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How to Monetize an Email Newsletter

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Email newsletter

An email newsletter is no doubt one of the most progressive and successful method use by most website owners to reach out to their audience and website subscribers, and also make additional revenue for their website. Statistics show that about ninety-three percent of publishing and media firms now use email marketing to generate additional revenue for their website with many others, searching for an additional way of monetizing email newsletters.

If you own a website with a large number of email subscribers and you want to make additional revenue from an email newsletter, then you will want to do the following.


How to Monetise an Email Newsletter

Choose the right email marketing platform

Choosing the right email marketing platform plays a significant role in the publisher's quest to monetize email newsletter. Constant Contact and MailChimp has proven to be the two best option for a publisher in 2020 because of their outstanding features, though there hundreds of similar platform offering the same service.

native advertising

Native advertising might just be the perfect way to monetize email Newsletters as it takes the look of the newsletter content. It appears as a suggestion to your readers. Most times they consume this post without knowing they are consuming a paid post

Sending sponsored posts is another unique way of deriving revenue from an email newsletter but has to be done with care. In this method, the publisher rent their email list to an advertiser to reach out to their audience by sending them promotional emails. Sending a promotional email can be a great way to derive a tariff from your newsletter as long as they don't make up a large number of total send emails.

However, there certain Factors to consider before renting your email list to an advertiser

  • Rent out your email list to an advertiser who can offer relevant content to your audience.
  • Rent out your email list to advertisers whose business complements yours but doesn't compete with yours.

Sell your ads space or place ads

Placing Ads is an additional way for a publisher to derive additional revenue from an email newsletter, but this sometimes can be very challenging as publisher fear that Ads in the newsletter can cause the reader to unsubscribe, but that isn't the case as long as you only include ads that are relevant to your audience and you don't overdo it you won't suffer any reduction in the subscription rate

Tip on How to Monetize Email Newsletter With Ads

Write high-quality content

Writing high-quality content is the first step to monetize an email newsletter.

Only include ads that are relevant in your newsletter

When it comes to monetizing an email newsletter with ads, it has to be done with care because it may force the reader to unsubscribe when they see ads in the newsletter. If you manage these ads place yourself, only add ads that are relevant and related to the content of the newsletter. You may suffer some empty advertising slots in your newsletter because some advert may not fit well in the newsletter, and you may not have many advertisers to choose from However this is one the benefit of working with an advertising platform

Sign up with the best advertising management platform

Getting an advertiser to advertise in your newsletter is sometimes stressful and very discouraging as it requires some work before you can get an advertiser whose advert fits well in your newsletter. However, you may want to save yourself from this stressful by signing up with one of the ads management platforms and also get many advertisers to advertise in your newsletter.

Don't overload your newsletter with ads

In as much as you want to make money from the newsletter by showing ads, don't overload your newsletter with ads whether there are relevant or not, It may force readers to unsubscribe with others not even clicking on those ads, and this may affect your advertiser, and they may not want to advertise with you next time

Performance-based marketing or affiliate marketing

If you are not interested in running ads in your newsletter, you can also recommend a product for your readers to buy and add the Affiliate link to that product in your newsletter. Each time a reader clicks through and makes a purchase of the product on the link, you will earn a commission for it.

Tip on how to run a successful affiliate program

Many retail shops today partner with publishers to reach out to their given audience through the affiliate marketing programs.

  • Partner with retailers who will offer your audience product with the best price and still retain the quality of the product.
  • Only recommend the product which you have used and liked yourself.
  • Don't be too driven by the desire to make a sale by adding many affiliate link to your newsletter

Sell your product

If you have a great product or you have created something great internally, then sell it to your audience through your newsletter. Selling your product is the easiest way to monetize your newsletter because it does not require a third party though it will take some time before you can create something great to sell.

Create premium content

As the name premium implies, users have to pay some fees (either monthly, yearly, or one-time fee) to access your content. This method is an idea for a publisher who wants to get recurrent revenue from their newsletter but has to be sure to provide their reader with vital content they can't get elsewhere or free. Publishers must show some level of expertise in their free content before offering premium content. You can draw readers' attention to your premium content by teasing your content behind the paywall.

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Sponsorship and donation

Asking for donations may not derive you much revenue but is a way of monetizing email newsletter. Your readers who have enjoyed your newsletter may want to sponsor or make a donation to you, and it is okay if you add a button that will enable them to do that in your newsletter. Service like and is a great way to receive this donation from your readers.


Mr Nice (author) on June 16, 2020:

Thanks, Farrah I'm glad you found my article helpful.

Mr Nice (author) on June 16, 2020:

Obehi is such an honor that you have read my article and find it helpful, sure I will keep writing and thanks for this comment.

Farrah Young from Lagos, Nigeria on June 16, 2020:

This post is such an eye-opener. Although I recently learnt about newsletters and how you can use them to sell products or drive traffic to a website, I didnt know the option of actually advertising directly through them.

Thanks for this.

Obehi Williams on June 15, 2020:

What a great content you have written Alfred, hope to get more article like this from you.

Mr Nice (author) on June 05, 2020:

Hi Michael, the first step to monetize a newsletter is to provide your readers with high-quality content before initiating any monetization process.

You can start by placing ads in your newsletter of one of this size

728 x 90 leaderboard

300 x 250 ad slot

728 x 90 footer leaderboard.

You can proceed and add an affiliate link to your newsletter. You can ask your readers to make donations to you, but if you are an expert in your feed you can create a premium post and ask your readers to pay a little subscription fee before accessing those content

Michael on June 04, 2020:

Hello! I own a personal website which I manage myself, and I want to make addition income from my newsletter. What monetization method should I initiate for a start

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