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How to succeed if your people do not value your work?


I do not think that anyone will like what I do because they might feel bad that they could not do what I am doing. So, those people want to take their frustration; that may be why they show you that they do not like it. That is because of pure selfishness, instead of thinking That they also must do something like that to make themselves feel valued. But from my point of view, I do not bother about any valuation. I am happy about the work I do; that's enough.

Maybe another reason if you are a mature adult actively working on something, say a young person is watching that they start to compare you with their family members, so they will begin to take two roles one is to show you that they do not like what you are doing. And then they will tell things to hurt their loved ones saying that you do valuable items and do not waste your time.

These things are every day in human life, and if we consider that and start to worry about it or lose confidence in our capabilities, we are foolishly wasting our good time in what we do daily. Then again, the best solution is to ignore those and do what you feel is right for you and others.

Are you doing anything to offend others?

I will never do anything to hurt others that is not my target; I would like to share my knowledge with people unaware of certain things.

But some people can comment that you are doing something to offend others, and they feel embarrassed over your actions. Say, for example, if you write about things that can give lessons to some people who are not aware of those because that is your intention of teaching the world, so it is no harm in pointing out the mistakes some of us make in our life, so you are trying to change them.


Do you think what you do is right for you and others?

I am doing things useful to my life and many others as I always talk about setting up a business, running and maintaining it, and the support of sound finance systems to keep your company under control. It is my experience and seeing many people suffer from financial issues. So that makes me think when I write these things and publish them, the people who want to find solutions might read my article and learn from them if people who have no interest do not like it because they have no interest in the prosperity and seem to want to waste their time. Therefore, I am a person who will not worry about whether others like it or not does bother me in any way. I am fully aware that success does not depend on the like or dislike by others about your personality and how your life.

Did you analyze the reasons for others dislike it?

There could be many reasons people dislike what you do for your happiness and living. Remember, we are not born to please everyone around us. Maybe they do not want you to do anything because they want to use you for their benefit, or they want you to do better than others around them. So, if we keep worrying about others and trying to analyze the reason for other people's behavior, we are making ourselves an idiot.

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Can you change it for some reason?

If I talk about what I do for my living and pleasure, I write books, create online courses and do some accounting work to make quick money. I adore what I do as I spend a lot of time writing, which gives me a significant relief, so I do not think I will ever change it. But I might make some adaptations to improve the work's quality and make it saleable I will make the changes.

Have you planned to stay on in your business?

I have been doing this for the last seven years, but I have changed my projects and started new ones to suit me, hoping that I will succeed. I do online courses and write eBooks, but lately, I have planned to start the coaching sessions, which I will continue to do as long as possible.

What is the plan to make my coaching successful?

I plan to use Teachable as my platform to start with, even though I did many one-to-one tutoring a couple of years ago regularly. Still, I have been concentrating on writing books and creating online courses in recent years. So, I plan to set up a program and do my coaching sessions weekly for an hour for six weeks to complete one program.

How will I effectively conduct a one to one coaching sessions?

What is one-on-one coaching?

A person that is the coach helps another person to understand an issue and learn to overcome that, and improve performance. It revolves around sharing knowledge and experience around a specific subject to show the best way to approach different situations and layout the methods and steps when executing the task. The main advantage of one-to-one coaching is that the coach can give the individual attention to the client, show the ways to understand the unique challenge that the client is facing, and help them overcome that using unique methods to move forward.

And how can you make your practices more effective?

One-to-one coaching can take any form of learning as it helps the coaches improve in the subject they are learning and benefit from it. A coach can guide and provide a road map through the obstacle and not let the person figure out everything independently. Coaching can be helpful to improve the current skill or learn a new skill required as they progress within their career.

The coach will have to take care of it; if not, you can easily face the negative results. Because of your responsibility as a coach, you are supposed to work on the weakest areas or the most significant issue; the person you work with can quickly lose interest or become demotivated.


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