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India Economic Comparison Peer Analysis

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India Ranking

India Ranking in Development

India Ranking in Development

India's Global Ranking

What is PEER Analysis

India is Talking of Global Leader, "Vishwaguru", this article is about, where do India stands today compared to its comparable and what it takes to be Global Leaders. Presently India is almost among Bottom and more worrying is, it going down continuously.

Going Down is Real Problem, is needed to be understood and acted upon.

Peer Analysis is comparison with comparable, and what is the top.

Five Indicators which makes Country Global Leader.

  • Human Development Index - it is Global Ranking of Countries on overall well being of Human Resources of the Country. India stands 131, very low ranking.
  • Hunger Index - This is all about how many people are not able to get food two times a days. The minimum requirement. Unfortunately India stands 101, which is really very very low ranking.
  • Healthcare Indicator - India ranked 155 among 167 countries with 5 beds per 10,000 population.
  • Education Indicator - Non of Indian university among top 100. India ranks 59 out of 67 Countries. Only 42% complete secondary education. Real question is quality of education, because Students even after 4 years of education can not read and write.
  • Unemployment and Youth Unemployment - India has 7.83 unemployment rate, youth unemployment rate is 25%. This is half truth, because they are not fully employed, or doing menial, or part time jobs, which can not be called employment.
  • Per Capita Income - India has 1972 USD per capita income which is below Bangladesh. Per capita income is gone down continuously for last two years.
  • Two more indicators which indicates increasing poverty are reduced savings rate. Retail savings rate is gone down from 25% to 18%. This indicates more people are not able to save money.

The comparison is with other countries which can be called Comparable and Countries which are leader in Individual category.

  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Philipine
  • Malaysia
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Turkye
  • China

India claim and wants to be Global Leader, where do India stands compared to Present Global Leaders.

Just by Claiming to be leader and managing media and events, peddling lies, ground realities and truth can not change.

India PEER Analysis - Hunger Index and HDI

India Hunger Index and HDI Comparison

India Hunger Index and HDI Comparison

Human Development Index and Hunger Index

Human Development Index in Comparison

Human Development Index is very important indicator on the performance of country. Even though India has worlds second largest population, but it last its Demographic Dividend by not investing enough in building it key resource, "Human".

India at 131 is really low by any standards, India's nearest competitor Vietnam is at 117, but it has per capita income double of India. South Africa, which was ruled by Apartheid System and liberated not long ago.

Indonesia and Philippines improving.

India is long behind the Malaysia and Turkey.

The serious problem is India is going down, rather than improving its position.

Hunger Index

Three countries Turkey, China and Brazil is among top 5 and considered as list or no hunger in the country. Other countries are far better than India, including Bangladesh.

Once upon India's Public Distribution System (PDS) was doing good. One of the reason is linking of Adhar Card with PDS. Access to minimum nutrition in Tribal Areas is very very low. This has put India on low ranks.

  • 68% of Under 5 Child deaths are due to malnutrition of Child and Mother.
  • 83% of neonatal deaths are due to low weight at birth.
  • 39% Child below the age of 5 are malnourished and under weight. Gujarat has most Hunger, almost 28% of the population sleep without second meal. The Gujarat model is basically big failure, Gujarat's industrialization has benefited few, but income disparity has increased and government did nothing for development of poor and marginalized population.

India need Long Term Strategy and Plan and specially allocated budget to reduce hunger. It is important government provide two meals to the everyone. Ration must be given to everyone without discrimination and every level.

Cooked food, subsidized food stalls and ready meals must be provided. This will reduce burden on Poor.

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Government must provide Employment Guarantee at every level. Providing employment full time and regular is only way to reduce Hunger and Poverty.

It is Shocking, India has

240 million Hungry

700 million Poor

They are dependent upon Government Ration for their two meals. Government must provide Enough Ration.

If India wants to be Global Leader, it must work on its Bottom of Pyramid. Provide them Food and Employment.

India Overview

  • Economic Outlook of India
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Accepting Failure is First Step

Accepting Shortcoming is First Step to Improve

Accepting Shortcoming is First Step to Improve

Number of Beds Per Thousand

Number of Beds Per Thousand

Health, Education and Employment

Healthcare In India

I feel there is no need to even discuss status of Healthcare in India. Corona Exposed fault-lines and truth. The actual number of deaths as per WHO is 10 times more than than Government Numbers.

