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How to Scale your Business Internationally

Ryan has been running home-based businesses for over three decades, these steps are just a basic guide to assist others.

Managing a business internationally is no simple task. You have to make sure your product or service is available in all parts of the world, including different languages, time zones, and currencies. With some careful planning and foresight, you can save yourself a lot of headaches later on during the process.



Twitter and Facebook both allow people to submit customer service issues directly to you, which can lead to a host of problems if it's not handled well. If there are too many negative responses, it will start affecting sales, but if there aren't any responses at all, buyers might believe that your company doesn't care about them.

People who leave complaints on social media expect a response: usually, someone will comment multiple times until you reply, and your business could be put in jeopardy if you don't. Even if it's just an automated message saying that someone will get back to them as soon as possible, this is better than nothing since the problem has at least been acknowledged.

On top of this, you should try to resolve all complaints publicly: this will show customers that their problems are significant and that the company cares about them. As a business owner, nothing is more embarrassing than being quiet during a complaint or telling someone to email you instead of relying on social media.

This is especially true for Facebook since anyone can see all messages and will be permanently linked to your company's profile. While it might seem like a good idea to create an account under a fake name so that buyers can't connect you to the company, Facebook has been known to suspend accounts for breaking their terms of service.


According to Wikipedia, privacy policies are meant for websites that collect personal information, which means that it's crucial for everyone since your business will be collecting data from buyers. This doesn't mean you need to hire a lawyer or send forms to people who sign up, but it's necessary if you want to avoid lawsuits related to privacy issues.

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It's common for people to be confused about how their information is collected and used, so you should provide a detailed explanation on your website's main page. At the same time, make sure that this policy is easy to find since buyers will expect an answer if they're concerned about how your business works.

At the same time, it's vital to have an abuse policy since people out there are trying to take advantage of your website: this can include anything from trying to use a fake name or sharing inappropriate content. If someone complains about something, you should first delete their comments and ask them to send a message if they want you to do something.

If they don't comply or are being abusive, then your first step should be to ban them from the website - if necessary, you can make sure that they can't access your website in the future. If they try to contact other buyers on social media about the problem, it's best to send out an automated message saying that these comments aren't related to your business.


Most businesses have a limited version of their services available online, which means that people are limited to buying certain items. If you want to compete with these companies, you must give potential buyers as many options as possible: for example, if they can't buy one item, you could have it available for pre-order.

You obviously shouldn't create every single product that your business sells, but you should try to offer the most available services in person. The more options buyers have, the less likely they are to use another service - at the same time, this can make them more likely to buy something since they now have more choice.

For example, most people are likely to buy the cheapest product on the marketplace; however, they may be willing to pay a little extra if other options are available. If you try to offer every service possible, it will encourage buyers to explore your website and discover new items that might interest them.

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