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How to start a business, no talents and no money?


You want to start a business but no talent or money, so how do you think you can do it. That said, you must have been having a passion, at least, what is that you like to do. Maybe you have a 9-5 job, or you earn some money for you to live, but you want to have a business as well. It is common for anyone to think that I have no talent to start a business, but I want to own my business.

Let me tell you a few things to take to your advantage. That means first using your 9-5 job to learn discipline, hard work, and sincerity that becomes useful for entrepreneurs. If you take thing seriously, only you can think about going into a business even if you are not good at something,

The company is not that easy; it is an exchange; you do something that people want and then sell to them. If you create something that people do not want, it is a waste of your time.

Now you say you have no skill and no money, then pick something you are good at and start to progress to move forwards. Then begin to learn more about it until you become an expert at it. Keep practicing it and meet with people from the same industry to learn more about it.

Now you are in a stage that you should believe that you could go into a business by selling your expertise to someone who needs it. Again, you might think that I am not good at selling how I go about marketing. Shall I tell you one thing if you say to yourself that you cannot do anything, which means you are lying to yourself?


You have to be true to yourself, if not you will conclude that you cannot do anything that is a waste of your hidden talent. Therefore, if you want to build a successful business of what you like, in real terms, you might not be an expert or an authority in your field but think I am expert enough to go ahead and start my business.

You might get worried about how you will get people to pay you for your services because you are at the lower end of the expertise. Therefore, you are demotivating yourself unnecessarily without even trying to look for clients.

Here I will take an example that you want to make money from your writing skills, but you assume that you are not an excellent writer; therefore, no one will hire you. I would say that is wrong thinking by you, so, first, keep practicing your writing daily and don't give up because of your erroneous beliefs.

Now start searching for entrepreneurs who are continuously looking for writers and make the list of or create a spreadsheet not to miss any potential clients. Then collect at least one hundred businesses and start sending your pitch almost daily.

There is a definite chance that you will get at least one or two businesses that look for junior writers to want to employ you as a writer. Success comes after many rejections, and you will gain your confidence once you see your acceptance in that industry. Then you develop yourself, clients more slowly.

You started all this when you did not have any money; why do you need money to start a business like what I mentioned here. You learned by yourself, practiced daily, and got the positions after significant research and challenge.

Therefore, from the above information, you do not need money or talent to become an entrepreneur. Everything depends on your mindset and self-believe that you can do it.


Is it beneficial to go into a business without knowing anything?

Going into business without knowing anything can be dangerous, but at the same time, there are benefits as well. When you try something entirely new will feel very anxious to learn about it. Moreover, when you know and settle on, it makes you feel proud also.

Therefore, going into business could be beneficial in some ways, maybe when you start something from scratch. Nevertheless, buying a company with a lot of investment can become a massive problem for you. Therefore, I have explained the difference between setting or buying a business in this article.

People always advise you have to know about the niche that you go to start within a business. I read so much advice about the company before an individual is trying to start the business. They say you have to be comfortable and know all about business plans, cash flow issues before starting a business.

Let me talk about my past business experience; and I went into a small business without knowing how to run a business. That was my biggest mistake; the reason was I just hated it within a couple of months after starting that business. I did not realize that I will dislike it before I began the market, so mistake number one.

Then I did not know how to run that business because I was an office worker who never had an opportunity to run a business. I assumed that it is an easy task to run a business. Therefore, that was my mistake number two in underestimating the issues.

I spend a lot of money on that business, but I did not have any savings at that time so, I borrowed all that money and ultimately lost all of it. That buried me in severe debt. That was my third mistake.

The only smart thing I did that was, in the end, I surrendered the business entirely free for someone because I did not have any money to continue, and I knew that I would never like that business.

Therefore, it could be dangerous to buy a business without knowing anything about it because it will lose more money, lose customers. There will be no business in the end.

That said, I could conclude that an individual in employment wants to start a business but does not know anything about it.


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