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10 Best Ways to Think About Money?

To improve your financial situation, you have to do many things like saving, investing, budgeting and simply finding new ways to make more money. While all these steps are very important to earn money, another aspect of wealth accumulation that most people forget is their money-related mindset and how to think about money.
That is, how subconsciously you look at things like money, earning, spending or investing and how your opinion related to your money is related to your feeling.
This is the reason why how most people look at money and think about it is wrong, a common man has no idea what money is and how he can use it in life. To get more freedom.
So in this article, we will learn how to approach money mindset and how to think about money?

How to think about money (10 simple ways )

Money mindset

Money mindset

1. See yourself as broke not poor.

There is a lot of difference between not having money and being poor and this difference is in mentality. Because a man who thinks himself broke thinks he doesn't have money right now and is just having a hard time but being poor means you feel like you can never get over yourself from this label Can't even remove it.

Poverty is seated in the mind and it can exist only psychologically. The growth or event of your money does not tell about you but just about your financial situation and your thinking.

In a poor house, parents explain to the children that they should think like the poor and make a habit of poverty and they never plan to get out of that situation.

Whereas in a house where parents are just going through a difficult phase, everyone in the house knows that yes, there is a shortage of money right now, but we also have many options to earn money and change our situation.

2. Money can't buy happiness as well as mental peace.

Money lying in the bank can't make you happy, but when you use that money to make a difference in the world, fulfil the dreams of your parents, help your community and help needy people, then you are doing your best because of your contribution. With your fingers, you can feel a deep sense of fulfilment and peace.

Money cannot buy happiness, but with money, you can afford those things which make a person's life easier and lessen his burden.

That's why the right use of money gives you the power to solve your own and others' financial problems so that you can rise above the worries of your survival needs and know the deeper truth of the universe instead of just being in an average race for it.

3. Money can work harder than you.

There is a limit on how much work you can do physically and mentally and if you try to go beyond this limit then your body and mind start responding and this also affects your health negatively this thing is very highly successful. Man knows.

Ask yourself who works more physically in Amazon company, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos or Amazon employees or the case of Warren Buffett, they work harder or their money.

If your money is interested in the right place, then it can work harder than you and you can also hire other employees with your money who can increase your overall output. So instead of keeping money in one place, use them and put your money to work.

4. Money is infinite.

This fact might surprise you a bit that there is no limit on money or funds success in this world. We have always been taught that there is a limit on how much a company can pay its employees, just because every employee has a limited time to work and is paid on his basis.

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Institutions like RBI or US Federal Reserve print more money as and when required in the market. Constant li money is increasing in the world. You just have to understand that money is an infinite resource. There is no shortage of money in the world, those who know how to be rich are becoming richer.

So don't worry about money. Just acquire the right knowledge and skills, so that this flow of money starts turning towards you.

5. Learning is first, earning second.

Your income is a rough indication of how much value you are providing to the market and the fact is that you can always increase your value output through the right education. Therefore, take the help of mentors or books to increase your productivity, the value of your work and your income as a result.

First focus on your learning and after that earning will become easy for you automatically.

6. Money moves you across space and time.

Just like a car takes you from point A to point B, money carries value from point A to point B. You extract value from your job and carry that value to another place and to another time. Money will take you anywhere like a car, the only condition is that you are a good driver. A good driver also enjoys the journey and reaches the destination safely. Whereas a bad driver crashes on the way.

Think of money in the same way and ask yourself whether the way and where you are taking your money is safe or there are more chances of you crashing.

7. You don't spend money you spend time.

We do not like to spend money at all because we know that it takes time to earn money and money is in a way store time. That is, the price of earning money is the hard work done for a long time.

When you start seeing money as stored time, then you can calculate while spending money anywhere that if I want to get a new phone and it is worth ₹ 50,000, then it means how many hours, days or months it will last for me. is equal to time.

How much time will I have to give of my life to make that phone my own, you do not pay for everything with money but on time.

8. Money isn't yours it's just your turn to hold it.

The economy of the whole world depends on the expenses of the people. Notes move from one hand to another and this is what makes money's constant low market or economics a subject that can be analysed. The movement of money is more healthy than the stillness of money. So if you want money, move accordingly. Ask yourself, from whom is your money, who is ready to move the money towards you and what does he want from you in return.

9. Borrowing money means buying money at a higher price.

If a person tells you that he will sell you ₹ 50 note for 100, then you will say that what is this stupidity but borrowing money works the same way, you are paying more for something of less value and some other party You were speaking yourselves by taking the money on rent.

Things like loans or credit cards waste your future hard work and time. So always before borrowing money, number its long-term concurrency and its real meaning.

10. Money isn't real.

Money is just a concept that exists in our mind, it is no more than a piece of paper or a digit flashing on the screen and we use this idea. For convenience to exchange value and measure value.

Money is as real as the blue colour of the real sky. Paradoxically when you understand that money doesn't matter and that it is just a collective thought, only then do you learn to control money and use it to your advantage.

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