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6 Easy Ways on How to Deal with Bossy Coworkers

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Troublesome Companion

A peaceful and cheerful yet challenging company workplace is a wish-list of most graduates or the beginners of employment world. But admit it, it's impossible if there is someone who stands at the top for being bossy, even if he's only an employee like the others.

Favors done repeatedly are not favors anymore.

Favors done repeatedly are not favors anymore.

Who are the "Bossy Ones"?

There is a so-called hierarchy in a workplace or the flow of command. It's clearly visible via organizational chart posted in the area. But the one that we were talking about here is whose face or name wasn't indicated on the chart! He/she can be easily identified:

  • by the way he speaks to co-workers (which is louder if the real boss is on the ground),
  • by his/her being clingy (talking on the higher ups as if they were family),
  • by the way he/she likes his/her coffee (especially if it was made for him/her by others),
  • because he/she gives his/her task to others (and orders a deadline earlier than what the real boss had given)
  • and many more!

What to Do When They're Around

It's really frustrating and irritating when they're around, right? Here are some tips for you to lessen the burden of your workdays and someday might keep that "boss" away.

Un-boss Him / Her

Never let him/her pressure you. Report directly on the person who supervises the floor or your department.

Focus on Your Load

If the he/she gives you his/her load and expects it at a given time, don't do it! Give your task more time. If you can do it in a couple of hours, then do it for a longer time frame and make the finishing touches about 15 minutes before the submission of documents. In that case you won't have time to make his job and just say you're out of time.

Focus on your work

Focus on your work

Don't be Afraid of What He / She Says

Remember, he/she is not the boss. He/she is just someone whose dreams take over the reality in his mind that he/she is just like us, who works for a living.

Don't Make His / Her Coffee

Simple as that. We did not study for almost 10 years and hone our skills just to stir a cup of coffee. Like what's mentioned above, you work for a living not to serve him/her.

Make your own cup of coffee or bring your own in a tumbler.  Once he/she saw you, it'll be another favor to handle.

Make your own cup of coffee or bring your own in a tumbler. Once he/she saw you, it'll be another favor to handle.

Don't Do Favors

Do not do favors outside of your concerns and department (or even if it is). It might sound challenging for some that strives to surpass their limits. But favors done repeatedly isn't a favor anymore. It will look like it's your obligation for them as if you were indebted.

Keep Calm and Silent

Silence is the best offense and defense. Just try to keep calm and composed when talking to him/her (when he/she started to talk with you). With you not answering his/her demands and question not related to your designated work will surely blow his/her mind. Believe me, it works! Try to answer as short as possible and a simple turn-your-back pose would definitely injure his/her ego. In addition, being silent and calm is a unique and best way to minimize stress. Let him/her do the talking while you are just fine typing your reports and documents.

Easier said than done, right? As long as you do your "real" tasks right, and not following orders from anyone that fits the description above, don't be afraid to lose your job. He/she can't fire you. He/she is not the real deal. Your performance in the office will be based on your work and not from some hear says and stories from that "one"(that's the only thing he/she can do). Some offices and company have this "guidance councilor", typically the HR officers or the floor manager to manage such situations by holding meetings and calling up involved parties. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't.

Gentle Reminder

It's not that you act tough and untouchable. It's just that you also need to protect yourself from those who would spend time loading you with burden. Still, keep yourself sociable and with open arms, willing to help others and the company. Just remember "a favor done repeatedly isn't a favor anymore". Stay positive and never let anyone bring you down.

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