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How to start Affiliate Marketing Career

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Affiliate marketing means revenue sharing. This is the most enticing way to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular day by day. Even it helps to earn a good amount of money passively. Let's discuss how to start affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Career

Starting an affiliate career is a dream of many people. Getting a successful affiliate marketing career is not easy enough. So, to start a good career in affiliate marketing, there are lots of steps. Let's see what (we) need to do to start a good career in affiliate marketing.

Start Blogging first

The legitimate way of affiliate marketing is affiliate blogging. So, blogging is the best long term process to earn from an affiliate. In blogging the people are aware of -

  • Keyword research
  • Writing content
  • Publish the content on the web
  • SEO
  • Ranking content
  • Bring the targeted traffic to the website.
  • Monetization.

So, blogging is the primitive way of affiliate marketing.

Produce high Quality Content

High quality content is the key of affiliate marketing. Always produce high quality content that brings sales.

Now the question is what is the high quality content?

Simply the contents that covers maximum needs of a buyer and smoothen the buyers' journey.

Even a good and quality content increases the click through rate (CTR) which is the cream of affiliate marketing business model.

As affiliate marketing is revenue sharing, so you need to curate content that helps users to buy or take any action.

Suppose, you are producing a content on best WordPress hosting for beginners, you must cover the following:

  • Budget including low, average and high.
  • Type of hosting like cloud, managed, shared including their features
  • Uptime, tech support and after sale support
  • Comparison with the nearest competitor (eg. bluehost vs A2 hosting)
  • Nos of domain point facilities.
  • Latest php versions and
  • More.

Always try to produce in-depth content that the users may get benefited.

Be Unbiased Always

When you want to write a content, you need to be unbiased.

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See, it is true that every product or service has some limitations. So it is our duty to reveal everything.

Many think that it may ruin their profit. It's completely wrong. Rather than it helps them to decide a purchase from the right person.

Thus creating unbiased content is another key to success in affiliate marketing.

Remember, affiliate marketing is not a subject to be rich overnight, so you have to work smartly here.

Bring targeted Traffic to your Website

Sale is only possible if you bring the exact targeted traffic.

Getting exact targeted traffic is not easy enough. But it is possible. So, for that you need to do three things first.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Trend about your (affiliate) product or service and
  • Demography

Competitor analysis is very important in affiliate marketing. It helps to understand the market well. On the other hand, it also encourages you to work for the potential. In a single word, to understand the market of a particular product or service, the competitor analysis is the best way.

Trend is another important parameter in affiliate marketing. Remember, the trend is always important because you cannot sell a woollen jacket in a hot place in summer. Even if your product has more demand in the US than it does in India, you need to target that as well. So, study well about the trends. For trends, you can use tools like Google trends as well.

Last but not the least is demography. It helps you to understand the location, age, gender, language etc. of your targeted audience. Demography also helps you to understand whom to target and which will be the fittest way to target.

For traffic you can use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. But in affiliate marketing the best way to target the exact traffic is organic that comes from SEO.

Focus on Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to communicate with the prospect. Converting prospects to a customer is definitely easy using email marketing. Email marketing always helps to increase the ROI (return on investment).

Email optin along with email automation is the most effective way to increase CTR as well. Email marketing is also a good inbound way of marketing as well.

There are huge email marketing tools available. The best is to use a tool to smoothen your email marketing.


Affiliate marketing is definitely a good career option. If you are a newbie, and want to establish your career in affiliate marketing, you can follow the above.

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