Peoples died of Oxygen, peoples died of Medicine, peoples died of Hospital beds.

India Stands below, Iran, Cuba, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Access to healthcare is dream for most of Indians. Today India is far below of all its competitors, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey.

India can not dream of competing developed world, it far below Developing world standards.

India's Budget for Healthcare has gone down continuously and this is sole reason for the present situation. Private Hospital or Capitalist Approach to Healthcare in Country like India is not recommended. Indian Government has not invested enough developing Healthcare Sector. Today situation is worst.

Can India be Global Leader without building infrastructure. Roads and Airports, are not the only infrastructure needed. India needs Hospital, India needs Education.


India is ranked 59 of 64 Countries in Education. None of Indian University is among top 100 in the world.

India spends less than 3% of its Budget on Education.
Those who are going to school, cannot read and write, class 2nd, India stands 2nd in this category.

Class 3rd Students 70% students cannot solve two-digit subtraction. 50% still could not do in class 5th.

Dropout rate at secondary level is 17%. Only 8.15% are graduates.

There are nearly 1.2 lakh single-teacher schools in the country of which an overwhelming 89% are in rural areas.

The report projects that India needs 11.16 lakh additional teachers to meet the current shortfall.

Thousand of teachers are terminated in UP and schools closed permanently.

Gujarat closed more than 7000 schools permanently.

Creativity is source of Innovation and Creativity comes from Learning. This is why India lags behinds in developing innovation.

India failed to produce world class technology or global leaders, because India lacks ecosystem.

Youths Unemployment

Present unemployment is above 8%. Real worrisome is youth unemployment is at 25%. Youths are unemployed for long time. They will remain under employed and poor.

Government has failed to design strategy to create enough employment. More and more permanent jobs are lost.

  • Privatization of Public Sectos
  • Reducing jobs in Public Sectors
  • Not filling the vacancies

This strategy of government is directly responsible for job not created.

India's decisions has made disaster for small and medium enterprises and millions of jobs are lost.

  • Demonetization
  • GST
  • Sudden Corona Lock-down

These are three reasons why India lost opportunity and demographic dividend.

Rural India

India can not prosper, without building rural India. Average working days in Rain-fed Areas are 120-150 days per years. Unless government change this to 300 days a years, India can not grow.

  • Increase Irrigation Farming
  • Increase second income opportunities
  • Increase in Food Processing.

Government should invest in developing cooperatives and invest in building Rural India. Without Investing in villages India can not grow,

Developing Health and Education

Health and Education are two core indicator of Social Development. Government must invest continuously to develop these two sectors. Investment into these two sector will build Better Tomorrow.

Innovation comes from Education. Creative and Healthy mind is necessary. India must develop its Health and education infrastructure.

Five Points to Achieve Development

  • Hunger - Food for all, reduce hunger, improve Public Distribution System, Ration must be available to all. Government must give Minimum Support Price and guaranteed purchase. This will reduce poverty.
  • Health - Create more health infrastructure. Medical Colleges and Hospitals. Thousands of students travel abroad to get education. Make Medical Education affordable. It will create Huge employment opportunity.
  • Education - Improve education at every level. Increase Education spends. Affordable and Quality education will bring Innovation and Entrepreneurs, this is way to new India.
  • Rural Employment - Increase Irrigation, develop second income opportunity in rural areas. Increase Food Processing, so that wastage will be reduced. Increasing opportunities in Rural Economy is very important.
  • Youth Employment - Develop Small and Medium Enterprises, facilitate their growth, make it easy, then only India can grow.
  • Public Sector Driven Development - India needs Public Sector to develop core Technology and Research. PSU is to give equal opportunities to all. Specially marginalized groups, underprivileged groups, so that justice can be done.

Only a Welfare Socialist Federal India can survive.

Poor in India

India Direction

India Disaster

India Disaster

India Collapse

India Collapse

India Agriculture

India Agriculture



Building Strong Foundation

  • 20 Million Jobs a Years Road Ahead
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  • Role of Learning in Innovation
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Rural India

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