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How to start Home and House e shop?

Online Home Solution

“Home and House” e-shop

This is classic definition “home is built with heart and house is built with brick.” The solution within the structure which deal with human and which deal with material are combined at one place. This means the solutions for renting home, buying home, furnishing and repairing of home along with all the work required in home, this may leakages or may be painting. All solutions and needs at one click of point.

The Concept

Every soul in this world need a roof and four wall, after food and clothing this is third most important necessity of life. There is no exception to it. The only difference is what he can afford to have. There is wide variety of customers and their preferences. Everyone has different choice. This industry is one of the key industries, and has very good growth potential.

This need can be subdivided into three categories based on the service needs of customers.

1. Rental Home

2. Ownership or buying properties

3. Servicing these home and properties( may be called as property management but here I am talking of much wider concept than just property management, I am talking of whole range of solution which make this home fit for leaving and keep it in that way always.)

New home is required with change in demographics and increase in population. New small families, marriage and migration are the prime reasons for searching for a roof. When getting married, separating from parents and migration are the core reasons.

The Rental Services

There can be different reasons from affordability, non-availability of debt to temporary accommodation for looking a rental premises. Migration or the countries of GCC where migrants are in in majority but they cannot own so go for a rental accommodation. This is very important section of solution. Hardly any credit worthy solution is available in the market. Even though some of such services are available they are not easy and trust worthy.

Providing the clients a solution at their fingertips which is cost effective and trustworthy is the basic aim.

• The very basic fundamental for the real estate brokerage business will be provide live in experience to the clients wherein they feel it as one of their owned apartment

• Providing apartments with customized solutions as the need of the customers

• Role of Technology in the business

• Offering real estate services over the internet and telecommunication

• This can achieved by using a variety of search engine tie-ups with international partners in web based real estate services

Buy Sell Interface

This is one of the most important decisions of the life. Every individual wants to own a home, a property. Every individual has his choice, requirement and compulsions along with reasons to buy a home. Most of the time first time buyers get duped in the process or cheated. Many of first time buyers do not really know what are they buying? What they look into property? What is Long term effect of buying this property? Is this the solution available and fits into their requirement?

There is many more such question which needs answers along with many more customized solutions. Every home buyer needs counseling on all these aspects; this will be his touching experience. When his requirements are met he needs a property matches his imagination or his reality.

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When property is selected then, the real business of buying the property will start. There are many stages in this and many legal issues, this whole issue needs careful handling. When property is verified and clean then process to close the buying transaction will start.

Financial solution, the best possible option is an important part of buying decision. There may be many options available but finding the correct one is equally important. This should be part of the financial solution to find a best possible solution to buy home.

Still much more is required to be done before the property can be used and accommodated. Furnishing, decoration and making it home, so that the owners fill happy to be there. Getting ready this property will be the important part of long term relationship with customers. There is no such solution available at one spot.

Then it will be journey of friendship and client relationship management so that all his future needs related to the home are met.

Gardening and landscaping solutions will be very important to villas and condominiums even the indoor gardens are very important.

• The web services will include:

§ Locating residential, investment and commercial properties in the region either it is for sale or rental

§ Requirement being number of bedrooms and rest room

§ Type of building – house, row house, duplex, apartment, special purpose, residential commercial mix

§ Ownership title – freehold, condo/ strata/ timeshare / fractional, leasehold

• Standard Legal real estate contracts

• Connecting with the sellers and buyers interface

• Map wise location search and images of the property to be rented of purchased

• Providing faster and customized search of requested property in desired location

• The service will provide map based search and type of apartment categories

• Faster access to clients and easy to understand their requirement leading to repeatedly improve services

• Track rent received, tenant information, and leases

• Professional categorized property listing

• Multi-images viewing in the results page

• An option to add to favorites

• Project architecture makes possible per-customer customizations

• Run statistic reports to get some interesting facts about your properties

Home Solutions

Every home needs different solutions every day. In an average in developed world it 3 to 5 years owners renovate their home, coloring, paining, and furnishing and decoration, kitchen and many more things are changed completely. In developing world owner’s take little longer time to change but still they need to change. In the countries like India every year on Diwali Festival people make changes. This is great business opportunity to provide all kind of services to such clients. This is when complete renovation is done.

Every day home needs attention of different kinds, sometime plumber, air conditioning mechanic, sometime electrician and many more time someone else. Gardner or landscaping expert or may be painter. These properties need regular maintenance solution. These solutions are presently not available in at one point. To provide all these solutions at one click will be great idea.

This is will complete IDEA of DREAM HOME, Happy home. You will make money by making these individual smiles. When they smile, this is success, this is customer satisfaction.

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