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How to Spot a Narcissistic Boss, Determine If You Are a Narcissist, or How to Avoid the Danger of Narcissism Altogether

Bad Leader 101

Obey your Bad Leader

Obey your Bad Leader

Narcissist = Bad Leader: Qualifications

Either you are here to figure out if you are a bad leader or how to not be a bad leader. It is entirely up to you as to how to interpret this article. Some will take it offensively personal, while others will take it as a ray of light showing how they can become a better leader. Either way is entirely up to you as the reader. You may even find this article to be a bit sarcastic, albeit very intentional, still it is for you to decide.

Being in some form of leadership for nearly 20 years now spanning from owning a business to just plain observation. I have seen the ups and downs of good/bad leadership. The worse of all bad leader types is narcissism, in which you are about to learn as you read on. Another way to interpret this article is to understand that if one would desire to better at being a narcissist, this will polish one up quite a bit on the most highlighting traits.

Bad Leader: Communication, or Lack of

The largest trademark of being a bad leader is to be your absolute best at not communicating to your subordinates or at least not until the very last moment possible. Nothing makes an employee or worker, paid or volunteer more irate then the demands of working overtime on a Saturday becomes mandated on Friday at 30 minutes before closing. After all their kid's sports events or personal life doesn't matter, right? As an added bonus, you could let it slip in there that the overtime is to help you accomplish taking your family away for the weekend.

Some great skills that no narcissist should leave behind to have, if you are to be a bad leader in communication, are the following:

  • Always Interrupt Others: You are more important! Definitely talk about yourself more, and redirect the conversation back to your self-image. Nobody deserves be given more time in the lime light than you. Take this time to be self absorbent.
  • Walk Away in Mid-Conversation: While talking to one person, go talk to the person that just passed you by. "Squirrel" moments make people super mad, so this will gain some points really quick.
  • Day Dream: Blank stare at the person speaking to you, while saying yes,okay, gotcha every so often to make them believe you really do care about what they are saying.
  • Don't Reply to Texts for Hours or Days: Keeping them in suspense helps build up anxiety, because your schedule is by far more important than the needs of others at the moment. Same goes with email, Facebook messaging, twitter, etc. whatever it takes to make them feel like you are so busy they should second guess contacting you unless it is more important than your mid-week afternoon golf game.
  • Whenever Possible Avoid Direct Conflict: Addressing things on social media or in an open forum is much more demeaning and lifts you above their social status. This keeps your image looking good while they look foolish for even addressing you with a problem they think is yours all the while intimidating them with educated words on their personal post.
  • Don't get Cornered: When being cornered, making up excuses to leave the conversation is completely exceptionable, after all, looking at your phone and faking that a text is coming in and you have to leave or make a fake private phone call will get you out of any serious confrontation. Confrontation means you have to face down problems and likely things that happened in the past. Bringing up the past to fix future issues isn't good for a bad leader/boss.

So having sharp, deceiving, and cunning lack of communication will get you to the top of being a bad leader/boss communicator in no time at all. You may find the skills above come very naturally. Lack of communication succeeds all the next mentioned skills.

The Boss

I am your boss!!!

I am your boss!!!

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Bad Leader: Micro-Managing, Oppressive, & Boss

Being a leader, means being boss, YEAH! To be a bad leader/boss, you must refine the following skills.

  • Micro-Managing: Nothing makes environments tougher than a micro-manager. So, be sure you check on the status of your employees very often, don't leave them room to do things on their own, ever! Remember, the employees must feel as though they have to ask permission for everything, otherwise you need to harshly remind them of your standards. After all, no-body could really do a better job than you, right!?
  • Oppressive: This runs close to the above skill of being a micro-manager. Oppressive is making sure your sub-ordinates never feel as though they can make it to the next lever of their own skills. You are the top, because nobody else should have that right,ever! So when a person or group seem to be getting way too good, that they may be out smarting your awesome skills, this is where you begin to put more on them then they can handle. Sure they might get agitated, or want to say some words to you, but after all, this could lead to grounds for termination so maybe you can hire a more "submissive" and less "rebellious" sub-ordinate.
  • Boss: Nothing ends a good week with being a bad leader by reminding the crew in a last minute meeting to remind them that you are the boss. Nobody should be leading other than you, so keep them in check by combining the skills of a micro-manager and oppressor. This will crack the whip and get them in line. This is a good time to remind them that they need you to survive. Combining the above skills can bring forth the awesome sweet aroma of success to know you employees fear you and are afraid of you. If this happens, you have earned the title, bad boss leader. Congrats!!!

