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How to Write SEO Friendly Awesome Blog Post

Creating Rich Content is Hard

Writing has never been an easy task, whether is a book, article or a newspaper publication. Writing is a skill not many people have especially when it comes to writing an SEO friendly blog post. You have to do everything possible to satisfy the reader and keep them coming back to read more of your blog post. By doing this you need to make your writing appealing to the reader by helping them to understand what the blog post is all about within the first few minutes of reading. You will have to structure your post by using heading, subheadings and well-defined paragraphs. This will make it easier for your readers to understand. The benefit of this will be more Facebook likes, shares and tweets of your post because the more people understand your blog post, they more likely they will share, like and tweet your post which will help you in so many other ways like better search engine rankings and more subscribers.

In this post, you are going to learn the most important tips on how to write an SEO friendly blog post that will also be appealing for your readers and better search engine ranking cause your blog content plays very important role for your rankings.

Think, research before you start writing

Before you start writing your blog post, you need to know what exactly the message you want to send and what you want your readers to know about. The purpose of the post should be clear and understandable by the reader and finally at the end, how are you going to engage your readers. You should always have this planned out before you start writing especially if you want to write a SEO friendly blog post

Design the structure of your blog post

The structure of the post should be arranged in a way the reader can clearly and easily follow. This should involve an introductory part where you introduce the main ideas of the topic, the body of the post where the main content of the post is written in details and finally the conclusion part where the main ideas are summarized. By this the reader will easily follow and understand your blog post

The use of paragraphs to enhance SEO friendly blog post

The use of paragraph is not just for writing some sentences to fill up some space but to make a reasonable meaning of an idea. Each paragraph should be based on an idea or a particular subject. Take some few minutes to think of what idea you are going to write about in every given paragraph and the sense it makes

Remember to use headings

Headings plays an important role in structuring your entire post so you should know is a must to use headings. Is not just that headings give an idea of what the post is all about but it also has great impact on your search engine ranking, this is because, heading makes it easier for search engines to grasp the main topics in your post and index your post which help for your rankings. Do not forget also to use subheadings. Subheadings help your readers to scan your post and have a clear understand of it within few minutes. Make sure you use your keywords in your subheadings and avoid using your keywords in all your subheadings

The Use of Signal words

Signal words help your readers to scan quickly through your content and help readers to grasp the main ideas of the post. For instance, if you have three reasons for convincing someone to buy your product, try and make use signal words such as: First of all, Secondly and Finally. Similarly, words such as Nevertheless, Surely and Actually also send a clear signal to the readers or your potential customers. This will enable readers to instantly make sense of your message. You can also use signal words like Consequently or for these reasons. Signals worlds are really important for your post and I encourage you to make maximum use of them

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Let your close friend read your post before publishing

In any case, you can ask a friend to read your blog post before publishing it if this is possible. Ask them if they easily understand the whole idea of the post and if there are suggestions they can offer or mistakes they have seen in the post. Take your time to correct all the typographical errors and mistakes in sentences that are not formulated right or correctly

The length of your Blog Post should be Optimized

The fact that Google and other search engines like long articles, it as well scare readers away when the articles are too long. However, make sure your blog post has a minimum of 300 words and try to stop at least 700 words. This will make it easier and more interesting for the reader and search engines. Mind the density of your search terms or the most important keywords use in your post. For an article of 300 words, you should mention your keywords 3 to 6 times

Link Your Post to previous one Blog Post

If you are a regular blogger and have other post related to your current topic, DO NOT forget to link your previous post to your current post. This gives you some authority on that particular topic or subject and remember also that your link structure also matters a lot for search engines when it comes to rankings

Try to publish content regularly

Publishing relevant and quality content regularly to your blog or website will tell search engines especially google that your website is active and alive and that will make their robots crawl your site more frequently. It will simply enable search engines to index your pages faster and include them in the search results.

The use of Yoast SEO plugin makes SEO friendly blog post

This plugin is a must for all webmasters and blogger, it helps you optimize your content in a way it will be appealing to search engines especially google. The plugin measures your content in many aspects such as meta description, Flesch reading ease score, keyword density and if they are in the right places, keywords in subheadings, the text words, outbound links etc. This plugin is really important and I highly recommend you go for it. Is has free and premium versions. See the sample picture of the plugin below


It is very important for you as a blogger or webmaster that is willing to get your website rank high in search engines to understand that the only sure key to this is to have quality content on your blog or website. It is not easy to write but I can guarantee you with time you will smile and just sit back and reap the fruits of your labor.

If you know other ways of creating SEO friendly blog post and what to share it, to so in the comments below

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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