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Digital Marketing: End of Role of Intermediaries in Marketing Supply Chain

Shafqat M. is a professional content writer who has helmed digital marketing projects for the last 5 years.

Digital Marketing is Pertinent to Increase ROI, Stimulate Purchase

DemandGenReport conducts a B2B Buyer's Survey and makes an astonishing revelation:

89 per cent of B2B businesses believe that digital marketing (content marketing) is pertinent to increase ROI and boost purchase/sales.

That's why (the emergence of) the digital-only landscape has left businesses hustling for a fair share of presence on the internet to cash in on the ever-expanding digital commerce.

However, what fails businesses in this endeavour is the intermediary-driven marketing supply chain.

The fact is, marketing supply chains have been grappling with losses due to the extensive use of done-and-dusted and unproductive marketing tools such as bots, pop-up ads - that have become useless with the advent of ad-blockers - etc.

Despite tremendous ad spending, it served neither marketers nor consumers.

Digital Marketing Ends Role of Intermediaries in Marketing

Previously, before the advent of digital marketing, only winners were intermediaries.

Marketers and consumers ended up emerging as the biggest losers. Much has changed, however, ever since digital marketing took off.

Getting rid of intermediaries is the first thing it has done, followed by placing the power back into the hands of marketers and bringing transparency to marketing.

As a result, user experience and expectations have become pivotal to and bedrock of marketing efforts.

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How's Digital Marketing Overtaking Supply Chain

How's Digital Marketing Overtaking Supply Chain

Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy, Not Intermediary-Driven

Sprucing digital marketing with consumer needs has been a game-changer in the realm of marketing and has ended with its customer-centric strategy the monopoly of intermediaries.

Now marketing campaigns thrive on insights provided by marketers and customers whose aspirations define the market and provide marketers with fresh perspectives on how their marketing campaigns can benefit and serve their customers better.

This approach of understanding your customers popularized by digital marketing renders your content (blogs, articles, infographics, etc.) relatable, relevant to your customers.

Thoroughly personalized, digital marketing campaigns meet needs and cater to the expectations of your end-users.

The Takeover of Marketing Supply Chain by Digital Marketing

Multi-pronged efforts have gone into the takeover of the marketing supply chain by digital marketing.

At the time, when intermediary-centric marketing seemed darn to recover from, digital marketing came to the rescue and offered much-needed tenacity to escort marketers through the complex maze of marketing.

Consequently, digital marketing has changed the very philosophy of marketing and how marketing supply chains work.

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More than a mere online presence, today digital marketing strives to be able to connect with consumers at personal levels while engaging with them on multiple fronts.

One of its motives has been to empower customers. As today’s tech-savvy consumers believe more in self-help than in dispensation of service by sales reps or by intermediaries. Digital Marketing has effectively adapted itself to the changing consumer culture.

In researching their next purchase, product, or service; in comparing prices; in sifting through different buying options, digital marketing empowers consumers to do it on their own.

Targeted Messaging Aimed at Individual Consumer

Instead of bombarding consumers with marketing messages peddled by bots and other intermediary marketing agencies, digital marketing for the supply chain utilizes the business's website to deliver its message, including industry knowledge and experience.

And the best part is that users come to you, not another way around, and you spruce it with social media marketing and deploy other online marketing channels available.

Not only does digital marketing help you get rid of expensive but less efficient outbound marketing but it also paves the way for inbound digital marketing to rule the roost.

Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing Promotes User Engagement

All you have to do is make available to your customer's relevant information that can facilitate the buying process and make it less painful to the end-users.

This content steers users through the sales process strewn across numerous stages of the sales funnel.

One reason why digital marketing - content marketing, video marketing, PPC, social media marketing, etc. - is effective is that it promotes user engagement.

Simply put, digital marketing allows consumers to interact with your business, seek answers to their questions, and helps you deliver relevant and personalized information.

Through Relevant Information and Knowledge Sharing

As said earlier, marketing isn't just about selling gimmick, it espouses rational decision-making and goes beyond the selling of products and services.

More than that, digital marketing about helping customers discover what they are looking for, at the same time, showcasing products relevant to their needs, expectations, budgetary constraints.

In other words, digital marketing is about sharing industry-related knowledge and expertise and marketing the same to the ones in need of it.

That way your authenticity is established and long-lasting customer relationships ensue.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Reap Benefits of Face-to-Face Marketing with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing equips marketing supply chains to impersonate the changing consumer behaviour. And consequently wins you benefits of face-to-face marketing.

Not only has it emerged as the storehouse of valuable information for the edification of customers. Digital Marketing offers potential customers sneak-peek into products and services on offing concisely and productively.

Digital marketing is a time-consuming process and demands extensive efforts to get it right, which is often tearing for businesses.

That's why you need expert help from a reputed marketing agency. As experts in the field. You can rely on their marketing expertise.

Outsource all your complex marketing tasks to a marketing agency, and bring in solace and peace of mind, all along reaping incessant benefits of digital marketing.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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