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How to Get Your SSS Number and Register an Account Online

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The Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines is available for every individual, employed or self-employed, OFW, voluntary member, non-working spouse and household worker. It is a system through which individuals are able to get insurance benefits and it is also a very important asset for retirement.

Getting an SSS number is the first step to becoming a member of the SSS. At the moment, it is not possible to apply for an SSS number online since you need to submit major documents like your NSO-authenticated birth certificate, which must be done in person.

Once you get your number, however, you can manage your account online where you can view your contributions and other important information.

I have listed here the requirements and steps on how to get an SSS number. There is also some information below on getting an online account set up.

1. Download the SSS E1 form and print two copies.

You can find the documents you need at the Social Security System's official website. Fill it with your personal details and information. List your desired beneficiaries. Make sure all spellings are correct. Sign the paper.

2. Submit the E1 form at the SSS office along with the following:

Originals plus photocopies of:

  • NSO-authenticated birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Valid passport

If you don't have any of these primary documents, you can submit two of the following documents where your name and birth date appear together:

  • Marriage contract
  • Birth certificate of children
  • GSIS member’s records
  • Company ID
  • Voter ID
  • School ID
  • Driver’s license
  • Certification from the National Archives
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Joint affidavit of two disinterested persons attesting to the correct name and date of birth of the applicant

There are some other documents that will work — you can look at the official website for a complete list of acceptable documents.

Video: Getting a New SSS Number

Important notes:

  • You can only have one SSS number, which will stay with you for your entire life. If you have multiple ones for any reason, you could have problems.
  • If you lose your number, do not register to get a new number. See below for information on how to retrieve it.
  • Having an SSS number doesn’t mean you automatically get all of the benefits. You must be engaged in an occupation or career subject to SSS coverage.
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It is very easy to register your number online. All SSS pensioners and members can view contributions and balances as well as look at your SSS static info and employment history. Here's how:

  1. Go to the SSS website.
  2. Sign up for a member account (be sure you select member and not employer). For this, you'll need your SSS number, your latest SSS payment receipt, and your personal information (like birthdate, address, and name).
  3. Be sure all of your information is correct before you submit it. Once you submit, SSS will send you an email with your username and password.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email that the SSS sends you. You will have to fill in some more information. Be sure you read everything carefully and check the details before submitting.
  5. You should get another email from SSS saying congratulations on registering your account, and you should be able to log in and view your account.

If you want more information, Philpad has a comprehensive article about registering your account online.

How to Register at My.SSS

If I Lost My SSS Number, How Can I Get It Online?

You can’t get it or retrieve it online. If you forgot your SSS number or lost the E1 copy, you can ask your current employer about it since they definitely have a record of it. If you don’t want to ask your employer, you can always go the SSS office and ask for it. Just be sure to bring valid identification (see above).

Can I View My SSS Contributions Online?

Yes, thankfully we can view our SSS records online together with contributions, employer history, loan application status, and other information. Just register online and get an easy way to access your account. (See above section for more information on this.)

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Trisha ricarte on June 30, 2019:

Veverify ko po yung id no. Ni tanglaw florante c. Ricarte

riza divinagracia on June 17, 2018:

how to get a sss number ?

Maria Riza Domingo Enriquez on April 27, 2018:

How to get my SSS number

Maria Clara on August 21, 2017:

I already have an Sss account number, my concern is i want to update the status. What will i do?

cherrrilyn Benito on May 27, 2017:

how to get my sss number? how to apply online?

lhemar bastasa on September 11, 2016:

good day... can i asked my sss no.? i already registered the e1 but they forgot to put my sss no. thank you

lhemar bastasa on September 11, 2016:

can i asked my sss no.?

they forgot to put my sss no.

jonar buyco on May 20, 2016:

how to get my sss number and to regegister

mhakie on May 19, 2016:

., I hope that we can get sss number even in selected sss branch like in mall's...

so we don't need to go far or went to sss branch...

because they cannot have it now

joshua fiss on May 01, 2016:

please give me a link how to get E1 please thank you

Daniel on March 07, 2016:

