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How to Write Meeting Minutes – Taking Meeting Minutes – and Meeting Minutes Sample

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Learn How to Write Meeting Minutes

In all areas of our lives – whether in our careers, businesses, and other social setting such as clubs and fund-raising, we present some of our ideas through meetings. It is therefore important for each one of us to learn how to write minutes because you never know when you can be called upon to write meeting minutes in the next meeting you are to attend. It may be a meeting in the organization where your work, a meeting to raise funds for a worthy cause, a family meeting, a meeting for your club, a meeting in preparation for a funeral of a loved one, or a meeting on just about anything in everyday social settings. Writing meeting minutes can prove very difficulty and time consuming if you do not know how to go about it.

Goal and Purpose of a Meeting

Ideally, a meeting should be held to achieve a defined objective – there should be a goal and a purpose of a meeting. In a meeting, there is what should be achieved at the meeting and what should be achieved after the meeting is over.

Preparations Needed To Effectively Write Concise Meeting Minutes

A day comes when your boss decides it is you who will take the meeting minutes. So, what preparations do you need to effectively write concise meeting minutes? Certainly you need to be conversant with the subject of the issues to be discussed in the meeting. As the person taking the minutes, when the meeting is in progress, you will need to take notes of what is discussed and be able to attribute what was said to those who contributed. This means you should know and have names of all those in attending the meeting. Take enough notes during the meeting so that after the meeting you are able to type a concise summary of what was discussed in the meeting.

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Buy This Book - "Prepare, Write And Organize Agendas and Minutes of Meetings" From Amazon Link Below.

The Agenda

Before the meeting starts you need to have the agenda of the meeting. The agenda should have the main subjects having been provided by the convener or facilitator of the meeting. The agenda is a list of the most important issues for the members to discuss. Ideally, the agenda is drawn from the matters arising from the previous meeting and also from the discussions by the executive and secretariat. The agenda sheet should have the following details.

  1. Organization’s name, subject of the meeting, venue, time and date.
  2. Introduction Of Members Present (that may be preceded by short prayers if need be) – 5 minutes
  3. Welcome Note – say 5 minutes
  4. Agree On Minutes Of Previous Meeting – say 10 minute
  5. Matters Arising – say 10 minutes
  6. Discuss Issue Number A – say 10 minutes
  7. Discuss Issue Number B – say 10 minute
  8. Discuss Issue Number C - say 10 minutes
  9. Any Other Business (AOB) – say 10 minutes

The agenda should be printed and distributed out to those in attendance. In addition, another sheet should be passed to those present so that they can register/write their names.

Meeting Minutes Sample

Here below are meeting minutes’ sample which you may refer to as an example:

Minutes of a Meeting on Merry-Go-Round Saving Club Held at Little Green Hotel on December 16th, 2010, 5.00 P.M – 6.00 P.M


  1. Aleysia Agu - Chairperson
  2. Yerilda Aimu
  3. Sweetwaters Ciira
  4. Snockers Cuma
  5. Senicla Iregi
  6. Rose Ithanga
  7. Orphillia Kembu – Secretary/taking minutes
  8. Nolicia Maina
  9. Morgina Mamba
  10. Lauretta Manduti
  11. Katherine Manjiri
  12. Juliana Mathathi
  13. Holly Muthurui - Treasurer
  14. Hagenild Mwaitu
  15. Grecia Mwangi
  16. Fortune Ndemi
  17. Estrilda Thagicu
  18. Desiree Wachuka
  19. Darling Wagicugu
  20. Claricia Wambeere

Absent with Apology

1. Amada Wandia

2. Flandrina Tene

Absent without Apology – None (You may or may not include this due to its sensitivity).

The meeting opened at 5.00 P.M. with a prayer by Morgina Mamba. This was followed by members introducing themselves.

1. Welcome Note by Chairlady

(i). Aleysia Agu, the chairperson, welcomed everyone. The chairlady said that advanced notice was sent to members informing them on the date, time, and venue of the meeting and therefore she expected every member to turn out on time so that we can discuss our serious businesses without wasting valuable time. Action: All to Take Note

(ii). The chairlady was grateful that two new members, Fortune Ndemi and Desiree Wachuka have joined the Merry-Go-Rounds Saving Club. The chairlady went on to ask members to continue introducing more new members to join the club which is a women’s microfinance that provides rotating savings and credit to its members thus empowering them. Action: All to Take Note

(iii). The chairlady told the new members that in Merry-Go-Rounds Saving Club, each member contributes $50 in each meeting which is held fortnightly. In each meeting, one member is picked at random to take home the total amount of cash contributed from all the members. In the next meetings, that member is omitted from the draw but will still have to contribute her share of $50, and the draws will cycle through every member until everyone has received the ‘big cash’. After the cycle has completed, a new cycle is started a fresh all over again. Action: All New Members to Take Note

