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How to Not Get Nervous When Having A Job Interview Psychologically

A psychology buff who really admires Sigmund Freud. His favorite book is "The Interpretation of Dreams" and his most hated chapter is none.

Job discussion

Job discussion

Job interview? One of our important events in life. Having such an important event sometimes makes us nervous, having the feeling of afraid of losing the opportunity. But sometimes, it can be reduced drastically, like it's able to be toned down to none.

Like liquids that can be substances if reduced fully, nervousness can also be reduced that damn percentage.

You can reduce your nervousness level to almost zero since it comes from our feeling that can we set as we are able to control them consciously.

Feeling is a wepon that can be used to stab everyone either it's you or your opponents. You can use it as a tool to make you sharper or disappear at once. So, here you may use the daily tips to make your interviews smooth without any shock in your hands and sweat in your palms so that you can pass your dream job effortlessly. Actually, nervousness is just a response of what you are experiencing or what you will experience, so with these mindsets and acts, you can turn your feeling into something more useful. Here they are.

Treat Interviews as You Talk To Your Friends

When you have an interview, you might consider it as something so serious, or. you can treat them as you chill with your people. You might treat them stressly or, you might treat them with chill. Of course a good talk is a talk that trusts each other, share feelings one another, and treat the interlocutor(s) well. It might seem to be the impacts of talking to friends or your beloved ones. You talk with chill, with ease, then your friends and beloved ones will respond with chill to. You talk to people with love, then you got it too! Moreover, love wouldn't appear if you consider something stressly since doing something so passionately (with love) is the opposite of doing something so stressly. So, just consider it as talking to your friends, consider it as something you've never done before but is so fun, yet so caring at the same time. The interviewer(s) cares about you and your life, they treat you with several questions in order to make sure you will suit the team and you will live your live happily and suitably. It (they) cares about us very much :) and you can tell everything you feel you have to tell to them :).

Be Chill to Serious Problems

Whenever you face something so serious, like bankrupcy, heartbroken, or anything else, you tend to feel it seriously, aren't you? If yes, you could treat it the opposite way! You could feel them as just a feeling. You may cry, angry (in a healthy way), or anything as long as the main goal is not hurting people, just expressing feelings. But, you have to control it. You have to feel the positive sides of it, not has to be serious, it can be funny :).

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You suffer from bankrupcy? No matter. You could still breathe air and do running or anything that you love (in my case, writing). Suffer from heartbroken? Meh, it's still an easy thing. I got broken up and that's because we were not match. It's not easy to accept it, but god must have prepared something more for me :), etc.

It doesn't have to be treated that serious, even for a job interview. You can treat job interview as formal discussion about you and it's fun :). They want to know something about you and it's really okay :). You can tell your lover anything you want and you can do that too to them as long as you're a kind person :).

Do Your Hobbies!

As long as you do something fun to face your job interview(s), your heart will face the same way. You love basketball? Then do play basketball as it's normal condition. No need to be strain to practice interviews. Just be chill and show them yourself :). If a company suits you, they will accept you for who you are, not who you pretend to be :). You must have wanted a job that suits you the most, financially or mentally and that's why you have to show your truest self to them. They have to know the good sides and the dark sides of you (but don't expose too much haha) in order to ensure you suit them :). So just do your hobbies like nothing happens and you're good to go! :)

Think of Ordinary Things

Many people just said to you to keep positive, think positive things as you've never done before :). That's actually correct. You need to be positivie to face job interviews, but. Aren't yourself already that positive? I mean, if you don't have serious thought problems in your ordinary life, then just think ordinarily! Just think as you usually do!

You like to think about baseball? Just think about it! Worry about F.C. Barcelona's next game? Just worry about them! No need to force something about it! HAHA.

If you just act ordinariliy, then you will get something like ordinary :). If you love yourself, then you will love yourself too in interviews :). No hestitation about it :).

Show Your Feelings to Your Beloved Ones

If you feel something and you spill it to your beloved ones, it reduces your wastes a lot :), like. A lot :). I consider it as wastes since if you have bad feelings, the feelings will reduce drastically and if you have good feelings, it will decrease the bad feelings that you may or may not have realized drastically and increase the good ones!

Have you ever seen a glass full of lemonade? You pour the lemonade to an empty glass and what it results? You get an empty glass and a full other glass or two halfly fulled glasses of lemonade. That's what you get when you share your feelings to people. You share it, you pour it into someone's mind and your burden will drastically decreases. That's why consultating to psychologists is considered as something important when you have too much burden. They are the right glasses, they know how to treat your lemonade well and that's why they are paid for it! So, if you have burden in your job interview, just tell your beloved ones and they will care to you as much as they could :).

Those are all about how to reduce nervousness in job interviews psychologically. You may have to do some routinely, but trust me, those things effect all aspects in your life like to solve problems, face uncertainties, face oppositions, etc. In all aspects, actually we just need clear mind and the ability to stay patient, no matter how high your intelligence is. The most important thing in life is to conquer your emotions and that's how you achieve peace. Be brave and stay calm!

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