SSS number pleassss....

dervin lequin on January 29, 2016:

helo good day,,,

how can i know that my sss contribution was continously paid until now..bcoz when i go to POEA they said that it is active but i know that my employer doesnt pay for it

eden on January 05, 2016:

Can i ask if the member is dead and the family cant find where is the sss number of the died member.. can have the possibility that the member still have the benifits even if it doesnt has any contribution before..

joanne medina on December 18, 2015:

how to get my sss number

del on November 28, 2015:

Can I get a new sss number using my name but new middle name since I lost my previous sss ?

walter on November 26, 2015:

please i need a sss no. how can i get one???

rie on November 12, 2015:

how can we get my sss number thought online

joebert on November 10, 2015:

the system goes wrong when you put all the info an error oocurs

elizabeth cruz on November 08, 2015:

howv to get sss mo.

aquino19 on November 01, 2015:

how can i get an sss number online?

Ryan on November 01, 2015:

Hi there,

How can i unlock my login online? There's no way to do it online. I have sent you an email since last week but no reply. Please help. Thanks

Ghem on October 05, 2015:

I believe we can apply online for SSS number. I saw it being promoted in their website..

twentyfive (author) on April 27, 2015:

hi. you can verify it at SSS. Bring valid IDs

adriano on November 10, 2014:

how long does it take to retrive your lost SSS number?

is it possible in just an overnight?

it is so needed to pass due to personal needs and as well as the employer.

please answer immediately if you could.

thank you

JOhnny on October 15, 2014:


I would like to ask about the medical/hospitalization benefits of SSS pensioner? 1. what is the required documents to be submitted to SSS, 2. up to how much would a pensioer can claim to SSS, 3. what if the Hospital/clinic is not a member of Philhealth, can he still claim the amount paid? thanks

jen22 on September 13, 2014:

how can i get the sss numbers i applied already last 200o/2oo1 but i forgot my sss number, me

gerald salas on September 01, 2014:

applying umid id in angeles city took so long..i apply it last july but until now they don't release my id..angeles city branch please make it faster because we need our id..our employer in taiwan already backout our contract because we took so long in processing our papers because we don't have our unified id..why other branch process the unified id for only 3weeks..why your branch took 3 months or more than please make it faster because we loss our job in other country because of your service..sss leaders please help us in our comments..thank you very much

gabon sherwin on August 29, 2014:

paaano malalman kung kelan makakapagloan

cherry magdasoc on August 27, 2014:

H! Good day maam/sir,

PAano po malalaman kung nahuhulugan yung SSS?

sharmin cacabilos on August 26, 2014:

good morning po can i still claim my sss death benefit even long time ago...

roll on August 06, 2014:

hello po!~ may SSS na po ako dati kaso nawala ko ung kopya ko!~ tapos di ko na po tanda ung number.. meron po bang fastest way na makakuwa ng kopya? kahit number lng po need ko po kasi sa work~ nagpunta na po ako sa branch ng SSS samen kaso sabi i need to wait ng 1-2 months sobrang tagal po nun eh para lng sa number.. thanks po

elmer on July 15, 2014:

hello Twentyfive....Can i ask something? i have an account in the sss online inquiry and it was said when i log in that it was blocked. Then I try to signing up again and the sss system said that my sss number is invalid. I am just wondering how it became invalid if i know that you can used it for a lifetime. By the way I have no SSS ID yet. Only E-1. Kindly advise. Thank you. Elmer Caringal

Michelle on June 05, 2014:

Can i get sss no? Iam only 17 yrs old but this coming dec. im going to 18.

twentyfive (author) on April 28, 2014:

Yes I have post about Philhealth and NBI clearance at

Inna on April 28, 2014:

