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How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

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Amazon has a lot of advantages when it comes to affiliate marketing. It has a huge product base and sells almost anything you can think of, so you can promote all sorts of products. It's also got a pretty good affiliate program, called Amazon Associates. It makes it easy for other websites to promote specific products on the site and get paid for it - up to 10% commission. Here's how you can use Amazon Associates to do affiliate marketing on your blog or website.

The Amazon Associates Program.

The Amazon Associates program is a way for Amazon to help you promote its products. You link your website or blog to an Amazon product listing, and when a visitor clicks through and makes a purchase, you earn a commission on that sale.

If you are interested in being an affiliate marketer, just sign up with the program here on the official site. It's free to join and easy to do! Once signed up with the program, all you need is an account set up on Amazon (which is also free). Then, connect your site or blog by following some simple instructions provided by them:

  • Signing Up: To get started as an Associate, go here and click “Sign Up” at the top right corner of this page. You will be taken through several steps before being directed back over here where we'll review what happened next!

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website On Amazon.

  • Build a website on your domain.
  • Build a website on Amazon’s servers.
  • A few key points to note about Amazon’s affiliate program (.co. the UK).
  • The UK affiliate program is generally less powerful than its US counterpart due to fewer people buying from Amazon in that country and less competition for product keywords in the UK market (e.g., “laptops” vs “laptop computer” for the same product). This means it can take longer for you to make sales and grow your site, but it also means that if you do succeed, fewer people are competing with you for commissions in the UK market than there would be if you were working on sites targeted at US customers.
  • Amazon pays out by cheque or via direct deposit (check/EFTPOS) once per month based on earnings during the previous month's activities; so even though they say payments will be made within two weeks of each sale made through their system, keep track of how many sales you've made so far this month as well as how much commission those sales should earn before making any withdrawals from your account into another bank account or credit card (unless otherwise specified).

Build an affiliate marketing website on your domain.

If you’re a beginner, you may find the process of building an affiliate marketing website on your domain overwhelming. But if you follow this step-by-step guide below, it will be much easier for you to set up a website and start earning money from Amazon as an affiliate.

  • First, purchase your domain name. To build an affiliate marketing website on your domain name (for example, then first buy that specific URL from a reputable registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap. Then when setting up hosting for this site later in this tutorial, make sure that it’s pointed at the IP address associated with that specific URL—i.e., don’t point it at one of those generic IP addresses provided by most web hosting companies like Bluehost or HostGator because they won't help people find this site when they search Google/Bing/Yahoo, etc...

Build an affiliate marketing website on Amazon’s servers.

Now that you know how to do affiliate marketing on Amazon, let’s talk about what it takes to build an affiliate website.

You can choose from several different options for hosting your website:

  • Use your domain name and hosting provider (you’ll need a web developer for this)
  • Use a subdomain of or (you won’t need a web developer for this)
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A few key points to note about Amazon’s affiliate program (.co. the UK)

Remember that Amazon is a US company, so you need to be aware of the difference between UK and US law. This can be important when it comes to choosing products in your niche.

Using Amazon’s affiliate program to boost your income as a writer or blogger.

As an Amazon affiliate, you can make money in two ways:

  • You earn a commission whenever someone purchases through your link. This can be anything from books and movies to toilet paper and dog food.
  • You get paid per click when people visit your links or content on Amazon.

So how do you become an Amazon affiliate? Just go to the website and sign up!

Is it worth doing affiliate marketing with Amazon?

So is it worth doing affiliate marketing with Amazon?

Yes, it sure is! I think that you can make a lot of money from this. Here's why:

  • It's easy to get started. You just need an Amazon account and then you can start promoting products that fit your audience and niche.
  • It's easy to scale. You can promote anything from individual items to entire product categories depending on what kind of commission you want and how much time you put into your campaign(s).
  • It's easy to track your results so you know what works best for your business model and audience demographics.
  • It's also easy to start with a small budget—you don't have to spend thousands at once just so that people will see some ads or banners on their website/blog/social media profiles (this could cause more harm than good if done incorrectly).

Becoming an affiliate marketeer is a great way to make money with your blog.

Being an affiliate marketer is a great way to make money with your blog.


You can get paid when someone buys something through one of your links. You just need to create an account with Amazon or another site that has affiliate programs, then add their tracking code to the links on your site. When someone clicks on that link and buys something from them, they'll pay you a commission for sending them there!


You may not see immediate results, but don’t give up. It takes time to become a successful affiliate marketer, but if you stick with it and keep working hard, you will eventually find success.

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