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How to Persuade Someone Using Subconscious Techniques

I've been in sales for a few years now, and I'm looking to teach people what I know about persuasion.


Persuasion is an amazing skill that can help you out in tons of different situations in your life. Being able to persuade and influence can help you achieve goals in your work, social, or home life and make you happier.

There are tons of tricks that you can use when trying to persuade someone to take your side. One of these tricks is being able to persuade someone using subconscious techniques.

Businesses are a perfect example of how great subconscious persuasion works. They can convince people to buy stuff that they think they need but really don’t. If businesses can master it and get people to do things, why can’t you?

Framing is something that is very useful when persuading people.

Basically what framing is, is wording something in a way that can alter a person’s decision.

For example, “Do you want to go out tonight?” and “What time are we going out tonight?” Both of these questions have the same meaning except the second one implies that you are already going to go out with the person and they just need to give you a time.

When looking at the terms for abortion, which sound better? Pro-choice, or anti-life? They mean the same exact thing, except anti-life seems extremely harsh.

Mastering the framing technique can really influence people when trying to persuade them.

Mirroring is another subconscious technique that can help you influence someone.

Mirroring is mimicking the body language of someone that you are trying to persuade.

Mirroring is best used when trying to persuade people individually. This works because when you act like the person that you are talking to there is a sense of empathy. You are connecting with this person and they can subconsciously feel this bond with you. It allows people to see you are a trusting and understanding person. If they trust you they are more likely to take your side on something.

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Making it seem like there is a limited amount of something makes it more appealing to people.

Tons and tons of businesses use this technique when advertising. People think if a product has a limited availability that there must be a huge demand for it and they better get it now or they may not be any left.

Tickets to a concert are a perfect example of this. There are a limited amount of tickets that they can sell because otherwise the venue can only hold a certain amount of people. People are then forced to buy tickets as soon as possible if they really want to go because they will never know when there won’t be any tickets left.

Doing something nice for someone often makes them feel like they need to return the favor.

If you let someone borrow something from you the next time you ask them to do something they are more likely to give you an answer that you want to hear. People often do nice things for nice people.

Congruence is another great technique you can use when trying to convince someone to do something.

A salesperson may shake your hand before you actually agree to the deal making it seem like you already have closed the deal. This makes it more likely that the salesperson will reach an agreement with you.

Another example is, you want to go out to eat at a restaurant down the street, but your friend doesn’t really want to know if he wants to go or not. If you start to get ready to go, your friend will be more likely to go with you due to the fact that you are set on going.


Taking “like” or “umm” out of your speech makes you seem more confident in what you are saying.

When people are speaking to you and they are often saying these words it may make them look unconfident in what they are saying. If people think that you are confident in what you are saying they will start to trust you more, thus you are able to persuade people easier.

You are more likely to persuade someone when they are holding a warm drink.

Take this with a grain of salt, but because they have a warm drink in their hands their subconscious will make them think that you are a warm, likeable person. Offering to buy someone a coffee is a great way to get their hands on a warm drink. Besides, they will be happy that you just bought them a coffee.

Appropriately touching people is a good way to improve your persuasive chances.

Subconsciously we want to bond with people and touching someone helps with this. Good examples are shaking hands or touching someone on the shoulder. If you are in a professional setting this can be considered sexual harassment, but you can use verbal praise to cover this.

Persuasion is definitely a skill that everyone should master. Slowly incorporating these tips into your daily conversations will make you more persuasive.

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