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How to Be a Successful Public Speaker


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Public speaking is the ability to speak about an issue face to face with an audience,

whether it is a known audience or not.

However, some persons fear standing in front of a large crowd of people and


If you are one of those people,do not worry. I am providing you with some helpful

tips to help you in being a successful public speaker.

  1. Be confident: Let me tell you that your confidence is measured by how well you

    master the topic you are willing to speak about. Choose a topic you are

    interested in and you know a lot about. In other words, love your topic and

    deeply search about it.

2. Use body language: It is crucial to consider that your body language is another

key to be a successful speaker. For instance, you need to train yourself all the time

on standing straight and comfortably. Besides, try to get yourself used to practice in

front of the mirror to know more about your facial gestures and hands’ movements

while speaking. It will enhance your self-confidence as well.

3. Break the ice: This is pretty common in public conversations. It means to start your

conference or presentation with a friendly style. Smile at your audience and build a

warm bridge between you and them.

4. Control your voice: Having control over one’s voice is magical. Doing some

breathing exercises can improve your voice and enables you to manipulate your

tone based on the content of your speech. This technique will also prevent your

audience from getting bored.

You can try the following exercise:

Lay down and put your hand on the belly. Then, take a breath and count to 10.

Repeat it when exhaling, and make sure that your belly rises up and down with

each inhale and exhale. Do this exercise 5 min before giving your speech.

5. Avoid stuttering while speaking. It is a sign of weakness.

6. Be active and enthusiastic: This will reflect on the audience and bring them joy.

Also, they will be put away from losing focus.

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