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How to rebuild your crumbling work life

Esther Neptune is a professional psychic reader and advisor since March 2013. She has been a licensed healthcare professional since 1997.

Building your professional dreams involves building YOURSELF first!

During the pandemic year 2020, many people became unemployed. Others transitioned from working full-time in an office environment to working from home. Still, others found themselves overwhelmed tackling the dual responsibility of career success and family issues, such as remote learning for their children.

No matter where your situation fell in the above scenarios, you probably had a soul-searching moment or two. "Am I doing the right thing in life?"

If newly unemployed, you may have used the shelter-in-place time to consider a new career path. Whether that involves turning a hobby into a well-paying career field or going back to school to further your education, you have options!

All of the above thoughts are good for delving deep into the ultimate reason humanity was created: to serve each other.

With the social distancing and reflection time 2020 has given us, 2021 is a great time to ponder the following when considering your New Years' career resolution goals.

What helps us settle into a career & work-life balance that gives us rewards, financially, personally, and professionally?

I have a few insights to share, gathered from my own life journey, serving in both left- and right-brained healing professions.

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DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. Ask yourself: Am I doing a job that I truly love to do, unconditionally, even to the point of volunteer work? Or am I stuck in a career that is a dead-end job?

One way to tap into a more fun, enjoyable career is to tap into your right brain. The right brain is creative, which helps you improvise ideas you may have concerning your current job and working conditions. Talk with your boss and brainstorm some ideas to see what you can do to make your job something you would even go in free to do if you had an unlimited money supply. Then, you will become a huge success! People will see your enthusiasm and level of proficiency unmatched by others. You will be valued and paid more by prospective employers, clients, and everyone else you serve.

"SELF" AS FOUNDATION. If one's spirit is sad, burdened, or heavy, then your energy manifested in the chakras (seven energy bodies) will be weighted down, causing physical issues to set in. Although conventional medicine fails to recognize the full value of emotional health as it feeds into the physical, I can tell you from personal experience that the body follows your spirit if your spirit is weak.

This is why I have recommended Epsom salt baths to thousands of clients to help facilitate a calm sereneness that penetrates spirit, as well as mind and body. Meditation practices, yoga, tai chi, massage, and aromatherapy also help facilitate spiritual healing. Once you can achieve self-love, you can be much more compassionate to others. That compassion comes back to you!

COURAGE TO TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH: Citing a personal example, it was five years ago that I resolved to put myself on a powerful journey of wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Because I had some severely blocked energy, it has taken me much longer than most and required a more intense process.

I also had some questions for the Divine energy about losing my day job, and if that happened, what and who would I turn to for support.

I'm happy to say that everything fell into place at the right time. I was hospitalized twice in 2016 for an intense disease process. The Universe provided incredibly. For example, my second hospital stay in June 2016 was fully covered by my insurance due to some lab values that qualified me to be on an organ transplant list (which I ended up not needing the transplant). I continue to be amazed day after day about how the Divine interacts in our lives.

In October 2019, the Universe provided for me yet again! I received an immense, unexpected inheritance that served as a continuing part of my answer. This was a continuation of miracles!

Now, I am only sharing this as an anecdote and not recommending anyone to try this at home. But my point in sharing is for an example of a leap of faith. Consider your leap of faith today! What will YOU sacrifice to manifest Divine energy in manifesting abundance!

If we really want something to manifest, the Divine energy gives us the strength to do "whatever it takes" to make that happen. We may not have all the answers right away when we set on our journey of self-love and improvement. But if we never start the journey, we will always be stuck in the same place. Remember, insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.

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