how to connect the content with the images.

They highlight their success stories and contribution to the society. Their posts are great way to attract followers and inspire people worldwide.

10. David Chang


David Chang is a popular chef with award winning restaurants in New York. As it concludes, most of his Instagram posts are related to food, but with a mix of music and slow motion. His dedication to his work is quite inspiring. His presentation of his cooked meals is quite ravishing and mouth-watering, for sure.

Looking at his Instagram account glorifies the use of technology and how few tactics can highlight a simple work into a magnificent one. Besides their serious work, some of their posts are very entertaining with memes and bright colors.

11. Reynold’s Kitchens


Making something creative out of aluminium foil and plastic foil sounds a bit crazy, but that’s what has made Reynold’s Kitchens stand out of the crowd. Their unique approach to showcase their products has kept them going till now.

You can see their posts about kitchen table filled with beautiful dishes and baked meals. Their posts show how a little mixture of creativity can turn out to be a great source of marketing.

12. Bitwell Inc.


Bitwell is a renowned motorcycle helmet and accessories manufacturer. It offers fascinating user-generated posts with appealing marketing images. The posts are engaging enough to promote products with the demonstration of awesome lifestyle.

Most of the images are scenic landscapes. The company not only promotes its products, but also proves its importance to the customers in their life.

13. Coffee ‘N Clothes


As the name suggests, this company is mostly about coffee and clothes. Since, coffee and clothes are the most important part of every day’s life; this Instagram account has hit the right note. Their creative posts have helped them receive huge amount of fan following and boosted their overall brand aesthetic.

Along with the skilled photography skills, the account has made a great impact with the beauty of everyday coffee and clothing styles.

14. Madewell


Madewell is a women’s clothing company with huge fan following on Instagram. They have turned their Instagram account into a perfect online store by providing shopping links with their every post.

The marketing strategy of the company includes use of the bright hues along with the professional photography. Their account shows that using a consistent theme with every new feed is the right way to boost the business and build a name in the market.

15. Punch Drink


Punch Drink is mostly about the online publication of cocktail recipes. It is a good account for youngsters and cocktail lovers. The account also provides city guides that other travelling brands can get inspiration from.

They have a dedicated niche focused on today’s lifestyle. Their vibrant images are fulfilling enough to gathered masses.

16. Canva


Canva is a user friendly graphic designing tool. Their posts are user-driven, similar to those of Adobe. It is, surely, the best marketing strategy to promote one’s products by showcasing user skills. It ensures higher engagement rate and boost in the products’ sales.

If you are a designer, then their breath-taking posts are great inspiration to look for.

17. Barkbox


Barkbox is an entertaining brand with posts full of funny dogs. Having millions of followers, the company has attracted masses through its intellectual sense of humor and little promotional content.

Though the company sounds similar to other accounts, their offers and discounts policies have helped them to stand out of the crowd. No doubt, filling up the posts with cute pets is a great way for marketing.

18. Apartment Therapy


DIY content is among the most popular contents. Many people look for DIY tips online to try out something new by themselves. That’s where Apartment Therapy is winning the massive amount of followers. The brand provides tips related to home improvement and interior designing.

Such content is very engaging and helpful for the users to greet them with new ideas, which they can try in their free time. Apartment Therapy has content relevant for every type of social media user.

19. Wright Kitchen


Wright Kitchen is highly creative and inspiring when it comes to showcasing food related content. The account is run by a freelance photographer and an aspiring chef. It is highly inspiring and impressive to know that how some simple things can turn into massive breath-taking moments with a little creativity.

20. Vans


Having millions of followers, Vans has generated awesome fan following through its impressive artistic approach to showcase their products. Though, the products have nothing much to stand out, it is their content, which is great source of trendy lifestyle. Their overall posts are something that very user can relate to for their daily needs.

Even if you have nothing much creativity to show in the images and videos you post, it is recommendable to write a content that helps the users to understand your perspective.

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