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Importance Of Collaboration

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The term collaboration refers to the act of certain individuals working together as a team in an intellectual endeavor or simply working together to perform a specific task. It means that a certain group of individuals interact amongst themselves; share ideas and co operate with each other in order to accomplish a goal.

Factors On Which Effective Collaboration Depends

In the light of the above given definition, collaboration can be easily stated as the best option in order to do a project or to even start a business, however it is not as easy as it sounds.

Every individual has a specific set of mind that is different from the other individuals and it is not necessary that the mind set of two individuals is compatible and compatibility is a very important factor for effective collaboration. 


The individuals that are working together in a group must be compatible with each other. They must understand each other and must click together as a group.

Another important factor and perhaps the most important one, is the compromise. One must learn to compromise and accept the ideas of others. A group can only work if the individuals working in it know how to compromise.

The compromise here refers to an attitude that allows your point to be heard but to accept if your idea is not mutually accepted and an attitude that allows you to accept the other’s idea and accept what the mutual consent says.


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Organizing Yourself

Team work is the key

Team work is the key

Communication is also very important to make collaboration effective.

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If the individuals working together have the right medium to communicate the sharing of ideas becomes easy.

The individuals must understand what the other person is trying to tell and must understand the meaning of the other person’s point.

If the individuals in the group fail to communicate it is impossible for them to work together.

Hence it can be said that the communication plays a vital role in the working of a team.

Responsibility is another key factor. All the individuals working in the group must take their responsibilities seriously.

Each one in the group must be responsible and must perform his duties assigned by the group mates responsibly.

Availability of resources is also very important for the collaboration to work.

If the team mates have the right resources to work with their work becomes easier and the chances of performing their tasks more efficiently enhances.

The Importance Of Effective Collaboration

If the above given factors are found in a group of individuals working together, collaboration becomes an ideal concept, far more effective than an individual working alone.

From the school and college projects to starting a business, from doing house hold chores to running a restaurant, all these tasks have been proved to work more effectively if done in a group of people rather than being worked on by an individual alone.

Talking about the importance of collaboration, there are many reasons because of which collaboration is a more preferable concept than working alone.

Below given are few points supporting the idea of collaboration:

  • Firstly if a task is being performed in a group, less amount of time will be taken for its completion.

    For example if an individual student is supposed to make a report of at least 3000 words on let’s say evolution, it would take him a month or even more to make a proper report, for first he would have to do the research alone and then write , type and all.

    But on the other hand if the similar task is being done by a group of 3-4 or even more individuals the task would take only few days.
  • If certain people are working together the sharing of ideas will take place which will allow each of the individual to learn new things from the other and will make every one of the group to get aware of different aspects of things.
  • Collaboration enhances brain storming. It allows you to think more and come up with better ideas and concepts.
  • Collaboration makes you learn your mistakes. If you have an idea and you share it with the others, they might point out the flaws in your plans and make you see the good and the bad side of your plans allowing you to correct your mistakes.
  • Collaboration makes you more responsible.

One must learn to co operate and to collaborate with others and the concept of collaboration should be taught to every individual from the very start of his life. For once a person learns to work in a team, his life becomes very easy.


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