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How to Handle Customer Complaints Efficiently

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Customers have power over your business and if they are unhappy your business could feel the effects. Not only is the customer unlikely to return they could also share their negative experience with others which could stop them from buying from you. This article helps you to handle customer complaints quickly and efficiently so you can win over the customer and increase loyalty.

Customers complain for a number of reasons. One of the most common is that the business has not delivered to their expectations. Other times the customer may themselves be at fault due to their own unrealistic expectations or confusion. You need to determine the best way to handle the situation so that the matter is dealt with whilst you maintain a strong, professional image.

Use the following methods to handle customer complaints efficiently:

Gain insight:
When the customer complains they want you to listen. Customers who feel like their complaint is not being taken seriously are more likely to get agitated and could cause a scene. They may leave and take their custom elsewhere. In order to gain insight you should ask the customer questions and then listen attentively. The customer will feel that you care and feel more comfortable.

Is the complaint legitimate?
Not all customer complaints are legitimate so you need to determine whether or not the customer has a legitimate complaint. The customer may have misunderstood a promotion or have unrealistic expectations from your business. If this is the case you need to politely explain to the customer about the mistake they have made and what your business was actually offering them.

Apologizing for making a mistake can show the customer that you are taking accountability and acknowledging their complaint. Some businesses often refuse to apologize even when they know they are in the wrong which only infuriates the customer. An apology can take the negative experience of the customer and turn it into a positive one so apologize as soon as you realise your mistake.

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Offer solutions:
Once you understand what the complaint is you should try to find a solution quickly. Do not pass the customer around to various people by taking them to only those who can genuinely help them. You may not have the authority to take some decisions so make sure you have permission first. If the same problem has been occuring for some time you should make changes so that it doesn't happen again.

Once you have resolved the complaint of the customer you should take extra steps to make the customer happy. You can do this by following-up by email or phone and ask them if they are satisfied their complaint has been handled. By doing this you show good customer service and that you care by going the extra mile which can make the customer more and loyal to your business.

Customer complaints can sometimes be a blessing in disguise as they can help you identify issues which may not have noticed before. Learn from your mistakes and take further steps to prevent the problem from re-occurring. Taking feedback from the customer can make them feel part of your company and help you find solutions. Other customers can also be asked for their feedback.



It is important to handle customer complaints efficiently as poorly handled complaints can mean that not only do you lose the customer but could lose many others too. Customer complaints allow you to see where you are going wrong and so you can fix the problem before things get out of hand. Handling customer complaints are a way of increasing customer satisfaction and retaining customers too.

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