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How to Start Mobile Pet Care Business and Online Shop

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Mobile Pet Care

Mobile Pet Care Services

Mobile Pet Care Services

Mobile Pet Care Services, Service at Door

Application Based Online Pet Packs (Food Pack and Toys), Pet Grooming and Support Services.

  • Online Portal for Pet Packages
  • Subscription based Food and Toys delivery.
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Care Services
    • Grooming
    • Phone Order
    • White Label Products
    • Tag Engraving
    • Delivery

Features and Competitive advantage

The Pet Portal – It will be Pet Food Supplies for Whole Month and Toys &Mobile Grooming Services. – It is not a Portal but a complete solution for the Pet Owners

Monthly boxes of pre-portioned, grain-free food that ensures your Pet gets the right amount to eat at every meal.

We deliver a full month's supply of delicious and nutritious meals directly to your door. Our boxes are filled with meals your Pet will love, but we also include monthly toys, treats, and bandanas that your Pet will roll over for.

As much as they love their Pets, pet parents can't portion correctly. Most parents use a traditional scoop, which causes pets to be overfed and develop health issues. We're here to solve overfeeding with our ready-to-serve pouches that offer perfect portions every time.

Mobile pet grooming

This service involves the use of specially equipped vehicles that travel to pet owners’ homes. It allows groomers the ability to perform a full range of services right outside the customer’s door.

This is a very in-demand service because:

  • It’s convenient for the customer.
  • It reduces potential stress on the pets.
  • It’s perfect for home-bound older people who have companion animals.

marketing costs associated with it.

Pet Care Startup Idea

Market Opportunity

Overview and Highlights

The pet industry has seen amazing growth over the past 20+ years and many product and service pet-related companies, especially those in the forefront, have garnered amazing growth and sales. In addition, small and medium sizes companies have also been able to launch and grow into sustainable pet businesses over the past years surpassing expectations.

Foods, treats, supplements

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According to Packaged Facts recent report, “Pet Food in the U.S., 13th Edition,” overall pet food sales increased almost 6 percent and topped $26 billion in 2017. And the market is forecast to continue a respectable growth trajectory annually through 2022.

The pet economy boom in Asia

With the increase in pet ownership, healthcare and spending, Asia’s pet industry is expected to grow at 14.3 per cent annually from 2016 to 2021. Pet ownership as well as expenditure per pet is increasing. Will Asia become the next global hub for pet-related products and services?2

The beginning of pet ownership

As at 2016, the majority of households across the globe owned a pet. Dogs are officially man’s best friend with one third of households world-wide (on average) owning a dog.

Cats are not far behind, with one quarter of households (23 per cent) owning cats, making them the second most popular pet.

Where do the market opportunities lie?

The annual growth rate of the pet care industry in Asia between 2017- 2022 is expected to be 8 per cent, making this one of the few mass market industries

Service sector growth

Pets have moved from the basement to sharing the bed with their owners. Pet care products and services catering to the wellness and health of pets continue to emerge.

Pet e-commerce

Online retailing has gone mainstream in the pet food market. For instance, in South Korea 30 per cent of pet food revenue in 2016 was transacted online.

Asia’s internet penetration continues to rise in emerging economies, while it is at or close to saturation in more developed countries. Smartphone’s are increasingly available globally, accounting for over one billion devices sold from 2014 to 2015.

Online retailers

Both pet care and pet food sales growth is driven by e-commerce. The online shares of pet care sales vary in 2016 from a low 8 per cent in Western Europe to a high of 17 per cent in Asia. Nearly one-third of cat and dog food is bought online in East Asian markets like China and Korea in 2016. Despite the growth potential, many pet food companies have yet to put in place strong internet retailing strategy.

Future prospects

Premium products are more evident in pet healthcare. Many of the recent pet product launches in Asia tend to focus on ingredients and quality.

Pet E-Commerce: Growing Globally

Spending on pets is increasing globally and, in many regions, e-commerce sales growth in the pet category is outpacing both total category sales growth and total e-commerce growth.

Frequency of Online Shopping for Pet Products

In addition to shopping online in greater numbers, pet owners are doing so frequently. Packaged Facts’ Q1 2018 online survey of U.S. pet owners shows that 14% of online pet product shoppers have made a purchase within the last seven days, and another 31% have done so in the last 30 days. In addition, 37% of online pet product shoppers agree that “I am buying pet products online more than I used to.”

Reasons You Can't Go Wrong with the Pet Industry

1. Its recession-proof.

2. it’s predictable.

3. There is no need to educate the customer.

4. The industry benefits from the Kinder schema.

5. Good margins

For retail businesses, you are looking to have an average margin anywhere north of 60 percent. While dog and cat food margins are mostly around fifty percent, the most popular items such as chewing toys and bones have 70 percent margins.

6. Growing market

Dog owners spend an average of around $1,641 and cat owners approximately $1,125 per year. Less than two thirds of the costs are spent on vet visits, leaving the remaining two-thirds up to retailers and service businesses.

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E-commerce Trends:

Consider this: The New Age pet owner went online to buy an aromatherapy kit for Fido—some lavender and sage scent to gently calm the nerves and soothe whatever Yuletide emotion caused all that barking.

According to the National Retail Federation, each owner spent an average of $30.43 on holiday pet gifts in 2014, up 14.2 percent from a year earlier. And in the U.K., it’s a similar story of indulgence; with an average expenditure of £34.634 per owner in 2015, and a collective holiday spend of £739 million.

Convenience Is a Major Factor

Convenience and choice are two key elements of the online experience that younger consumers have come to expect as a “given” in making purchases today

E-commerce Accounts for 12% of U.S. Pet Medications Market Sales

40% of Pet Owners Buy Pet Products Online

Natural Pet Products

Mobile pet grooming

This service involves the use of specially equipped vehicles that travel to pet owners’ homes. It allows groomers the ability to perform a full range of services right outside the customer’s door.

This is a very in-demand service because:

  • It’s convenient for the customer.
  • It reduces potential stress on the pets.
  • It’s perfect for home-bound older people who have companion animals.

Woofyz, a social network for dogs, wants pet owners to sniff each other

The global pet care market is a US$97 billion opportunity, with around 38 percent of that number holed up in the US. This much is confirmed by Depinder Singh, founder and “pack leader” of international online dog community Woofyz. You may be asking yourself: How can dogs login? They don’t have fingers to type nor the cognitive capacity to understand the internet. Don’t worry. You’re not crazy. The site is for their owners, and Depinder says the space is an attractive proposition for up and coming web entrepreneurs.

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