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Improve Your Social Media: Tips to Create Stunning Graphic Designs for Your Business

Im a social media manager and a writer who loves to share knowledge on this field to help small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Tips and Tricks to improve Graphic Design for your Business on Social Media

Tips and Tricks to improve Graphic Design for your Business on Social Media

Importance of Graphics on Content

One of the important aspects of creating brand recognition is graphic design. A good graphic design attracts an audience and promotes engagement. As one of the social media users, I get to just scroll on my feed if the content is not my interest. Getting the audience to be interested and check your content is to attract them with images or videos along with your post.

Creating graphic design can be a bit tricky especially if you are just starting out to promote your business or brand. Tendency, many fall into using repetitive stock photos. I mean it is not a bad thing to use stock photos but to add spice into your brand identity, it is suggested to create your own. Besides, graphics add professionalism to your brand that helps you stand out in the crowd.

In this article, I share with you tips and tricks that you can use in your social media posts for your brand.

1. Color Palette

Color may serve to set the mood, create an ambiance, and communicate feelings. Selecting the right color pallet is important as colors send a sense of feeling to the person who sees it. Just like how the color red implies urgency, yellow for optimism and youth while green is for wealth. I use Muzli, a color palette generator to create a palette or to find some ideas.

Color Palette Sample

Color Palette Sample

2. Typography

Your social media post can be brought to life by choosing the right font or group of fonts that work well together. I personally use Canva for my graphic designs and a sample of Canva fonts I use that works well together are Clear Sans Bold and Clear Sans Thin Also, working on typography makes the post more readable and pleasing to the eyes.

Text as a main content of graphic design

Text as a main content of graphic design

3. Icons

Using icons to illustrate concepts is one of the easy ways to enhance a social media post. I understand that not all have a budget to hire a professional graphic designer especially if you are just starting out your small business that is why using Icons can help you add flavor to the usual posts. This also goes well when you blend stock photos into icons.

Sample of using Icons on visual design

Sample of using Icons on visual design

4. Shapes

A useful way to add substance to a graphic design.
Shapes have an impact on how people perceive and react to them. It is a good aesthetic that gives dimension to the content. For some, they use geometrical shapes to make illusions and portray images.

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Sample of using shapes for graphic design

Sample of using shapes for graphic design

5. Lines and Curves

Going back to basic. Lines and curves have been known for being used for minimalist designs but aside from that it gives texture and provides movement. It also supplies information, take it from line graphs and calligraphy. Lines can also be used to separate, organize and create patterns.

As for curves, it gives the illusion and shows movement. How a wavy line suggests water and spiral can be a whirlwind.

blending lines and curves for your social media posts

blending lines and curves for your social media posts


Visuals play a vital role in your content. Skipping visuals elements may cause a potential audience to scroll away and lose the opportunity to present your brand. Let us not forget that your graphic should represent your brand.

I myself am still learning more about graphic designing especially there are tools that I am not yet an expert in using but it is time-saving to have a tool that you can rely on when you need some templates. I personally use Canva. I am not an affiliate just to be clear but this has been my favorite tool.

First, it has a free version that you can try on which actually does not hinders you from creating stunning graphic designs. Sure, there is a paid feature that allows you to use most of the elements but if you noticed from my previous articles how I am a fan of free services. I mean who doesn't want that?

Just to add up, it also has a scheduling tool that allows you to set a time and date of when to post your design to your social media accounts.

I always suggest using free service of tools so you can experience and see if it something that is worth investing in in the long run

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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