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How to Start with Social Media Marketing

PS is a freelance marketer and copywriter. She is actively involved in market research to help entrepreneurs with brand-building.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What makes people buy things from certain businesses? Yes, most of you must have got it right, Trust. People see your offerings if you have maintained credibility. As an entrepreneur, your main focus is to build a highly reliable brand.

With most of the established businesses turning into billion-dollar companies through digital marketing, social media is a thing to look for. It is highly effective in building an effective business empire.

No matter at what stage you are progressing in your business, social media is a must-add, especially when you are just starting out. It helps you reach your potential customers within a shorter time if used smartly. Because at this place customers have the advantage of sharing their opinions publicly with others.

As per the estimation, more than 80% of the customers are going to prefer brands, which they follow on social platforms.

What is a Successful brand?

A brand is called successful if it is consistent in its quality, communication, and experience. To assure that, it is important to take care of the following aspects:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media consistency
  • Print and packaging
  • The environment of offices and stores
  • Sales technique
  • Customer service
  • Website UI experience
  • Online advertising

The points mentioned here are rather simple and achievable, yet it takes time to build a successful brand.

Brand building requires a well-planned process, which further helps you to deepen the relationship with the customers.

Branding Values

Branding Values

What is a Brand Building?

Brand building is a strategy to make your business reach potential customers through marketing and running campaigns both online and offline. The goal is to create a memorable and unique image in the competitive marketplace.

The best techniques for brand building are:

  • Website Flawless UI Experience
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Print advertising

Out of these, social media marketing is the most effective. It has helped many companies achieve six-figure success.

So now, you must have understood the important role, social media play in your business growth. Let’s see how it can be used to market your products and services.

How to use Social Media Marketing for your Business?

1. Maintain Consistency

First, think as a consumer, if you were looking for a brand on social platforms and find variations in their presentation and content on different platforms, how would you feel? Certainly, confused and unwilling to deal with them.

Consistency is a must. If all your social accounts display similar information, then customers will build a positive relationship with you. They’ll have the chance to understand your brand better. Here are a few points to maintain consistency on different platforms:

  • Use a professional profile picture: You must have noticed how successful brands use simple and professional profile pictures for their accounts. No neon, extra bright or dark colors and no usage of extra words.
  • Hold onto your Language: Using formal and professional language is substantially perfect. But, at times, witty, funny and conversational tone outruns the former. It depends on what you are sharing with your audience. Selling products work better with witty and conversational language as it adds emotions to your words.

Let us take an example of entrepreneur Grant Cardone. Check out how he has managed each of his social media bios and images with great consistency. Look at his profile picture and description.

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a. Facebook

Grant Cardone on Facebook

Grant Cardone on Facebook

b. Twitter

Grant Cardone on Twitter

Grant Cardone on Twitter

c. Instagram

Grant Cardone on Instagram

Grant Cardone on Instagram

d. LinkedIn

Grant Cardone on LinkedIn

Grant Cardone on LinkedIn

e. YouTube

Grant Cardone on YouTube

Grant Cardone on YouTube

2. Automate with Humanity

Building a successful social media marketing platform is a consistent effort. It requires time and effort. To reduce your efforts, automation is a powerful tool to organize your social content.

The trick is to first share informative content from third-parties and then, take the chance to promote your products. This is the key to social media brand building.

To add more authenticity to your content, use emotional touch with your posts. Show your visitors what happens behind the scene, periodically ask them for feedback and give them a view of what it takes to build a successful product.

Well, you must not spit it all, but by showing the involvement of your people and how they are carrying out things help the customers visualize your efforts.

Moreover, always respond to your customers’ views, especially their negative comments.

Social Media Automation Tools

Social Media Automation Tools

3. Plan your Content

Every social platform is known for its own distinguished functionality, that’s why the same person uses each one of them to experience different content. For example, people want to see moving vertical videos on Snapchat, while on Instagram they prefer exciting visual content, short videos, and small captions. On the other hand, users expect you to explain your content to them within limited characters on Twitter. And the same goes for other platforms.

If you post the same content on all of them, it won’t receive that much engagement. You need to plan a media strategy. It’s not necessary that every platform fits your niche. So, choose wisely.

Plan content according to a specific Social Media Channel

Plan content according to a specific Social Media Channel

4. Maintain a Schedule

Starting out a new social account and spreading the word looks like quite a fun task for the first time. You post your content daily in the starting days and interact with users, but suddenly you disappear for a month or twice.