Bad Leader: Characteristics

Now that we have the basics behind us, let's discuss the polish and shine of being an awesome bad leader. To be a top notch bad leader, you may need to work on some characteristic attributes. Below are some of the greatest characteristics that can really help with the previous mentioned skills.

  • Bully: Be-careful who you bully, however keeping sub-ordinates in fear of loosing their job or position goes a long ways to keeping them knowing who is boss. Intimidate however possible, why should they ever feel like they are greater than your self-image?
  • Never Apologize: You are always right, no matter how convincing they may be. If they are that convinced, maybe it is time to let them go. Never care about feelings or how much you will wreck their personal life. The only feelings that matter is yours, and that is to be a prideful, egotistic bad leader, nothing less.
  • Suck-Up: Don't apologize, but give an occasional, "you're doing great" message. This keeps the employee forgetting about the rough patches from yesterday. If they believe you have any heart at all about their weak little hearts, then they will forgive you, even without you forgiving them. This cycle can sometimes be infinitely repeated, some people just cannot seem to remember how they got to where they are and will keep repeating the pattern for you to practice on their forgetfulness.
  • Always Raise Your Voice: You must be the loudest and most heard. This co-exists with bullying. It is a must in the arsenal of being a bad leader. If this means, belittling one to tears, then so be it. Just don't forget to suck up later with a kind word so they can be ready for the next time they need a good screaming.
  • Demand, Blame, Shame, & Repeat: Always be demanding, never ask or give lenience. Blame the short comings on the sub-ordinates, they are the ones to meet your impossible goals, not you. When they fail, even though expected, shame them for failing, don't praise anything. When this is done, as before say something nice after a day or two of their sadness, and repeat the process later. As a note, do your best to do the above without witnesses as much as possible. Bring people into your office or around others that believe what you do. If necessary, remind them of past mistakes to make them believe their current failure is because of past failures they couldn't live up to.
  • Procrastinator: Because everyone must be on time and ready, except you. Why? Because you are the bad leader. What good boss ever sets an example to be punctual and ahead of schedule. Who has time to set good morale for the sub-ordinates? There are only two reasons to not to procrastinate, one is to see what employee is late to work and the other is because you are leaving for vacation. So relax, let everyone else get things done. If they need something they will ask, just fall back on the demand, blame, shame, and repeat method. Works like a charm!

Yell and Scream!

Scream at Them!!!

Scream at Them!!!

Bad Leader: Narcissism Takes Credit for All Accomplishments

Finally, as you can see, it takes great skills and hard work to be a bad leader. So, why in the world would anyone else deserve any credit for all that you do? Here are some pointers.

  • Always Your Ideas: If someone comes up with a good idea that you didn't think of first, be the boss, blow it out the sky and let some time pass. After the sub-ordinate thinks it is over, re-label the idea as your own and claim it to be yours. This always infuriates people, but it is a finishing trait of who you are. This helps greatly with the next topic of taking credit.
  • Take Credit: If this means to skew or lie about the truth. Well, the only one that will know is you, so twist everything to your will to make everybody's ideas your own. You are the dictator, so take what is yours from your peasants.
  • Manipulate: This final skill, takes time and planning, however it will get easier to do with each execution. Compartmentalize your environment, never let any department know what the other is doing. Work them together like puppets to your desire and will. They will never know you are masterminding any of the project. They will be happy to serve and even though everything is always your idea, they will think they are pleasing you so likely they will never know you are manipulating them because of compartmental divisions. Many often translate this to being obedient and a form of you loving them. We know it is a form of mental abuse, but most people will be second guessing themselves thinking it in their head, nothing to worry about.

Hopefully you realize just how bad of a leader you are, or how to be better at being a bad leader. Be sure to leave your comments in the comments section below. If you enjoy being a torment to society, keep on oppressing on :)

Author Comment: Apart from Sarcasm...

This article while being a bit sarcastic and strange truth, there really are bad narcissistic leaders out there, that make the lives of many difficult to work in their passion. Living the experience of all this in my life for many years, I hope this article was an eye opener. If you are one of those bad leaders, I hope there is some remorse and desire for change to better the environment you are in versus the negative environment you create on a daily basis. We only get one time around in the life, if you want to be remembered as an egotistical manipulator as you are laid to rest alone in a grave, then by all means, keep being a "bad leader, narcissistic boss." Otherwise it is never too late to begin to learn to love and cherish all that is around you. Begin to appreciate life, help others, apologize, and do to others as you honestly deep down would want done to you.

Colossians 3:23
"Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."

Bad Leader

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