(iv). The chairlady said that it is through such small contributions in each meeting that members are able to effectively turn them in to a larger lump payment which is more useful in making large purchases, thus empowering the woman in our community. Action: All New Members to Take Note

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2. Agreeing On Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were read to the members by Juliana Mathathi and a minor typing errors and omissions were amended. From Page 3, agenda item 2, the 3rd bullet, the words “You Said” needs to be changed to ‘USAID’. Members agreed that the written minutes reflected what happened at the meeting and the minutes were approved as an accurate record of the last meeting, and signed by the Chairlady. Action: All Members to Take Note

3. Matters Arising

(i). Tasks: The task force that was formed in the last meeting headed by the treasurer reported that they have managed to recover $100 from Betty Kavoo who had failed to make her contribution for the last two meetings. The meeting resolved to have Betty Kavoo disqualified in the draws for the current cycle. Action: Betty Kavoo to Take Note

(ii). Katherine Manjiri who was asked to seek further information on USAID funding of small businesses from their local offices reported she had done so and presented the details required to the meeting for further deliberations. Action: All Members to Take Note

(iii). The issue of raising the fortnightly contribution from $50 to $75 that was deferred from last meeting to this meeting was discussed. Members felt that the economy was not good for every member to be able to come with $75 every fortnight. It was therefore agreed by the meeting to retain $50 as the fortnightly contribution for each member. Action: All Members to Take Note

4. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Holly Muthurui, reported she had $1,100, from 22 members, which was ready waiting to be given out to the lucky lady of the fortnight. Action: All Members to Take Note

5. Voting For the Lucky Lady

The Treasurer, Holly Muthurui, conducted the draw for the six members who had not received the ‘big cash’ in the current cycle. Sweetwaters Ciira was declared the lucky lady of the fortnight and had to take home $1,100. Sweetwaters Ciira said she wanted to use the money to start her own posho mill business which she had always wanted to start but such money has always been a big problem for her to come by. Action: Sweetwaters Ciira Take Note

6. USAID Projects

Katherine Manjiri told the meeting that USAID Project of Access to Rural Finance is meant to increase access to financial services for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in agriculture and rural areas with special emphasis on unlocking economic opportunities for entrepreneurs. She told the meeting that the project looked very attractive to women like us and if the Merry-Go-Rounds Saving Club can get money from USAID Project of Access to Rural Finance, the members can put up businesses such as small scale irrigation as well as put up pods for the production of fish. This she told the meeting would make some profits which would be shared among members and no doubt their living standards would improve. The chairlady asked members to go study the brochures carefully and think about that project, and come back in the next meeting to make the final decision on whether to apply for USAID’s Rural Finance. Action: All Members to Take Note

7. Any Other Business (AOB)

(i). One of the new members, Desiree Wachuka, wondered what economics makes the Merry Go Rounds Saving attractive since the money one’s get is exactly what she will have contributed at the end of the cycle. The chairlady explained that the Merry Go Round Saving is both a savings and a loan scheme which encourages it members to save small amounts that turns into large amounts unlike what is available in commercial banks. If one is lucky to receive the ‘big cash’ at the beginning of a cycle, then this is an interest free loan. If one receives the ‘big cash’ at the end of the cycle, then that is a saving without interest. If one receives the ‘big cash’ in the middle of the cycle, then that is a loan as well as a saving. It was politely explained to the new members that in life there is usually a very big difference between theories and what is practical. It is theoretically attractive to imagine you can be saving $50 every fortnight and have $1,300 at the end of the year. Practically, that is not possible in real life as life is full of many everyday’s needs – one would have to be very lucky to have saved even $100 dollars at the end of the year. It was also pointed out that when women comes together in such grouping, they are able to gossip as well as share among themselves some of their pressing issues (such as losing a loved one in the family or your daughter is getting married and so on and so forth) thus reducing stress that would otherwise give them high blood pressure and heart attacks. Action: New Members to Take Note

(ii). A member, Claricia Wambeere, wanted to know if it was possible for men to join the Merry Go Round Saving. It was explained that the law does not prevent men from joining the Merry Go Rounds Saving but some members feared that allowing men in the club will introduce unnecessary politics from men who may cause the club to break up. The meeting resolved that either gender is welcome to join the Merry-Go-Round saving club in as long as a member follows the rules. Action: All Members to Take Note

(iii). The secretary, Orphillia Kembu, told the meeting that the minutes will be ready in the next two days and will be distributed to every member of the Merry-Go-Round Saving club. Action: All Members to Take Note

8. Date of next meeting:

Due to Christmas holidays, there will be no other meeting held in December. The chairlady thanked all participants for their presence. The next meeting will be held on 5th January, 2011 at Little Green Hotel.

The meeting closed at 6.00 P.M. with a prayer by Grecia Mwangi.

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