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How to Write a Bartender Resume and Bartending Resume Samples

Your Bartending Resume: Get it Right from the Start

Writing a good bartender resume is the first and most important step in getting your foot in the door as a bartender at your local bar, pub or nightclub.

Your bartending resume is a picture of you and your abilities. It is meant to give your future employer a good idea of what you would be like if they were to hire you.

Put in the time and effort to write a grammatically correct, professional looking resume.



  • Never lie on your resume

    Chances are, the prospective employer is going to find out one way or another - through the "grapevine" or by your performance. And the end is, inevitably dismissal.

  • Always use spell check

    And always read through it - out loud - to make sure it sounds ok and that there aren't any errors that the spell check missed.

  • Read it aloud to a couple of different people. You will gain a different perspective and valuable feedback the more people you read it to.

  • Make sure it looks professional

    Again, this is your one and only chance to shine before actually getting the interview. Take the extra time and effort to format your bartending resume before it leaves your hands.

  • Stand out from the crowd

    Bars and nightclubs get so many resumes that it becomes almost impossible to remember the faces that dropped them off. Make your resume just a bit different than everyone else and it'll help you stick out from the crowd.


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