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How to Give a Welcome Speech?

Welcome Speech Example

How to Give a Welcome Speech/Welcome Address?

Welcome speech is the most important speech in any function because it sets the mood of the function. An appealing welcome speech has its effect permeated throughout the function; beginning till end. A welcome speech in English uses certain terminologies to express the proper meaning on different occasions. For example, a wedding welcome speech and a graduation welcome speech will be totally different in the phrases and terminologies used. This hub describes how to do a formal welcome speech

Characteristics of a Welcome Speech:

Welcome speeches in general should be brief. It is important to state the objectives or the purpose of the meet in the beginning itself. Chief Guest (welcome speech for chief guest) of the formal function should be welcomed first followed by other important guests on the dais. People sitting on the dais should be addressed first followed by guests on the front row and then everybody down the hall. A variety of expressions should be used during the speech to make it livelier; but at the same time it should not be overdone. Most importantly, a sincere and confident approach from the speaker will create a feeling of unity and purpose among the audience and reflects hospitality.

How to Start a Welcome Speech?

Usually a welcome speech starts with greeting the chief guest, guests on and off the dais. This is followed by a brief description about the objectives of the meet. On some occasions, if the chief guest is not a known person, a brief introduction of the chief guest is also given by the person who gives the welcome speech. Of course this depends on how long the introduction of chief guest should be.

What Tactics do You Use to Look Confident While Delivering Welcome Speech?

The following are some common "Welcome Quotes"

  • I extend a hearty welcome
  • I offer a warm welcome
  • I accord a genial welcome
  • I salute him with a winsome welcome
  • I welcome him with the loving hearts of all present
  • I welcome him with my whole heart
  • I welcome him with all my heart
  • I am delighted to offer a happy welcome
  • Let me offer you a pleasant welcome
  • Please permit me to offer you a fraternal welcome
  • I request the members of the audience to join me in offering a warm – hearted welcome
  • We feel honoured in offering you a cheerful welcome

How to Conclude a Welcome Speech?

A welcome speech should not be concluded by thanking. That is the job of the person who gives the vote of thanks. Welcome speech should be the one leaving the participants at ease and eagerly waiting for the upcoming events. Maximum duration of welcome speech can be three to four minutes. If it is extended beyond that the guests may feel bored and it will kill the anticipation for the events to follow.

Welcome Speech for Event


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