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If You Want to Become an Effective Leader; Apply this Great Traits

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A leader is a person who guides by influence or one who directs by going before or along with. A leader is a person who derives joy from serving other people; the people here are his subordinates. To become a good and effective leader is not a day's job. Becoming a great and unique leader requires consistency, persistency, and commitment.

Remember that leaders are not born but they are made. For you to become an effective leader you must put some attitude, habit, the character behind you and embrace a new one. In this article, I will be listing the traits that are expected of you to possess to deliver your best

Discover Yourself

Discovering oneself is one of the first and great criteria in becoming a great leader. Your ability to know who you are and the task in which you can confidently handle without seeking help is required. A leader who does not discover his or herself is bound to fail. How can you claim to understand the vastness of your follower when you are yet to discover that inner strength and conviction within you? A leader needs to deliberately discover his or her purpose for life to lead his subordinates adequately.

Capture Your Vision

Leadership is conceived when a person's mental photograph of a future that incorporates his purposes becomes more important and vivid than the experience of the present. That's what we called vision. A leader has to have a vivid vision for all the people he's leading. A journey is not worthy to embark on if there's no goal. Having a vision and working towards the actualization of that vision should be one of the main agendas of a leader who wants to leave a good legacy.

Share Your Inspiration

A good leader possesses the ability to avoid his subordinates from treading the part he treads which landed him in regrets and turmoil. A good leader achieves this by sharing his inspiration with his followers. This will help facilitate the speedy growth and development of his subordinates.

Commit to Your Principles And Values

An effective leader has laid down principles in which he follows and regulates his life within these principles. A leader must be hardworking, focus, talk less and listen great, have the interest of his followers at heart. These and many more are some of the principles and values a leader should uphold. A leader without a principle is like a lawless country. Lots of things are bound to go haywire in his life if he lives like a supporter.

Express Your Passion

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Another trait that is expected of a leader is having a great passion for the things that are committed to his supervision. A good and effective leader ought to show great passion towards his subordinates by making sure they become the best version of themselves. The whole duty of a leader is to serve his people. A leader's purpose can only be accomplished if he discharged his duty with passion and love.

Empower Other

There will be no leader without subordinates. A leader is because there are people who follow his instructions and carry them out. A leader is expected to empower his people. If the subordinates of a particular leader ceased to function; that leader has automatically failed as well. So, for a leader to be called a great leader he must consciously and consistently improve the lives of his adherents.


A good leader is disciplined in all ramifications of his life having no blame and spot. A leader who lacks discipline will not lead for long. He needs to regularly and consistently tame himself from things that may lead to his downfalls as a leader.

Coordinates Your Resources

A good leader uses any resources at his disposal judiciously. He never embezzles funds that are meant for the development of his followers. A good leader cannot do without this trait. Good leaders maximize the little into many.

Manage Your Priorities

One of the unique attitudes that a leader needs to show forth is his ability to place priority on the lives and properties of his subordinates. He needs to know the thing which requires urgency and are important and place his priorities there.

Mentor Your Successors

The main aim of having a good leader is to ensure he produces viable followers. A leader who failed to mentor his successors has failed woefully. A leader is to ensure he produces people of his kind.

A good leader cannot thrive well if he's not committed to learning new things. He has to know what's best for his followers, serve his followers and also protect their lives and properties.

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