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Job Search Tips During Covid-19 for Newcomers in Canada

Abhijeet Ganguly is a certified Human Resource professional from HRCI. He has around 9 years of experience in all gamut of HR domain.

Job Search During Covid-19 for Newcomers in Canada

Job Search During Covid-19 for Newcomers in Canada

No one anticipated the current situation of Covid-19 impacting businesses and jobs. The present job market is experiencing lay-offs. Being a newcomer in Canada, you face a barrier of lack of Canadian experience along with a shortage of jobs due to lockdown. Despite a slew of economic response efforts by the Government of Canada, things are not moving north. Therefore, it is natural to ponder, "How would I even look for a new job now?; "Would it be advisable to keep sending resumes?"; "Is it more sensible to suspend the job search during Covid-19?"

Common challenges faced by a Newcomer in Canada

A few challenges faced by newcomers in Canada for job search during Covid-19 are self-isolation of 14 days from the date of landing, economic lockdown to maintain physical distancing, having no friends, service Canada is processing SIN applications at a slower rate than usual, lack of Canadian experience, and Canadian education, and bridging programs are on hold until further notice.

Being a landed immigrant, change the job search approach by following certain tips because of the ongoing situation.

Look for work from home survival jobs

Do odd jobs till you get a full-time job. These are called "Survival Jobs" in Canada. You are not advised to go out and meet local employers personally during self-isolation and lockdown. Apply for work from home jobs on sites like kijiji.ca or glassdoor.ca and give telephonic interviews. You may find an interim position until the economy recuperates.

How to use Glassdoor for Job Search

Linkedin.com and Meetup.com - your friend in professional networking

Connect with old friends, qualified advisors, and former bosses to further connect you to someone recruiting during this time on Linkedin. Reach out to recruiters in companies that you admire through InMail or e-mail.

Professional network sites like Meetup.com are very popular in Canada. They are not allowing meeting in-person currently, however, the possibility of virtual networking exists. Spark relevant discussions with like-minded professionals, post ideas, comment, and meet virtually.

How to reach out to Recruiters on Linkedin?

It's natural to be discouraged, however remember doing nothing is not a choice.

Resume and Cover letter go hand in hand in Canada

Get a polished and professional-looking resume as per Canadian standards that can bypass any Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Always apply for the job with a cover letter along with a resume. The cover letter increases your chances of getting noticed. It explains why you are a perfect fit for the job. Resume and cover letter together should accomplish three basic objectives: present a convincing professional summary, make visual delight, and show your worth.

How to write a cover letter?

Professional Development includes Professional Mentoring also

E-learning is skyrocketing. Many online learning firms, like Coursera, have agreed to distribute technical training and courses free of charge. Prioritize your professional training classes and learn new skills as soon as possible.

In Canada, professional mentoring is very common. Professionals spend a considerable amount of time mentoring newcomers. Hence, find mentors in your industry and connect with them virtually.

Time is what you're going to have more of at the moment, use it judiciously for your job search.

Find a Professional Workplace for Virtual Interviews

Being virtual is our latest normal. A professional workplace is a part of furnished accommodation in Canada that includes short term accommodation in Airbnb unless you are not staying in a student hostel or dormitory. Make use of the workplace and dress up as if you're going to the company's premises, even though you're being interviewed virtually. This helps to keep the right state of mind at the time of the interview and make you look extremely professional.

Sad and Lonely Newcomer In Canada in Self Isolation/Lockdown during Covid-19

Sad and Lonely Newcomer In Canada in Self Isolation/Lockdown during Covid-19

Be patient - this too shall pass

Leaving the comforts of a steady career back home in search of a better future in Canada takes a lot of patience and grit. Job search during uncertain times like these makes you a stronger person with each passing day.

The most important thing during these uncertain times is to keep the faith and persevere. The economy will recover eventually. If you put the effort in the right direction, you'll get a job before you know it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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