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How to Overcome Failure in Business?


How to Overcome Failure in Business?

In this article, you learn how to Overcome failure in difficult situations. This article is divided into three parts first is reasons why people afraid to fail second in to learn from previous failed business, power of experience and the third one is to start a new startup with zero investment.

In this universe everyone is afraid off many things like some people have fear of height some have fear of water and some people afraid of fire. Everyone have its own and different type of fear but one fear is common in every single person in the world whether it is a boy or a girl. Let us understand that why they afraid of fail or failure whether it is a business, competitive exams or sports. People do not afraid to fail because it heart very deeply or we become very sad, people afraid to fail because they think what their neighbor will say what their relative will say, because of this reason many student or many entrepreneur depressed, some of they are hunt by anxiety can do anything and this why they remove themselves only because one reason that if we fail than how we handle the taunts of our relatives or neighbor. We all know that this in very difficult to handle these entire thing.

Always remember one thing that a person cannot called unsuccessfully if he/she is fail a person called unsuccessfully if he/she cannot overcome from the failure. We can learn from a child that when child start walking it falls many time but the positive thing is that it get up and start walking again it’s not important that who you fail the Important thing is that how you overcome from the failure. For success you have to stay motivation and you have to avoid the taunts of your relatives. These are the reasonable reason due to which people afraid to fail.


Learning is the legendary skill the person who develop the learning skill can achieve anything that he/she wants. When you try anything whether it is big or small you will be fail once like business, every successful entrepreneur was failed in their past and after than he/she became successful. If now, you are counted on those businessman lists who failed before the success. The Important thing is if you failed in your startup you should learn from you previous business that what I should avoid and more focus what I do in my product or service like:

  1. How can I Improve my customer service
  2. Hiring the expert to know the market
  3. How avoid negative cash flow in business
  4. Last you should know that from where your profit should come from the first day you start

After failing in business you gain some experience which helps you build the new business. You have to give all your experience to your new business because business only wants three main things first is money second is sacrifices and third is experience. In an interview Rattan Tata said that I never take right decision I take decision than prove it right decision now, here you understand that the role of experience to prove wrong decision into right decision. Some time when you do not have money than your experience help you to get out from the situation, how to handle people no one in the world who gain experience without facing failure but if you gaining experience from other mistake than nothing is better than this work.

There are two types of experience first one is, who fails but take failure as a motivation and second one is who fails and step back from business. Always take failure as a motivation, for being a gold you have to burn like a gold al last you so thousand mistakes but never repeat same mistake that you done in your past.

Start a new startup

Whenever someone fails in business some people step down and some of them stand again and start fight for their dream. If you fail in business and you have sufficient money or not actually money does not matter because there are many startup who’s start from zero investment and give high return, this business is optional for those who have money they can also join if they want or they can do they want to do.

Some small business that you should try with zero investment

Affiliate marketing

This business very simple business let me explain you how in this business you just have to promote the product of particular company in you social media account and you have to make a team, if you sell the product and make a team of new people than you will get your commission on it.

Online reselling

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If you do not want to build a team or promote someone product that you do not like than you can try this business. There are many platforms like amazon, flipkart, mantra etc. through which you resell the product and you can buy the product from the whole seller but remember one this take time.

Insurance advisor

Due to covid-19 every single person in the world is taking their health very seriously that is why out of 100 people there are so people who want to take insurance but there is no one who tell them that about insurance, about the interest. This is the best opportunity for you and do not miss this.


People usually think that blogging do not make more money and it has no carrier but they all are wrong people who do not want to do work only those people create difference that it has no money and carrier. If you listen to the experts of blogging than you will be known how much money blogging you have to write your articles without and copy past and choice the best platform where you can post your article and earn.


After reading the whole article let me give you the overview of the article. Many people come in your life they tell you or give you many advice never take them very seriously because many entrepreneur fail because of wrong advices and especially relatives advices and taunts stay away of them.

Learning is weapon some have learning is born skill and some people develop their learning skills. For being an entrepreneur you have to learn from every single and small mistake weather the mistake is your or your employ. Mistakes are good but doing same mistake again and again is a cause of failure. You have to give all your experience to your new business because a business need experience as much money.

At least I have give you four online business you can do if you want. We all know that in covid situation every is very disturbed by their financial situation but I have seen those who work online like in these platform they earn money allot and those who work offline and those who started their business just 2 or 3 months before covid are very financially disturbed. I am giving you a advice that every is shifting to online, everyone started work from home so, you can also start do not shy to start.


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