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How to Pass a CPA Exam the First Time

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Certified Public Accountant Test Strategies

Aiming to become a CPA (certified public accountant) is a tough goal, and passing it the first time makes the objective a higher career goal to achieve. However, this dream can come to fruition, and you could pass the CPA exam on your first attempt, if you will take note and give attention to these principals.

Strategies to Pass the CPA Exam the First Time

Immediately after earning a U.S. Bachelor degree with an emphasis in accounting, and completing an extra year’s study to satisfy the “150 hour rule”, apply with NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) for the required notice to schedule, for your CPA test.

Search for a good CPA review school with a proven track record of accomplishment, and enroll for the scheduled CPA exam under your Notice to schedule issued by NASBA.

Design the best study schedule for yourself, after each of your daily CPA review sessions. Place a strong priority for your time, so that you can study without distractions. Your home study schedule should complement your CPA review schedules; such as reading on theory of accounts, business laws, and taxation. Conduct your own self-tests, simulating actual CPA exams under time limits, to gauge yourself.

Invest in Quality CPA Review Materials

Invest in review materials available such as books, previous CPA exam questions, and other necessary tools you will need. Allocate a specific budget so you will have the necessary items ready, without getting stressed and distracted over how to pay for them.

Discipline yourself to follow your study schedule. Your dream of being a CPA and pass it the first time will be jeopardized if you cannot follow through with the study needed to be put in. You may need to enlist the help of family and friends in this endeavor to allow you to be excused from some activities during this time.

The day before the exam, allow yourself a good night’s rest and relax your mind. Treat yourself to a wonderful dinner, perhaps a good long soak in a bubble bath, or hot tub. Try positive self talk, as having self-confidence is important.

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By applying yourself to hard work, study, and diligence you can pass the CPA exam the first time. If not, you can always try again later, but what an amazing accomplishment, to pass it at the first attempt. That alone would save alot of time, energy, and money in the launch of your new career.

Pass the CPA Exam

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