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How to Place an Order at Lazada Using PayPal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lazada Homepage

Lazada Homepage

I’ve been using my PayPal account when placing orders at, and so far, they had been very efficient. All transactions went well except with the delivery part though. But that’s another story to tell. For this blog post, I will be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to use your own PayPal account to pay Lazada and have the items delivered at your doorstep.

This is presuming that you already have an account with Lazada complete with your personal and contact information, billing address, as well as delivery address. Your billing address at Lazada, however, need not to be the same with that of your PayPal account. This is because you can buy at Lazada using another's account, whether it's PayPal, credit card, debit card, atm and the like as long as you can provide the necessary details.

So let's get started.

Discover PayPal Philippines!

PayPal is a very good option for online shoppers who do not have any physical credit or debit card to use like me. I have a debit card but it's a virtual card sponsored by Globe. It's called GCash American Express Virtual Card. I'd like to apply for a local credit or debit card but there's just so many requirements so I chose that of Globe. I will be talking more about this Globe prepaid virtual card on a separate post soon.

Learn more about GCash American Express Virtual Card.

Step 1

Find the products you like to order and add them to your cart. You can use the Search Box or the Category Menu for a faster search. If you signed up to their daily newsletter, you'll be given updates and links as to the items on sale so you can go through them.

If you are decided on what to buy, click on the Cart button on the top right corner of the page so you can review your order. In my case, I ordered two products, so there’s two items on my cart. And, there's a shipping charge of 99 pesos since the total price of my order did not reach 1,000 pesos. Lazada only offers free shipping for all orders worth ₱ 1,000 and above.

Read the complete Lazada rules on shipment and delivery here:

Reviewing order at Lazada.

Reviewing order at Lazada.

Step 2

Click Proceed to Checkout to pay. You will be presented with 7 options. Since I paid using PayPal on my previous orders, the PayPal option is automatically highlighted and chosen by the system. Otherwise, just choose PayPal.

Lazada payment options.

Lazada payment options.

If you have a coupon or voucher to use, go to Order Summary and under that, you will see "Do you have a voucher? Apply". Just click apply and put in the code.

For this transaction below, Lazada gave me a voucher code because they failed to delivery my previous order. But of course, the worth of every voucher may different. In my case, it's a 200 peso worth voucher.

Using a voucher in Lazada

Using a voucher in Lazada

Step 3

Click PLACE YOUR ORDER. A small box will show saying you have to wait as they process your order. You will then be routed to this page where you need to type the email associated to your PayPal account and your password.

If you are using a personal computer, tick the box below where it says, “This is not a shared computer” so the system can choose the best protection for your PayPal transaction.

Click Log In. The system will then authenticate the information.

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The PayPal Payment page.

The PayPal Payment page.

Authenticating the PayPal information received.

Authenticating the PayPal information received.

Step 4

Right after, you will be required to review your PayPal request. If everything is correct, click Pay Now.

PayPal request review.

PayPal request review.

If the transaction is successful, you’ll see this “congratulations” page. Since I am located outside Metro Manila, the delivery period is 7-9 days. You will also receive an email and text confirmation.

Successful PayPal transaction with Lazada

Successful PayPal transaction with Lazada

That's it!

You will then wait for your orders to be delivered. When they are on their way, Lazada will let you know through text and email. You can also track the delivery via LBC page.

Provincial deliveries will usually take 3 to 5 days, depending on the availability of your item and the proximity of the contracted vendor or supplier. Because if the supplier is just around Leyte, you can get the item 2 or 3 days after payment.

And oh by the way! I’ve been following Lazada and it seems like they always have discount promos everyday so I suggest that you also subscribe to their newsletter for regular updates.

If you’re a first time subscriber, you’ll get a ₱ 200 voucher for your first order. And, if you place an order through their mobile app, you’ll get a ₱ 250 welcome voucher for a minimum amount of purchase. Awesome, right?

Lazada is indeed a very cost-effective and efficient one-stop online shop.

Know more about shopping at Lazada!

Check out the Lazada App for Android phones!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Nelson on October 30, 2018:

Any fee or charge by paypal?

Marjorie on August 28, 2016:

I got confused with the Paypal Balance. Is it the amount remaining in my Paypal account or that pertains to the amount that I have to pay for the items I chose? Is there any fees when using Paypal as a mode of payment in Lazada?

Aeva Gono (author) from Philippines on May 25, 2016:

Hi Saldy! A bank account, debit or credit card is needed so you can verify your account. Will you please clarify your question on the pay? Because they have varying minimal fees per country.

Saldy on May 20, 2016:

Hi! One method of verifying your paypal account is by creating a debit/credit card. My question is, how much money you will be paying from them if you will be creating a debit/credit card since this thing has so many issues if you don't know how to do and use this thing.

Aeva Gono (author) from Philippines on May 19, 2016:

Hi Mack! Yes. You need to have a verified paypal account before you can start using your account to shop online.

Mack on May 18, 2016:

Do i need a verified paypal account?..please reply because i want to buy stuff later.Thank You.

Aeva Gono (author) from Philippines on November 22, 2015:

Hi PJ! No, installment is not available on PayPal. You need to have enough money on your account so that you can proceed with any purchase. But if you have a credit or debit card, you can connect that to your PayPal account; in that way, you can pay installment through your bank. :) Was I able to answer your question?

PJ on November 22, 2015:

Hi! Is installment available for Paypal payment? Thanks!

Aeva Gono (author) from Philippines on August 13, 2015:

Hi there! KoffeeKlatch Gals! Sure. my pleasure to be of help through writing. Thank you so much for reading my hub. :) Looking forward to read more of your beautiful hubs too :)

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on August 13, 2015:

Evane great step by step tutorial. I think I will try Lazada now.

Aeva Gono (author) from Philippines on August 02, 2015:

Sure :) I highly recommend Lazada :)

peachy from Home Sweet Home on August 02, 2015:

thanks for the step by step intro. I had started to use lazada now

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