This is a great article! It helped me a lot especially since I am a fresh graduate and just starting to process my papers. I am trying to see if you have articles regarding instructions for NBI clearance and Philhealth because that would just be amazing mehehe. Thanks :)

freddie marcos on April 05, 2014:

hi,po!matanong kolang po kong pwd kong ipasa ang form E1,,ng mrs,ko kc pinadala na kompletong signature,,para makuha ko ang ss number nya,,tank,,

ecilax on March 22, 2014:

hi,.. ask ko lang po, magkano kaya ang monthly pension kapag ang monthly salary credit is 15k and paying for only 10 years. thank you.... GOD BLESS us all...

twentyfive (author) on March 13, 2014:

If you have the E1 issued from SSS, your SSS number is there. Check it. If you want to check your whole SSS account, you can register for the Online MY SSS account. Make sure though you are currently active and paying contributions

girlie cruz on March 12, 2014:

Hi! I don't remember who is my employer and i have no id even the E-1 form its along long time ago i can't remember all the details about this.. how can i check my account? The problem is i don't know anymore if i have an account? What is the first step i can do? Pls help me.. tnx

raymond c, macandog on March 01, 2014:

good evening. How can i check my sss account? I only have E-1 form

Amelita E. Alejandro on February 25, 2014:

Hi Ms. Twenty Five, how can I check if my passed away father dear had a contribution in SSS?

Kindly advise... Many thanks!

BTW, very helpful your informations re SSS. God bless!

Jim Lawrebce gonzales on February 12, 2014:

good morning po . ammmpf .. tatanong ko lang po sss number ko po . nwala ung E1 form ko po .\

Jemabelle Gonzales on January 13, 2014:

hi po ask ko lang kasi si mama beneficiary ng pension ni papa ko na namatay ngaun po yearly kailiangan magpasa ng requirement para ma check kung buhay pa ung beneficiary at para tuloy ang pension nya kaso nagkasakit si mama naka NGT pa at wheelchair ano pwede kung gawin para i declare na buhay pa sya kaso huirap syang magpunta sa sss

Teresita Tablarin on January 06, 2014:

Hi Ms. 25..I have just retired last May 31, 2013 and I don't know where to start to receive my pension now that I have retired. But the problem is I lost my SSS ID card last year and fortunately I know my SSS #. So can you pls help me how to go about my pension with a lost SSS ID card.

I live in Paranaque. Lastly, can i get a sked via on line to go to SSS just like what DFA does to visa applicants?

Juvelyn Mendova on December 04, 2013:

Hi Miss Twenty five,

Good day,,, Gusto ko po sanang malaman yung SSS number ko, hindi ko po ksi malaman kung saan ko n nailagay dto po aq s DUBAI, eto po ung email add ko my possibility po ba na pwde kong maretrieved dto ung SSS number ko ,,, Salamat po sna mgreply po kau... Thanks..

mary lyn naval on November 29, 2013:

nag try po ako mag sign upp sa s,s,s nag not valid po ang s.s.s# ko kakakuha ko lang po ng s.s.s# nung oct.24.2013

kathrina joy on October 22, 2013:


Pwede po ba ko makakuha ng sss e-1 ksi tnry ko po kumuha nun pro d ako nkakuha ksi po hnahanap po ung nso birthcertificate ko ko po ung bcrtificate ko po my problema..pwede po bang makakuh nun kahit postal id and voters id ung ipakita ko..needko lng lo ksisa work ko ee..plese help me po

kathrina joy on October 19, 2013:

Hi twentyfive,

I'm 21 yrs old..I need sss number for my work sana kaso hndi

Pa naka register ung birthcertificate ko pwde ba ko makakuha ng sss number kahit postal id and voters id ung requirements ko....need lng ksi tlaga sa magiging work ko ung sss number ko ee please help me

margie on October 17, 2013:

i am a member of sss for more than 10 yrs i think and we keep paying bt unluckily i lost my job a year ago na and it cause me to stop paying but im willing to continue my contributions alone even i don't hv employer

can u help me or do u have any forms regarding this

thank you and i hope to hear from u soon

twentyfive (author) on October 14, 2013:

You must leave that field/box blank because SSS will put there your SSS Number. SSS will return to you the duplicate copy of E1 form and you must keep it so you'll always remember your SSS number.

