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How to Give a Vote of Thanks

What Is a Vote of Thanks?

A vote of thanks is when you publically thank a person or an organisation for what they've done. They are common when someone is retiring or leaving or on appreciation days and holidays.

They are usually given at the end of function. For a formal function, the organising secretary or an equivalent member who is involved in the function from beginning until the end is the best person to give away the vote of thanks. These, along with welcome speeches, are part of the responsibilities of working in an organisation.

So you have been called upon to deliver one! Well, you need not panic.

First and foremost, we need to understand that there is no template for this kind of speech. Whether you are giving a vote of thanks at a farewell party or for teachers day, your words will have to come from the heart. But here are some guidelines to help you prepare for the speech and presentation.

Example Vote of Thanks for a Dinner Function

Many people search for speech examples. However, you don't need to copy someone else's vote of thanks. Simply write what you're most thankful for. It's very important to keep it brief.

Remember: Everyone who was involved, including the person who is giving the speech, may be tired and bored, especially if it is for the valedictory function. The aim of vote of thanks is not to bore everyone further but to sincerely thank everyone who has made the show a success.

As in the welcome speech, you should thank everyone in order of importance. For a formal function, it is best to thank the chief guest first, then the dignitaries on the dais, then the people in the front row, and then everybody down the hall.

Avoid spending too much time thanking your own people from the organisation. For example, if you are a faculty member writing a vote of thanks for annual day or college day, it may not look appropriate to keep thanking the entire departmental faculty for their active participation in the programme.

They might have done it as part of their job responsibility, and it may not look appropriate to pat your own shoulder in public.

Avoid praising anybody in particular and focus on expressing heartfelt thanks. Gratitude need not be about praising any one person or organisation.

When choosing words for the speech, take care not to be critical or evaluative about the day's events.

A vote of thanks speech is not an attempt to summarise the events for the day. Instead, it should be a way of showing appreciation. It can also be used as an opportunity to respond to the remarks, requests, or promises made by the chief guest.

For an inaugural function, you should mainly address the chief guest and, if any, the guest of honour. When expressing your words of gratitude, be specific about what you are thankful for.

Feel free to briefly (in one sentence) mention upcoming events.

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Make sure to have a pleasant disposition while giving your speech. You will feel more confident if you have a small card with notes reminding you of who to thank and which phrase or words to use for each person. Rehearse in advance to gain confidence.

Have eye contact with the audience while talking to them. Beginners sometimes make the common mistake of talking to themselves rather than communicating with the audience. Speak slowly and deliberately as you look around the hall.

Use body language and gestures to emphasise the sincerity of your words. Smiling is attractive and will put your guests at ease.

  • I thank…
  • I am grateful to…
  • Let me express my gratitude…
  • I take this opportunity to thank…
  • We remain grateful to…
  • Our words may not be capable of communicating our sense of gratitude to…
  • We offer our sincere thanks to…
  • Permit me to mention our appreciation to…
  • I bow my head in gratitude…
  • May I take this occasion to salute him with…
  • We are happy to mention our obligation to…
  • We express our gratefulness to…

Avoid clichés like:

  • On my behalf...
  • On behalf of all concerned...
  • I will be failing in my duty if...
  • Last, but not least...

Good luck with your programme!

At the end of the programme, you will feel assured and energetic because you gave the vote of thanks sincerely and confidently!


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