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How to Adjust to Working on Third Shift

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Humans are not nocturnal

We are not made to be up all night. That's why when the sun goes down our bodies alert us to start making Melatonin, our bodies' way of naturally inducing sleep. We should fall asleep when the sun goes down and rise when it comes up. But that has not been possible for eons. Modern-day inventions and conveniences have changed our sleep patterns and not for the better! For those on the graveyard shift, being up all night is just unnatural! But there are things you can do to take care of yourself and deal with this shift the best you can while on it.

Take your vitamins

There are a few vitamins we should just take on a regular basis, these help keep you healthy.

A good b vitamin complex.

Vitamin D

And if you need an extra boost for sleep you can take additional melatonin or 5HTP. Treat them all like medicine and make sure you have the clear from your doctor to be taking them. Benadryl is another nice way to get some sleep if you want to avoid to many over the counter sleep aids.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

What is sleep hygiene? Sleep hygiene is creating your own sleep haven, this means different things to different people. But here are some suggestions.

  1. Try to go to bed the same time every day
  2. Remove distractions 2 hours before bedtime, such as any electronics.
  3. Avoid stimulants 4 hours before bed, this includes caffeinated beverages and nicotine.
  4. Add ambient noise if needed, such as fans, tv, or sound machines.
  5. Adjust room temperature or lighting to your preference, with third or split shift blackout blinds are a life saver.
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3rd Shift is not normal

Working 3rd shift is not natural or normal for humans, but we can do it or at least suffer less by making some lifestyle changes. Hopefully, you won't be on the 3rd shift for long and can get back to a regular sleep schedule. But in the meantime try some of these suggestions to get yourself feeling normal again.

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