Arash on October 14, 2013:

is this the main form for first SSS application?

bcaz on the left top there is a field that need SS numcer


arlene on October 05, 2013:

pano kung kasal sa una at nagpakasal ulit requirements s anak nya bunso n mgpakasal sya sa tatay ng nya anak. bali yung anak nya dalawa e magkaiba ang tatay pero kasal parehas .. pano po yun ? gusto nya po mgvoluntary s sss ano po requirements na kailangan nya ?

Erwin Pablico on October 05, 2013:

pano ko po malalman yong sss number ko? may trabaho po kasi ako kaya hindi po ako makapunta sa sss,baka po pwede nyo po akong matulungan...

cherry palomar abregana on September 30, 2013:

i have already my sss number, but the problem is i don't know anymore was it u have any website for me to ask for my sss number?

Rowena Vaflor on September 07, 2013:

Many thanks for collating in a nutshell what I need to know about the benefits of being an SSS member.

emie. on September 01, 2013:

Hi po magandang araw po ask kopo kung paano po makakuha agad ng sss id.pwede po ba kahit wala npo akong trabaho makakakuha padin po ba ako. .at pwede din po ba na ako po mismo ang maghuhulog buwan, buwan, self employed po.

dennis marasigan marcial on July 05, 2013:

sir, i already have a sss no. but lost it. please send to me my sss no. puede ba? para hindi na ako punta sa sss, branch.

Adeline Johanna Ojeda from Manila, Philippines on June 11, 2013:

Thank you~! :)

jonalyn lancanan on May 23, 2013:

mam, pwd po yung baptismal certificate lang anong klaseng baptismal certificate po

joyce ann pacao on May 16, 2013:

sir/maam, ask ko lng po kung pde ko malamn ung no. ko sa sss gusto ko lng po malaman kung magkano na po ang nahuhulog ko . kung pde na pomako mgloan .

dhing on May 06, 2013:

my father was dead last 2009 he was a policeman but he resigned.he was a sss member but we don't know his sss number how can we get his number?and what i am going to do to get his burial...

joe on April 16, 2013:

I am now an american citizen. Is it possible to continue my sss contribution?

fave on April 01, 2013:

hmm. Im only 17, Am I qualified to apply for an SSS? cause i really need it for work. :(

ly on March 29, 2013:

almost two years nang may deduction ng sss yong salary ng husband ko. its always seen in his payslip. pero hanggang ngayon hindi pa nya alam yong sss number nya. pano ba makukuhayon?

Yan on March 08, 2013:

Hi Twentyone,

I was wondering if there is an age limit in applying for an SSS number. I've been reading online and searching the internet but there is no information w/ regards to the acceptable age limit in applying for one. I am assuming that there is none. However, I heard from our helper that she was denied an SSS number years ago since she was already around 40+ (I think). Is this true?

I am asking, because I want to help my Aunt get an SSS but she is turning 44 this year, so we are doubtful if we should proceed :) Kudos to your site, it's very informative, are you by chance an SSS employee? on March 07, 2013:

hi..can i get an sss number even if im under 18

ivy on March 02, 2013:

hi,,good day,i want to get e1 for regestir in sss,,but my n.s.o. birth have error,,my gender,,how should i do?

twentyfive (author) on January 27, 2013:

Are you registering for the MY SSS? See the complete steps I have provided at registering at SSS Online Inquiry. Look for the page in my profile. I have uploaded screenshots of each step there

chot on January 25, 2013:

Im trying to register online using my pink form , but when trying to put the number the system is giving me a prompt message that my ss number is not valid.. can I please ask how many numbers should I put on the option for the number? or is this a website error? thankyou..

twentyfive (author) on January 14, 2013:

@Cris go to the SSS branch near you and update first your status if you are employed, voluntary member, OFW etc..then start paying the desired monthly contributions at SSS. If you are employed, your contributions will be deducted from your salary and your employer will be the one who will update your SSS payments. If you're voluntary member, you need to pay personally either at SSS or to some accredited paying centers. I suggest you pay at SSS directly.

