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10 Ways to Increase Salon Employee Productivity

Many salons often complain of their salon employees not being as productive and efficient as they should be. They talk a lot about their problems, but most of them hardly make an effort to boost their productivity.

If you are looking to increase salon employee productivity and increase your profits, here are 10 quick and easy ways to do it.


Tips to increase salon employee productivity

#1. Lead from the front: You are the salon owner, so you have to set an example which your staff can follow. Begin the day by reaching your salon on time, be attentive to others, interact with your staff, be strict about your salon rules but don’t be harsh. Be a leader and lead from the front.

#2. Hire Hard, Manage Easy: Make sure you hire professionals who know their stuff. Don’t focus on the certifications they have or the awards they have won. Focus on what sort of work they have done in the past. Hire hard and manage easy.

#3. Focus on Teamwork: Make sure you embed the importance of teamwork in your salon’s culture. Build a strong team to make your salon productive and efficient.

#4. Set targets for your staff: Setting achievable and measurable targets will keep your staff on their toes and motivated to deliver results. Don’t be pushy while doing this.

#5. Training is important: Even if you have the best professionals working in your salon, training them is an important aspect to increase salon employee productivity.

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#6. Encourage client consultations: Encourage your staff to interact with clients and provide solutions to their common queries. This will improve their communication skills and make them more confident while dealing with clients.

#7. Marketing is important: Marketing is not necessarily spending huge amounts on advertising alone. An effective way could be coming up with innovative offers every now and then and asking your employees to spread the word about it. They’ll love doing something different other than cutting and styling hair.

#8. Client feedback is important: Don’t forget to get client’s feedback and ask them how they felt during their time in the salon. Make sure you pass on this feedback to your employees as it will not only improve their performance but it will also make clients feel good about it.

#9. Appreciate: If your staff has done something good, make sure you appreciate their efforts. It can be a simple pat on the back or a token of appreciation. The important thing is to let them know that you appreciate their work so they stay motivated and keep performing better and better. Reward those who have a perfect attendance record for a year.

#10. Hang out together: You can give your salon employees a nice reward by taking them for a fun outing. It's a great team building activity which will translate into a building a strong team inside your salon.


Your turn

If you think I have missed any tips to increase salon employee productivity or if you want to share your views to make salon staff more productive and efficient, feel free to add your comments below.

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Menaka on September 30, 2012:

very nice

Robert KIng on May 08, 2012:

I really need some help. I feel I have lost the team effort completely.

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