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How to Sell on Facebook Successfully

Mary Florence has been a content marketer, a freelance blogger, and an online and offline writer for over five years.


So we already know that Facebook users generally don't wake up in the morning with the intention to shop. Selling on Facebook is actually hawking: People are there mostly to interact socially while you hope to catch their attention to your business. And you might end up selling. A lot. For life.

Some people are successful sellers. Some quit. But if indeed you intend to keep it up, here are some pointers.

How to Sell Successfully on Facebook

1. Create a Facebook Page

  • Creating a Facebook page is easy. You simply click the "page" piece on your account and follow the prompts to the end.
  • The second thing you should do is to have a page profile photo.
  • The third thing you need to do is to place your products. You can market them by paying Facebook for ads, but if you prefer free traffic, then you should invite your Facebook friends.
  • Post interesting things and videos and encourage your fans to share them.
  • Eventually you will start posting your products and share them on your page or on groups.

2. Join Market Groups

There are thousands of market groups on Facebook. Some are even niche groups. Join them and post your page (and products) in it so that you not only gain buyers but hopefully more traffic to your page.

3. Create Your Own Group

You can also create your own group. Be sure to give it a general name unless you are a famous person. People seem to avoid groups with personal names since no one is interested in your egoistic agenda.

4. Have a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador need not be a famous person. Anyone can do it, but find someone that puts your business in a good light. An attractive person, perhaps. If I were selling shirts, I'd find a nicely-built male model. The impact of this type of marketing is psychological. When I see Kim Kardashian in a stretch skirt, the first thing that hits my mind is that "I want to look like that...." Or if I see any voluptuous lady in a nice-fitting brassiere, I immediately feel represented.

5. Take Great Photographs

No matter how nice your product seems to you, you'll never sell it if you post an unattractive photo. You should be ready to invest in professional photography services if your phone cannot take good photos.

The idea is to catch the buyers' attention. Alternatively, you can download pictures online, but they have to be an exact representation of your item or your buyers will be disappointed.

"It doesn't look like the item in the picture...", is a common complaint in online sales. Such a comment can bring down your sales immensely. Honestly, I'd never buy from a seller that has such a review. Everyone wants value for their money. The picture alone can do magic for you.

6. Use Convincing Words

You have to learn that great sales are all about words. Just posting items and letting people ask questions won't get you sales, as stated above, Facebook users do not log into their accounts with the intention to purchase. It's your job to attract their attention. Great pictures. Then great words.

Two things you must always include in your words: price and location.

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  • Don't Forget to List the Price. That's the one thing that must never miss on a product. I personally don't bother about "priceless" items regardless of whether they are being hawked online or offline. I once spotted some nice shoes on Facebook but I observed that the seller had not received any reaction the entire day and I wished he knew that including the cost would grab him some attention. People really don't have time to enquire the prices of the things you post. Remember they aren't on Facebook to shop. Some are worried that they might not afford your items and so they opt to just scroll past your item. Some will send you a private message - if you are lucky. Just post the price. Let people decide if they want to deal with you based on it. Sometimes the only information that potential customers are interested is just the cost; they want to know that before they pursue more details.
  • Reveal Your Location. Do you deal strictly online or do you have a physical address? The sellers would love to know. Some will be okay with cash on delivery. Some might be turned off by the fact that you probably do not have a physical shop. Some are generally paranoid about online sales; there's nothing you can do about that because indeed some online sellers are truly not genuine. So it's important to state your location to forestall people's worries and concerns.

7. Keep on Reposting

Repost. Repost. Although not the same advertisement: a version of it, unless you are marketing services.

If you keep marketing the same product with the same marketing words and photos day in day out, your advertisements will seem spammy. At some point people will start ignoring your posts.

For example, if you are selling t-shirts, placing the same photos and the same design daily, people will naturally get used to it. It will seem like something you just advertise, rather than something you sell. So tweak it a bit. Show a different colour. Have different people posing with your tshirt...

But whatever you do, do not quit. Keep on reposting your advertisements while being creative each time.

8. Retain Clients

That's the easiest marketing method. When you retain clients they spread the word around and that has been the most effective form of advertisement from time immemorial. You can build a great reputation just by how you handle your clientele. Your customers are your bosses. If you do not let them down they will lift your business up.

Wishing you all the best!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Mary Florence (author) on June 20, 2019:

Indeed. Thank you.

Ken Burgess from Florida on June 18, 2019:

Good article, Facebook can help one reach potential customers, but it does take effort and consistency to make it happen.

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