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How to Develop a Good Relationship With Your Boss

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Bosses can play a huge role in the success of employees at work. Putting no effort into developing a good relationship with your boss could mean that you miss out on career opportunities or the chance to learn and grow. Being sycophantic and developing this relationship for only superficial reasons could backfire and ruin your reputation at work. This article shares ways that you can develop a good relationship with your boss which is healthy and can help you gain greater job satisfaction and career success.
A bad relationship with your boss can hurt you in many ways. At work you find that your productivity level drops, you are low on morale and the quality of your work deteriorates. The stress of work could start to affect your relationships and even your health too. This could lead to job burnout and consequences for your career. Developing a healthy relationship with your boss can provide you with a boss who is supportive and there when you need them.

To develop a good relationship with your boss try the following:

Understand expectations:
Being unsure of what your boss wants will make life difficult for you as you will be unable to complete the tasks given. This could cause friction between you and your boss. Try to get a clear understanding of your responsibilities and the goals that your boss has. Knowing this information can give you greater confidence which could improve your work performance as well as your relationship with your boss. If you are unsure about your boss's expectations then you should ask your boss to clarify so you can manage expectations better.
Add value:
Being a valuable member of the team will help you achieve a good relationship with your boss. You can add value at work in a number of ways. Start by meeting the minimum requirements of your role first and try to do your work to the best of your abilities. Volunteering without being asked shows that you are innovative. Helping colleagues in difficulty could help you to improve your relationship with your colleagues and your boss. Keep your skills up-to-date so that you can contribute and get noticed by your boss.

Good communication skills in the workplace are a must if you want to develop a good relationship with your boss. You will need to adjust to the nature of your boss as some like to communicate often while others do not regularly communicate. Whenever you do get a chance to communicate try to respond quickly and professionally. Be clear about what you want to say beforehand to avoid
confusion. Keep your boss up-to-date with what you are working on and share the results of your work, especially any achievements that you have made.
Gain their trust:
Trust is important in any relationship and if you want a good relationship with your boss you should try to gain their trust. An easy way of gaining trust is to simply do the work you have been given properly. Over time this could show your boss that you are a trustworthy and dependable person. Try to help your boss genuinely when they need it. Don't make promises that you can't keep as it will reflect
badly on you and show respect to your boss as a person. Own up to mistakes that you have made so you can gain trust.
Ask for help:
In an attempt to develop a relationship with their boss some people try to get them to micro-manage them. This could give your boss the impression that you are unable to do your job and damage your career. Ask your boss for help if you genuinely need it but don't let them micro-manage you as you want to show them your skills. Explore possible solutions to your problem by yourself first and if you genuinely need help then turn to your boss for support. Once the problem has been solved thank them and share the results.

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The key to your success at work lies in developing a healthy relationship with your boss. Your boss could play a huge role in motivating you, making you work harder, and helping you to achieve more at work. They could also provide support when you need it most and help you turn your workplace into a positive and productive environment where you will enjoy working. A relationship with your boss is not going to be forged overnight so you should use the steps mentioned in this article to help get you started.

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