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How to Easily Cancel an Order in Amazon


Amazon is one of the most important companies in the world when it comes to online shopping: it is also one of those that has known a rapid growth in a relatively small time. There are several reasons why Amazon has always been one of the most popular places where to make online purchases:

  • in a single website everyone can purchase stuff from different sellers, by making using Amazon much more comfortable than buying things separately from different independent websites;
  • the fidelity program known as Amazon Prime allows frequent buyers to enjoy free delivering and other perks when purchasing on Amazon or using other services;
  • a centralized payment management allows people to easily keep one payment method for all their online purchases, moreover, there are several ways to pay on Amazon in addition to credit cards, so the platform offers much flexibility;
  • a wide choice of different services in addition to ecommerce: digital books and music, photo storage, video streaming and much more.

There is a final reason why Amazon is so successful: it is one of the companies that mostly care about customer satisfaction, as it makes very easy to cancel orders or even return items without need for explanations (unluckily, a comfort that is often misused by some fraudsters, like those who buy clothes, use them for some days and then return them in order to do the same with others and so on, even if luckily also Amazon has implemented some checks against these behaviors). This article is going to highlight the steps you may follow in order to cancel an order if, for some reasons, you have changed your mind.

A package containing products ordered online

A package containing products ordered online

Why You May Want to Cancel an Order

There are several valid reasons why you may want to cancel an order you have placed on Amazon. Generally, you may find that your delivery is going to arrive late and you may need an item earlier. Otherwise, even if it is still a good practice to read carefully before making an order, it may still happen to discover later you have ordered the wrong object. Finally, an order may be canceled before you find later another object (maybe also elsewhere) at a cheaper price. Whatever is the reason why you want to cancel an order, one thing is clear: you are still in time to go back and even without causing much harm to the seller, as your order has not been delivered yet and so also the seller has not paid for delivery (the problem is not present in any case if you are ordering from someone who is backed by Amazon delivery service, as Amazon handles everything in this case).

How to Cancel an Amazon Order

Canceling an order is a very easy task. In order to proceed, you should open Amazon, look at the account menu at the top right and select "My Orders". Once you have opened your orders list, look for you recent purchase and click the button to cancel your order. You will be then asked the reason why you want to proceed: after you have chosen it and finalized the cancelation, you are done. Of course, this happens only if the seller has not delivered the package yet. If the package has been departed, you can only wait until it arrives, so that you can refuse it or proceed later with returning your item. In any case, it is always advisable to make sure your order is correct before making the purchase, so that both you and the seller are going to save time and money.

After you have canceled your order, if money has not been taken yet from your credit card, nothing will happen further. If money has been already taken, you will get a refund to your original payment method within a few days.

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