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How to become a Professional Teacher in the Philippines

A teacher is always in love with teaching.

A teacher is always in love with teaching.

Becoming a public school teacher in the Philippines requires dedication, passion, love and patience. Teaching is a noble profession as many have said. But how do you become ONE? In this article, you would know the steps and process in becoming a licensed professional teacher.

1. Take a Bachelor in Elementary Education/Bachelor in Secondary Education major

Becoming a classroom teacher in the Philippines requires passion, dedication, love and patience. The first step is to earn a 4-year degree diploma in Education; either elementary or secondary education major. Well, there are many universities and colleges that offer this course across the country. You just have to select the best school for you, and have to qualify on its entrance examination and other standards. Once you're qualified and enrolled you really have to study well to earn the degree.

In terms of your financial situation, you can apply to scholarship grants offered by many agencies. There are available scholarships offered by Commission on Higher Education, by Department of Science and Technology, or by other government and private agencies. You just have to qualify on their set standards.

2. Take and Pass the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers

After earning your degree in Education major, you are now ready to take another step on becoming a licensed professional teacher. In the Philippines, Professional Regulation Commission is the agency tasked to conduct a board examination to aspiring professionals like teachers. The process of application to take Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers is quite easy however due to bulk of applicants you have to provide yourself bunch of patience.

In your application for the BLEPT, you have to visit the official website of PRC and have online application. The steps and other processes for this can also be viewed from their website.

Upon completion of the application process, and getting your permit for the examination, you just have to wait for the scheduled examination. Typically, if you are an elementary education major, the examination is only good for about 4-5 hours but if you are secondary education major the examination would last up to 8 hours. The examination is composed of three major components, namely: General Education, Professional Education and Majorship. The first two components are the only ones to be taken by elementary teachers aspirants while secondary school teachers have to take all components.

After taking up ta examination, breath and relax. You have to wait atleast two months to know the results.

3. Process your License and other documents at PRC

If you are blessed to pass the exam, congratulations! You are now a licensed professional teacher. The next step is to process your License and documents like certificate of ratings, certificate of good standing, and certificate of passing. These are necessary on your application on becoming a government school teacher.

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The processing agency for these documents is still the Professional Regulation Commission. So, you have to visit the nearest PRC office to you.

4. Process your application at DepEd

Typically, application for teachers in Department of Education starts on January to March. You just have to be resourceful enough to know the details about it. Sometimes, the memorandum on application process is posted earlier.

Generally, the guidelines every year is the same –same requirements and criteria. The usual process include demonstration teaching, interview, English proficiency test, and demonstration of special skills.

To be qualified, and be included in the registry of qualified applicants (RQA), you have to earn the minimum required points–75 points. Being in the RQA does not guarantee you are hired already.

Upon qualifying in the set standards of application process, you have wait a call or letter from DepEd informing you that you are hired. If no letter arrived, after couple of months it means you are not hired due to some reasons. You may want to visit the office where you process your application to verify such.

5. Process your Appointment

Congratulations! If you reach this step it means you are now a certified public school teacher. You just have to process some more documents for your official appointment.

Some requirements needed in your appointment are GSIS number, TIN, Landbank account, CSC forms and other related documents. The personnel section of the division office is responsible for giving you instructions on this matter.

Again, congratulations! You are now to report on your first day as public school teacher.

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