No doubt, social media marketing isn’t easy. It requires efforts and lots of strategies. You need to be active to build long-lasting relations with your customers. Make sure to post regularly.

To prevent hassle, create a schedule and make it your priority to accelerate social media marketing.

You should plan it out how many times to post in a day, week and month, without making your followers overwhelmed.

Do you know that sometimes a company takes months to create one persuasive post for the users on social media? If the post does what it meant to do, then the time taken won’t really matter. Right?

When to Post on Social Media

When to Post on Social Media

5. Define your Audience

If you have varying products line, which is made to suit different types of audience, then it is better to create more than one brand accounts. Certainly, if a person is interested in your electronics products, he/she would never like to see anything related to agriculture or fashion. It may lower down your overall engagement if you make use of one account for all the different types of activities.

The key is to specialize your content through the evaluation of behavior and lifestyle for your audience. For example, you may have a few of these type of customers:

  • Single mothers working from home
  • Tech-savvy
  • Graduate students looking for a specific career
  • College students studying at some distant place
  • Executive professionals

Make a solid image of your customers and then build your brand on the basis of their understandability and how much they can relate to it.

Brand creation depends on the buyers’ personality. It can be based on any of the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Geographical location
  • Education
  • Goals
  • Pain points
  • Influencers
  • Motivations

Specializing in your audience focus is the main source of building a successful brand.

Define Target Audience

Define Target Audience

6. Establish your Mission

You must have noticed how companies use a tagline to promote their products. The tagline is not just a description of the product, rather it a persuasive technique which makes the customers remember the brand and its products.

It is not just tagline, you also need to consider how you visualize your company though logo, voice, and messages. When someone asks you about your company, reply to them with your tagline. It is effective and memorable to the customers.

Start small and keep your audience in focus.

Famous brands' taglines

Famous brands' taglines

7. Research your Competitors

Sometimes, unknowingly, companies face a penalty for imitating other companies’ products, for example, the very famous case of Apple and Samsung. So, it’s better to research your competitors first, what they are doing and where they are failing. By evaluating their pitfalls, you have the advantage to deliver better customer experience. Get hold of the following major activities of your competitor:

  • How are they maintaining consistency through messaging and visual content on their social media channels?
  • What makes their products and services so high-quality?
  • Do they have social mentions and reviews?
  • What type of marketing strategies are they using?
Competitor Analysis through SWOT

Competitor Analysis through SWOT

8. Outline your USPs

USP i.e. Unique Selling Proposition is a unique statement that distinguishes your company from the rest. For example, Domino’s unique offer, “delivery within 30 minutes, else your order is free” made it sell millions and millions of pizzas across the world. Looking at its popularity, many other companies opted for the same USP to accelerate their business. It is not necessary that the tagline you use must force you to deliver something new and unique, it is indeed more important to deliver a similar service, but with better quality. In other words, when building your brand, keep the track of following tips:

  • Customer Support Service
  • Continuous plan to support productivity
  • Establish cost-effective measures
  • Plan time-effective schedule to save time think about new procedures

Repeating the same procedure and products are quite monotonous. Customers love to get hands on something unique and refreshing. Let us take an example of tech-giant Apple. The company’s worth is trillion-dollar, though we can’t deny that the features they provide are not all unique or different from their competitors. Yet they manage to make million-dollars profit every year. It is because of their innovation in design, packaging and marketing strategies.

If you are still confused about what should be your USP, then it is better to do a case study of successful companies who are making millions every year. Research on their selling techniques and evaluate what makes people buy their products.

Famous Companies USPs

Famous Companies USPs

9. Get ready to Handle Criticism

You must be done planning a robust strategy to market your business on social media. While you’d be receiving lots of response from potential customers, it is equally important to handle the criticism. Every coin has two sides. Even if you are doing your best, there are high chances that you receive negative feedback as well.

It is worth mentioning that most of the elite brands receive more than 4 million negative social mentions in total every day. What will be your reaction, when you receive such hatred?

It is not easy. Most of the professionals and companies complain they feel discouraged when people speak harshly about them. Obviously, anyone would feel that way. It is tough to deal with it, but it is a part of the business and you can’t run away from it.

Be prepared to handle criticism, else it will destroy your brand image and lower down your reputation. Most of the times, it is better to keep mum about negative comments and go on with your work. Decide. What should you do?

How to handle Criticism

How to handle Criticism

Social media marketing is the most effective way of branding your business. With millions of users active on these digital platforms on a daily basis, it is the best place to reach potential customers.

Many companies explain how they accelerated their earning potential only by advertising on social media within a few months.

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