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Income from a few streams

I have done one hundred and six eBooks, six books and thirty-eight online courses; accounts, business, self-care, and affiliate marketing


I am always wondering whether to depend on one stream of income, trying to find an answer to my question of whether I am doing the right thing. I am sure there are pros and cons in my decision as I have decided to go for my answer, making money from a few streams.

Most of us do business on the internet; while doing there, many of us depend on the platforms to promote our products and make money. They are happy to do that because they also make money while promoting our products. I, too, do it the same way, but the question is whether it is advisable to depend on one platform to make money for us continuously.

For example, I create online courses, publish them on one of the platforms, and wait for a payment from them. It seems okay you will get some money at the end of each month, but that varies a lot, so you cannot make a financial plan with that income. I decide to make some eBooks and books from my courses and use another platform to sell my books and eBooks. In the same, I do coach sessions with a third platform.

When I say this to others, they look surprised and tell me that I must concentrate only on one avenue to make money and stick to it until I become an expert in that area. I do not understand how that can stop me from becoming an expert in what I do if I have organized my work to check and correct daily progressions. That argument may be suitable for people who do not schedule, face too many distractions in their life, or are at the learner stage.

So my opinion is if you organize and gain enough knowledge in that niche that you do everything, there should not be a problem. But all that said, there could be a few hassles you might face as far as marketing is concerned as marketing is an entirely different aspect of a business, so if you can afford it, try to get some small help to overcome that hurdle.


These are pros that I talked about getting income from a couple of projects. Let me consider depending on one task for a long time also depends on one platform to promote your products and make you the money. Say you are an online course creator and publish on one plan, and fortunately, they are selling your product well and making you good money. Suddenly, something happens; they close your account, and what will you do after that?

How to manage many projects and become successful?

Ordinarily, young people have many chances to succeed as they do not have many distractions like older people. Therefore, you can manage and succeed in running many projects. Still, it would help if you had a real passion for it, and you have to develop the capability of multi-tasking simultaneously. My women friends do this, like looking after the family, maintaining their house, working, and having a business on the side. So, how do they do it? It is a straightforward thing; they organize themselves well and have a super ability to manage their time very well. If you are passionate and determined in life, you can achieve anything. Let me give you the tips to do it to help you if you want to run many projects.


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First, get yourself organized; otherwise, you will mix up things and try to spend more time on one job than the other project, then you will end up losing the project. You need to organize yourself more, especially if you are working from home, because of the possibility of getting too many distractions.


It is difficult to continue with your projects if you do not have the passion, as you will lose interest after some time; therefore, you got to make sure you have to take up projects that you love; otherwise, you will be wasting time and money in the long run. Then you have to focus on things that bring in cash; if not, it will become difficult for you to have a continuous interest in the project, which might make you feel like a failure. Therefore, you must do something that you love and be able to monetize the project as well.


Transparency is vital for a business person to get the confidence of your customers and your staff for the business's long-term survival. If not, you might become successful in the short term, and quickly it will start to disappear when others are not clear about what you are doing. It is essential to maintain ethics in business for long-term success and survival. Another thing is to keep communicating with your customers and staff to run the business properly. They will expect clear communication from you; otherwise, your customer might get fed up and leave you. You have to let people know that you will be going on holiday, and you might be busy for a short period while you are on holiday, and they will understand that.


It is another vital aspect to running your projects smoothly as you can schedule everything and set the dates for you to release, say, social media posts could use the Hoot suite. When you plan and mechanize your business and personal life, you use an autoresponder to automate your emails, press release, and newsletters. So that you will not lose out on contacting your customers and sending out reminders of the things you are doing for your business, then you can write your blog posts and schedule the release date in WordPress. This way of handling your business will provide you with a clear direction to control your work, and the tasks will not overlap.


For small organizations, outsourcing permits them to work with the base of professional and gear consumption. For instance, a little firm outside city cut-off points can outsource its vehicle, subsequently making it extra for it to gain transport, cutting the expense of fuel, and sparing its assets. Another original case is telemarketing and publicizing. Numerous organizations want to outsource this feature of promoting to proficient call focuses and advertising offices, killing the need to frame a whole unit committed to this errand. Also, because the outsourcing customer has a wholly settled foundation dedicated mainly to the administration gave, there is no need for a bit of business to build up its inner base to suit that administration.

Keep your limits

It is always good to keep everything within your limits; if not, there is a possibility that you will become exhausted, which will bring you down. We all like to do things but will the time permit us to do what we want. I don't think so. Therefore, avoid unnecessary events and meetings if they are not one hundred percent useful to your business. Try and concentrate on getting relaxation from your work at least once or twice a week, then get yourself ready for the hard work.

I hope the above tips are helpful if you plan to set up many projects. Good luck!

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