@Dan, Michelle please read the article on January 14, 2013:

i just want to get my sss nomber

cris on January 12, 2013:

pnu po magsimula maghulog ng sss po?san banda po kc meon na aq ss number po?

twentyfive (author) on January 06, 2013:

are you registering for your MY SSS? Type your SSS number without spaces and follow their instructions carefully. Make sure too that you have contributed SSS payments for the past 6 months to have a successful registration on that online feature

sam on January 04, 2013:

good day

ngsign up po aq s online kaso lumalabas invalid ang ss# ko.,ano pong gagawin q?s e1 nmn po ako ngbase.,thanks

twentyfive (author) on December 19, 2012:

Go to the SSS and verify first if you have given SSS number before. I wonder why you had the stub so you need to verify about it. Bring valid IDs and your NSO BC. If you don't have SSS Number on their record, then apply for one.

Chay on December 19, 2012:

Hi i hope you'll answer my question.. I applied for sss number few months ago, i don't have job back then but still inaccomodate nila ko pero they told me i can't have sss number pero they gave me an acknowledgement receipt stub with application number, they told me na if i have job na just give a copy of the stub, the problem is my company don't know about that stub. Even sa site nila walang details about it. Ano po kayang magandang gawin? I have started working na(3rd day) so hindi ko maasikaso ung sss, is it possible na mom ko mag-ayos.? Thanks in advnce

twentyfive (author) on December 11, 2012:

Yeah when I got mine I only submitted NSO birth certificate, mys baptismal certificate and school ID. I was also a student then and had to get SSS Number for my work. I think you will be ok

Agel on December 11, 2012:

im 18 years old. and i want to get an sss number. im not yet employed and i plan to get a work soon. i only have nso birth certificate and baptismal certificate. im forgot to register for my voters ID that's why i don't have it. do you think they will let me have an sss number?

twentyfive (author) on October 22, 2012:

SSS is only open during office hours M-F 8am-5pm. Also check if there are special non-working holidays

chris ryan on October 19, 2012:

hi i work on weekdays... saturday and sunday lang off ko... bukas ba sss pag sabado?...

twentyfive (author) on October 02, 2012:

As of now the feature MY SSS doesn't have a feature about SSS Retirement inquiry. I hope they make a page for SSS pensioners and retirees soon. You can make a follow up via phone or just go there personally if no one is answering your calls

dominic on October 02, 2012:

I have filed my sss retirement 3 weeks ago.How can I follow up thru internet

twentyfive (author) on September 23, 2012:

@Margie you are welcome here and to my other pages too :) God bless you!

@Crispomeda you must bring his NSO authenticated death certificate and your valid IDs and birth certificate. You must also know his SSS number. The receipt in his funeral expenses may be needed too. SSS then will assess you if you are qualified for benefits.

@Coco personal appearance is required

@Ging Hi there! You can continue your membership by updating your status – either employed or voluntary member. Go to the SSS branch near you and update your membership. You must know your SSS number. Bring valid IDs too and some money to pay your current contributions to become active now.

ging on September 19, 2012:

hello ask ko lang po,,i have my SSS no. na pero hindi ko sya nahuhulugan

since i apply for it 7 yrs na..ano po ba mangyayari doon, gusto ko sana kasi hulugan,,ano po b gagawin ko...tsaka pwede ko po ba i contnue ang pag process ng ID or other steps sa ibang branch,,,Sa Baguio ko kasi inapply ngayon dito n ako sa Bulacan dito ko nalang sana ayusin..hope you can help me...thanks a lot.

