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How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a growing business with a huge amount of competition. It is possible for anyone to start an affiliate marketing business and make money but only 5% of people that start affiliate marketing are successful. There is no strict formula for success but there are several personality traits that most successful affiliate marketers share. It would appear that for someone to become successful and make a living from affiliate marketing they would need to possess the traits discussed below.

Affiliate marketing explained

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Motivation is key

The first trait that all successful affiliate marketers share is motivation. There is a lot of tedious work that goes into a successful affiliate marketing campaign such as writing copious amounts of content, writing comments, creating back links, researching new marketing techniques, fact checking, choosing the right keywords and many more boring and sometimes daunting tasks. A successful affiliate marketer is capable of staying motivated through the tedium and keeping on top of all the necessary tasks. They are able to force themselves to work through the boredom. Most affiliate marketers fail because they give up before they actually start to make any money. Writers block is a problem that most marketers will suffer at some point during their marketing career. Keeping motivated whist suffering writers block is difficult but necessary to be successful.

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You must be disciplined

Self discipline is another trait that all successful affiliate marketers have. The successful affiliate marketer does not get distracted by things that are going on around them and they stay focused on the job at hand. Most affiliate marketers work from home where there is a plethora of distractions that can crop up and cause the less disciplined to stop working on their projects. Procrastination is the killer of a successful marketing campaign. The difference between self discipline and motivation is that anyone can be motivated to do a job but without self discipline that job will keep getting pushed back. There are somethings that can be done to improve self discipline such as working from a quiet space with few distractions. Some of the most successful affiliate marketers work from their garden shed where they are less likely to be distracted by family or jobs that need doing in the home such as cleaning.

Time is important!

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Good time management

Good time management can help make a successful affiliate campaign. The best affiliate marketers manage their time well so that they can get their campaigns off to a good start. The successful marketers break up their days and give themselves times to perform their tasks. For example a successful affiliate marketers may spend an hour writing content, the next hour is spent on their back link campaign. Then they have a break for an hour and get some chores done to allow their brain a bit of a rest. Then they get back to it for 2 hours doing keyword research and creating blog posts etc. If the day is broken down into segments like this it is easier to keep motivated and to get things done. It is important that enough time is given to each task so that they are carried out correctly and in detail.

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Hone your organizational skills

Being organized can help make or break an affiliate marketer. It is important for the marketer to have structure and to set goals and targets to aid in their marketing campaigns. Good organization allows for each task to be carried out in the allotted time and aids in keeping track of how successful each campaign is. The more organized an affiliate marketer is the more campaigns they can handle. The more campaigns that can be handled the more money can be made. Good organization also means that a good home life can be maintained as well. Successful affiliate marketers are able to carry out their jobs without getting swamped and end up spending 16 hours a day working at a computer. Working from home may seem great at first but if bad organization is implemented it can become more trouble than it is worth.

How to improve organizational skills

Always be willing to learn

All of the most successful affiliate marketers excel at improving their knowledge of affiliate marketing. The best ones know that there is always something new to learn. There may be a new technique for creating back links. There may be a new product released that is within their chosen niche. There may come a new method for discovering great keywords. For an affiliate marketer to succeed they need to keep reading and researching their niche and affiliate marketing in general. If they are constantly learning and honing their techniques they have an advantage over the competition. Affiliate marketing is very competitive so it is very important to stay ahead of the crowd and keep learning new ways to market the chosen products.


As can be clearly seen there is a big difference between those affiliate marketers that succeed and those that fail. It takes a lot of work to build a successful marketing business and it needs to be treated like a business for it to be a success. Those people who think that affiliate marketing can be done by anyone are correct but that doesn’t mean that everyone will succeed. Only those who are motivated and disciplined and are able to manage their time will have a change of growing a successful affiliate marketing business.

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