Coco on September 15, 2012:

I work on weekdays. Can someone just pass my E1 form and other requirements for me? or personal appearance is required? Thanks!

crispomeda on September 14, 2012:

hi po, madam/sir tanong lang po ako, ganto po kasi yun, yung tatay ko namatay na last 2008 at sss member po sya. And till now po hindi pa po nakukuha yung burial nya. Pwede ko pa po bang makuha yun kahit hindi po sakin nakapangalang yung nagbayad sa punenarya pero ako po ung nakalagay na benifeciary nya? At isa pa po hindi ko po alam kung ano po yung sss number nang papa ko. Panu ko po malalaman yung SSS number nya. Dalawa nlng po kming magkapatid at ako po yung bunso. mama ko namatay na.Mahirap lang po kmi. kaya need ko po ng pera kaya po ako nagbabakasakali. if pwede pa po ano po ang mga requirements and documents to complete at ifile yung burial nang papa ko? marami pong salamat. Name po pala ng papa ko is PAQUITO BALESE POMEDA 52 yrs old. paki email nalang po ako dito

Margie on September 13, 2012:

@twentyfive - I appreciate your response and yes I will totally report them to the main office if they treat me like a dumb person... I will go back to SSS Angeles City Branch soon nd try again.

God bless you


twentyfive (author) on September 10, 2012:

@Sheryl you can go to the SSS office and ask about your number and then apply for SSS ID or UMID card

@Dino they will give you your E1 bearing your SSS Number at the top. You can use that SSS number if you want to start your contributions when you work or when you want to

DINO on September 10, 2012:


Sheryll on September 07, 2012:

Hi twentyfive, I already have my sss number but i still don't have an id. i lost my e-1 form. how can i apply for an id? thanks!

twentyfive (author) on August 12, 2012:

@Andrew he can get the benefits under the Portability Law (RA 7699) however you cannot become a SSS active member if you are at present a GSIS member. The Portability Law is for those government retirees who have worked in private sectors (thus member of SSS on those times) and they don’t have enough years of service in the government to qualify to any GSIS retirement program. Under this Law and Republic Act, they can avail of retirement and other benefits. “Under the scheme, you may combine your years of service in the private sector represented by your contributions to the Social Security System (SSS) with your government service and contributions to the GSIS to satisfy the required years of service under PD 1146 and RA 8291.” You can read more about this retirement benefits at the GSIS retirement programs page I have published. Look at my profile to find it. Thank you.

@Meteor Yes, it is acceptable since it came from the SSS officially. The form won’t matter until you have your SSS number. That is the most important one. If you want to fill out the pink form, you have to go to the SSS and fill it out. Then fall in line. Or just have this and you are prepared. Your choice.

meteor on August 11, 2012:

ok lng po na na puti itong form na toh.kc nkita ko sa kasama ko kulay pink yung E-1 form niya,salamat po.

ANDREW CASIA on August 11, 2012:


twentyfive (author) on July 16, 2012:

It is a pleasure. :) Don't worry if you lost your E1 as long as you remember your SSS Number. If you don't ask your previous employer or SSS

benz on July 16, 2012:

Thank you for this info. I lost my E! and I need it for local employment.

twentyfive (author) on July 08, 2012:

@Margie Oh that woman sounds so strange or tired perhaps LOL Yes any Filipino deserves an SSS Number to become a member of SSS. We need the SSS number when we pay our contributions for chocolate’s sake. Hehe If they asked you if you’re employed or have business, tell them you will register as voluntary member. If they still don’t let you get one, report them to SSS main office

@Cristina latest stone?

cristina on July 06, 2012:

hi i have sss number but i want to use the latestone how can i merge the 2 numbers?

Margie on June 05, 2012:

I want my sister to get a SSS number which we already have the E-1 form but when we get back to SSS branch here in Angeles City Pampanga, I asked the guard and one of the staff there what next we should do after filling up all the information given on that Form and now she asked me few question which if my sister currently employed, i said NO, if my sister has a business, I said NO and just told her that we want to apply SSS number for my sister and we will pay our montly contribution and she told me that. My sister will not get approved getting SSS number? I'm kind a surprise with this info as I thought every single Filipino are able to get their personal SSS number? Does anyone ever get rejected by getting SSS number? ... Anyone could give me an answer? Thank you and have a nice day...

twentyfive (author) on May 24, 2012:

You can put your mom's name. Marry your best friend, then he could be your spouse, thus beneficiary :)

katrina on May 24, 2012:

can i put my best friend's name in the beneficiaries? i don't have any siblings, no father only my mom and bestfriend,........ can i?

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